Crypto is becoming underrated are we losing hope

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The bear market always have a lot of talking points when it occurs especially when experiencing a heavy dip in price. This however have created lot of issues that is surrounded with the bear market where the progress is under probability of experiencing another bull run in due time.

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The trending price of the bear market derives negative thoughts from individuals that really don't have a strong mindset of crypto prices especially when having the doubting mind to invest in it.

I came across a post by @bala41288 where he talked about China predicting the Bitcoin price to end up in zero which I believe is a total hope lost in Crypto when predicting such price, is it even possible to happen.

Some people say that the good times for cryptocurrencies are over and we are heading towards the bear market and there is also a possibility of a recession next year

I believe this is not the first time the bear market will go this dip which I believe have occured before and since the doubting mind of individuals towards the price isn't encouraging then those that believes in the future of Crypto should carry on because prices as we know aren't stable and if the bull market takes place again it won't be a surprise since it is what the Crypto market will display.

The best move is to have a positive mindset to go further in Crypto by investing wisely because sooner or later progress will definitely bounce back to make every Investments beneficial and Profitable in Crypto in the nearest future.

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