My current goal is to achieve 100k HIVE by the start of 2023

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Make the impossible possible 🤩

Today we are talking numbers. I know many of the LeoFinance community members are big into breaking down stats, I sure am. I've gathered a lot of information about my account and I wanted to take the time to go over all of it with you in this video.

If you'd have asked me when I first started if I ever thought that obtaining 100k HIVE was even remotely possible, I would have said no. For one, Hive didn't even exist yet and I was still struggling to obtain 500 SP just so I could unlock a vote slider. Times sure have changed since those early days of 2017.

I'm currently on pace to surpass 100k HIVE sometime in 2023, but I wanted to set myself a goal to make things even more enjoyable. I wish to achieve that massive number by the first day of 2023. This will be a laborsome task, but I believe it is within the realm of possibility for me to do. It will take continued consistency, some blessings, and maybe even a little bit of luck.

I'll give you a brief overview of some things that I discuss in the video, but the juicy bits and extra details will only be found if you watch.

◘ Currently have a little over 87k HIVE.
◘ I earn around 1,700 HIVE monthly on average.
◘ 15-20 HIVE daily from curation alone.
◘ At my current pace, 13k more HIVE would take me 7.5 months.
◘ With some good trades, I can cut it down to 6 months.
◘ I would need to earn about 3,000 HIVE from trading.

As you can see, I have a few hurdles to jump if I wish to knock this goal out in time. I am focused and remain confident that I can make this happen. If you believe in me, make sure to follow along so you can witness the journey. I've got tons more content like this coming down the pipeline.

Let me know in the comments what your own personal Hive goals are. I know that there are going to be all sorts of different numbers for everyone. A few are much further along than me. Others are just getting started. I think no matter which stance you are in, you must set some realistic goals and then work hard to make them happen.

Thanks for watching the video today if you did. Or if you just read all of this, I appreciate that too. Stay tuned for more.


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Goals! U got it. easy!

I think u are being conservative with your #'s.. if u currently make 1700 HIVE/month, times 6 months.. 10,200. just shy of your goal that u need.. 13k HIVE.

but, that's current.. and HIVE is pretty low in value (i mean USD price), WHEN HIVE picks up again all those amounts go up provided u do some good swaps between HBD and HIVE, that extra $3k is easy.

anyway, u're golden already. I am still at that level u were at.. well, maybe just beyond that.. we'll call it stage 2. 😁 I got over 500 HP now, but am not pulling in daily, enough HIVE/HBD to pay the bills. (maybe if I were living in the province/country in philippines, but definitely not here in hawaii.

My short-term goal is to be getting at least $5 worth of HIVE/HBD per day, i feel that would be enough to supplement what else i do for income. (or would totally pay the bills if living in philippines in a house already paid for)

ps. last little note.. not a big deal at all, but your vids are always pretty soft in volume, so even when i max out my speakers it is just at a decent level to listen to. That might also be my speakers, I have ordered new ones. but is there a way u just turn up the recording volume a bit on your end? thanks. not trying to be critical. :P

The $ amount of Hive earnings will certainly go up when the price increases, but usually the actuator reward/number of HIVE that you get is usually less because there are more people going after the reward pool when prices are up.

I know many Filipino people who live well thanks to Hive, it’s great. A lot different in a more expensive country though… still possible with time and effort.

I think with the oath you’re on, you will be earning that and then some.

Thanks for the heads up! You are the first person to say something. I’ll start increasing the sound levels so that it’s louder for you. I always listen with headphones when I’m editing and it’s easy to accidentally think it’s too loud. It’s an easy adjustment for me though and I’ll make sure that the sound quality improves when I record and edit tomorrow morning.

thanks! 😊👍🐱‍🏍

Nice dude, these are the best times to set goals! I am hoping for 25k hive power on my main account, at about 21.3 right now but hoping that with the next Splinterlands release I can make some good money off it! I was able to power up 4K hive power last year from Splinterlands alone so that was fucking awesome lol.

Curation rewards are wild aren’t they?! Earning 5 hive a day in curation has been great, really helps keep the momentum going and motivated to keep growing. It would be awesome to hit 50k hive power by the end of 2023 for me, don’t know if that’s possible but that’s the fun thing about goals!

You can totally get to 100k dude, you’ve got great content which helps!

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I see you are less than 4k away from propelling through that grand 25,000 mark. I know Splinterlands can be pretty lucrative and the new rewards seem like something a lot of people are happy with. Perhaps these changes will give you the boost you need to complete your goal.

I look forward to the day when people who choose to grind for 5+ years before this place really starts to pop off, we aren't left with few options but to post every single day just to get by. I guess that is if you are 100% committed to Hive and dropped everything else for it. Being able to rely on curation as a main source of income and then anything else as a bonus is my dream. That is pretty far off, but I certainly do not consider it impossible as I see HIVE continuing to increase in value over the years.

Thanks for being supportive and commenting bro! I think we both have great things ahead for us.

Good goal bro! Looking forward to having you in the 100k club. Lol

Thanks my dude! I see you are just over 100k right now, congrats on reaching such a staggering number. Who would have guessed we would have stuck with this stuff for so long?

Yeah man. It has been hard to stick with it through some of the hard times for sure, but here we are!

This is a really great time to buy if we want to build our stack too, but I don't have the spare cash atm. I wish I could though...

