D.Buzz is thrilled to announce a Partnership with MarketSquare on Ark.io

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D.Buzz is thrilled to announce a Partnership with MarketSquare on Ark.io

What's good People of Hive?

Today D.Buzz is beyond thrilled to announce our new and growing partnership with Ark.io and their MarketSquare platform.

Here is a very awesome welcome video produced by the good people at MarketSquare.

Here is the official press release as well.

Let's spend a moment today and explore what MarketSquare Built on Ark.io is and why we at D.Buzz are excited by this partnership.

What is MarketSquare?

MarketSquare, we strived to make it easy for anyone to discover blockchain projects and applications in a streamlined way. Source

MarketSquare aims to make a homepage for your decentralized web experience. A place where you, or a business, company or project can get a listing and connect. It aims to make discovering Dapps a breeze. It's about forging new friendships and connections on the WEB 3.0... and its coming online shortly.

What is Ark.io?

The ARK Blockchain Platform provides a complete solution for Blockchain development. From user-facing Desktop and Mobile Wallets to developer-focused frameworks and SDKs, the ARK Blockchain Platform creates an interconnected ecosystem for building decentralized economies. Source

Ark.io, is a platform for community, for growth, and empowering others to build upon. It's not a traditional Crypto, but rather a ecosystem of products acting as a catalyst for the mass adoption of cryptocurrencies. It further features a “Smart Bridge Technology” which allows Ark to communicate with other blockchains. D.Buzz likes Ark.io for these reasons and, Ark.io has a focus towards increased anonymity, and that increases personal ownership of data. Nice.

How will this partnership help HIVE, D.Buzz , and You?

Ark.io is a well established company with a long history of development. It's ICO Start Date was 11/07/2016, and in the 4 years since, has grown with a sold track record upwards.

Ark.io would bring more exposure to HIVE by means of the MarketSquare platform. This exposure would equate more users on HIVE and sequential, onto D.Buzz. This we feel would be an exceptional thing.

Beyond all this, MarketSquare will also produce 3 videos for D.Buzz.

  • What is D.Buzz?
  • How is decentralized social media a step forward in the right direction?
  • How do you set up a D.Buzz account and start posting?

Talk about being beyond AMAZING!

We are still talking about other ways D.Buzz and Ark.io can partner and bring all users a more robust and fulfilling experience online.

  • What are you thoughts on this partnership?
  • What would you like to see in a partnership like this?
  • Have you tried Ark.io

For more information :

You can visit MarketSquare on Discord at : https://discord.com/invite/d6Es4qRNAQ


Man I should have kept staking my Ark from a couple of years ago. They were my first Dpos experience

I've still got mine and was delighted to discover they're working with HIVE projects.

Yeah I have liked that project from the time I found it, but stupidly sold out chasing some new shinny shit coin, lol. I am now a bit more wise in my investing moves, lol. And I think Ark may be one of those that I go back into.

Looks like there's still plenty of time and plenty of room for growth. I lost a huge chunk of my position on Cryptopia. Sick about that. I had a few good ones on there!

Posted via D.Buzz

My biggest bust has definitely been chasing masternode coins. Threw some serious gutter balls there. They were good for a bit, real good, but when they busted, man did they bust, lol.

Masternode craze got a lot of people.

Posted via D.Buzz

We still have a long future ahead. We are not even a proper bull market for altcoins.

Great job Dbuzz. Dbuzz❤Ark 🏋️‍♀️🏋️‍♀️🏋️‍♀️

Great news!! Thanks for sharing. These movements bode well for a better future for HIVE.