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RE: What to do, what to do?

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I did find some hive on an exhange I forgot about, 6000 in fact. I was tempted to power it up but I sold it at 0.8 and am happy I did.
I diversified as I have done for a while now but also took out 2k into stablecoins. I am slowly growing my amount of stablecoins going further into this bull cycle.

  • If the market then goes down I have taken profit and I can buy back in if I want
  • if the market goes up I have a nice amount that is making me about 10% roi which is also nothing to sneeze at

this is a win win for me and if we enter a bear market I will be a lot better off then before

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nice find! :)

I wsa collecting sables too and do have some, but also feel that it is too early to hold too much in stables, considering the market potential - though I also am looking at some of the tokens I hold and thinking "is now the right time"