I know that buying at $0.12 turned out to be a great decision, so I'm hoping that if I pull the trigger again I get a similar result. I'll have to see how things are looking closer to 2023, it feels so unpredictable (as always).

yo Daltono, howzit? :)

I was trying to find the answer online, but I guess I lack the searching skillz..

but I know u've done this, so I'll ask u.. is there a way to set an open order on hive market or somewhere, and say like HBD is more that $2, and Hive is under $0.50, then i want to sell all my HBD and buy HIVE with it?


ps. is there a search on leofinance?

About the only thing I know to do like that when using the internal market is to just set buy/sell orders for any price. They will stay open until they are filled and you can cancel them at any time. It will remove the HIVE/HBD from your wallet and let them sit on the market, but nobody has access to those funds but you still unless they purchase them.

I don't use LeoFinance a whole ton, but after looking I couldn't find a search either. One thing you can do is use google to search and only show results from LeoFinance.

This is how you do that...

Simply add (or or whichever site you want to search) after your search term, and you’ll get all the instances of that term on that particular site. Results from the rest of the web will be filtered out.

For instance:

Screen Shot 2022-07-31 at 9.34.20 AM.png

oh cool! 😎👍

wakarimashita! thank u!

I will play around with hive market. It's a bit different from other broker/exchange setups, but I think i get it.

I will try out that search tip right now, so I remember it.. :P

You got this! That's a goal of mine as well. I need about 125 hive a day so I know it's going to have to come from other places than just blogging and curation lol but I know I will get there and know you will as well!

I have a feeling you'll have no problem getting to 100k at some point, by the start of 2023 is going to be a challenge for us both. I wish you luck!

It will surely reach 100K HP in the first days of next year, 2023. I see that it already has everything computerized and if it has that share in its favor in the exchanges, it could achieve it sooner. I also have my own goals they were 2000 HP and I think I will meet it soon

I am glad you have faith in me to do so, it will not be easy. I think that you can surely reach 2000 soon. You are less than 300 away from doing it!

Of course, my friend, since I imagine you have given your best effort and you prove it day by day and yes, I also hope to complete my objective very soon since, as you say, I am less than 300 HP and I am also giving my best

13k hive is a large number, but in 7-8 month from your estimate is hard but not impossible if only you work hard,you can even make it six month, if you work harder,and for $60 dollars a day it massive, we just pray hive get back to $3.

It is for sure. I don't think I earned quite that much in my first two years combined, let alone 6 months like my goal is now.

Be ready for $3 to happen eventually, because I have a feeling it probably will.

We that are just getting started, it very hard but seeing guy that had made it, like you guys, we just have to put in the work non stop.

That's 100% what must be done. I can't tell you how many people I used to see with big accounts when I had nothing at all in my wallet. A lot of those people have since dropped off and moved on, but here I am continuing this journey, and very happy I have done so.

Thanks alot,this is inspiring,i just need to put in the work

With some strategy, I believe it's possible to achieve that. I'm just starting out so still figuring things out. Setting a goal of 1K HP by the end of the year for myself seems realistic.

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1000 may be a lot less than my goal, but it is still a strong number. I think getting that much when first starting out can be tremendously difficult, but I suppose nothing is impossible if you are willing to put forth that effort. I wish you the best of luck and may my upvote bring you one step closer.

Right. The beginning is always the hardest. But with strategy and effort, anything can be accomplished. Thank you for the upvote. I appreciate it :)

I've been eagerly awaiting your post since you commented on my post during the day. I'm still very early in this business and I think I have 146 Hive, although I'm not sure. It's too early to set a goal for myself because I don't have any curation income. For now, I'm setting a goal of 500 Hives by the end of this year and I hope I can reach that goal. I will try very hard to reach it.

It was pretty cool how we both decided to write about goals today. You are just getting started and doing great. Keep up what you're doing and you'll see 500, 1000, and beyond eventually. It's a slow grind, but the more you accumulate the quicker things go and the more people you can help.

I'm trying to save as much as I can. If I reach my goal of 500, my goal will be 750 and if I reach that, it will be 1000! I will do my best to reach more people on Hive and help everyone!
Thanks for the inspiration.

That's how it is done. Keep achieving your goals and then setting new ones to smash through later on.

Have you thought of using some of the various LPs featuring HIVE to possibly try and get there a bit faster?

BeeSwap's SWAP.HIVE:BXT or PolyCub's pHIVE:POLYCUB LPs offer a far greater yield than simply powering up.

...if you're okay with the risk of impermanent loss that is.

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Have I thought of it, yes. Have I seriously considered it, no.

Have a post you can link me to that explains in detail how both work? I've heard of both, but honestly haven't taken the time to fully understand either and have just been sticking to what I know.

Have a post you can link me to that explains in detail how both work?

Just had a quick look back through my blog and I have these 2 old posts for you:

  1. How to provide liquidity to Hive Diesel Pools - Learn the process there, but then use the BeeSwap interface as it shows BXT rewards.
  2. How to provide liquidity on PolyCub

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Amazing! Thank you so much for taking the time to do that. I had a feeling you'd have answers.

I haven't thought of any of things before I thought that once a post has been paid out, you can't vote for it again, they are a lot of things that I still need to learn.

Sounds to me like you just learned a lot from this video. I hope that I can continue to provide you great information like this.

Yes,we need content like this,to create more awareness.

you can do it bro.

Thanks for the encouragement! I'm going to give it my all.


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