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RE: Market Watch: Very Near The Bottom

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You know, I think you have become something of an inspiration for me. When the cub BUSD pool was on par with the BNB one, I switched from 2 thirds BUSD towards a heavier BNB commitment, I agree that this may be a mega bubble. Just now, I learned that BNB has slashed the GWEI which is so utterly bullish in my mind, to see that they act in real time like this. I had not thought about Litecoin that way and actually sold all of mine to get into DeFi, maybe my free riding plan could prioritize paying that one back ASAP and then some. It makes sense; however suprising. My victory is how Swamp has given me BTC exposure, which is not the same as pure holding but it'll doo kangaroo.

I would love to accumulate a million CAD of crypto wealth by end of June but that will have to wait until the next bull market. My best case scenario would be to have 100K in staples by fall. I don't consider Hive a staple but I never trade mine so I am very much commited. I would be fine to see it go back down to 15 cents knowing that one day, it will conquer the entire planet. It's not about Hive's day in the light, it's about the fact that there will be one.

Wouldn't it be nice if crypto hit ATH, slight correction and the trades sideways for a few years? This is not what is going to happen so lets take advantage and strategize accordingly.

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