HBD Interest Payouts For November 2022

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Month of November has been anything but uneventful in crypto world. I am sure by now you have heard or read about collapse of FTX crypto exchange and all the drama around it. The news about FTX, SBF, FTX Contagion continues and will probably go on for the rest of the year. Failure of this major crypto exchange was significantly noticeable to all in crypto, as that and the troubles of other crypto entities have had influence on all of the crypto prices. While November was not so friendly for crypto markets, we have been in bear market for a year now. In fact, this downtrend started last November in 2021. Thanks to charts we can see the clear picture in retrospect.

There was no shortage of bad news for crypto in 2022. All of these unfortunate events caused many lose access to their assets, and many lose their funds. These events also has shown how much of the crypto world is influenced by anti-crypto activities. None of these events were because of decentralization, trustless systems, transparency, and all the ideals and values of true crypto promises. Most of these unfortunate events were caused by greed, deception, secrets, and implementation of centralized standards, all while carrying the banners of decentralization.

None of these events demonstrate any flaws in what bitcoin represents. None of these events represent what Hive is trying to do. Bitcoin fixes money, Hive fixes the web. There are also other projects that genuinely work towards building decentralized systems. But unfortunately, there are also those who hijack the ideals of decentralization, web3, open networks, privacy, ownership, transparency. These obstacles will remain. Old ones will fail and disappear. New ones will emerge. The true constants in this endeavor will be those who has been true to the true concepts of decentralization and web3.

Such events while driving attention, also encourage more research and better understanding of crypto and blockchain tech. It is regrettable that people lost they assets and funds. There is a lot to learn from this, and hopefully new found knowledge will make crypto builders and communities stronger.

I was surprised that the price of bitcoin dropped during this FTX and FTX contagion crisis. I would think such failures of centralized exchanges what seems to have fraudulent activities involved, would strengthen the position of bitcoin and it has been trying to do for a decade now. Don't trust centralized entities with your money. There is a better alternative, a trustless system, that removes the need to trust anybody. Such a simple and yet profound concept with practical implementation.

While all crypto prices dropped, Litecoin had a better month compared to the rest of the crypto assets. It was able to recover faster than others and its price kept going higher than what it was in the beginning of the month. Pleasant surprise for LTC hodlers. Still long ways to go to get back to the last years prices.

HBD once again, showed how stable it is. One of the best ways to track the price of HBD is watching the pHBD chart. I think it is more reliable than centralized exchange price feeds. Even pHBD price dropped significantly in November 8th & 9th, when all crypto prices dropped. pHBD went as low as $0.92. However this dropped was short lived, and pHBD price was pulled back to $0.98 in a day or two, and to $1 in less than a week. Not bad. This shows that the peg has been working as expected.

HBDs are not backed with fiat currency. That's why expecting 1-1 price with USD every second is not realistic. Since it is also traded its price will always fluctuate. It has too. And only the trading volume and activity will increase the efficiency of its price discovery. In essence, it doesn't even need a price discovery. It is not a coin that is meant to have its price to be determined in the market. Because its value is already determined by what it is. It is a promissory asset that is backed by Hive. Hive blockchain promises 1 USD worth of Hive for each HBD. As long as Hive network is healthy and deliver on this promise one HBD is worth one USD. Of course there are exceptions to this rule in certain conditions. These rules are in place to protect both Hive and HBD. These rules are good both for Hive and HBD investors.

Hive keeps building. HBD continues to be stable. Hive blockchain is still paying 20% APR for all HBD held in Savings. Currently, 15 out of 20 top witnesses have their APR parameters set to 20%. Impressive! HBD continues to show how very useful and interesting investment asset it is, especially during the bear market.

Let's take a look at numbers for November, 2022.

Total HBD Interest Payments & Accounts By Month

MonthYearTotal AmountTotal Accounts
March202110,429 HBD6,415
April202112,208 HBD7,106
May202116,574 HBD7,250
June202138,883 HBD7,167
July20211,696 HBD682
August20215,646 HBD1,062
September20212,570 HBD1,129
October20214,914 HBD1,239
November202110,931 HBD1,482
December202119,004 HBD1,655
January202219,740 HBD1,843
February202214,775 HBD1,654
March202226,506 HBD1,827
April202235,223 HBD2,357
May202266,025 HBD2,471
June202255,929 HBD2,253
July202262,053 HBD2,440
August202245,416 HBD2,573
September202260,083 HBD2,582
October202257,388 HBD2,712
November202269,228 HBD2,645

There is a decent increase in total HBD interest payment amount for November. In fact, 69,228 HBD is the highest total interest payments in a month since the Hive blockchain started paying interest payments. While there is still no massive adoption of HBD, it is clear the interest for holding is growing.

Top 500 HBD Interest Payments For November 2022

1mika4002.7272022-11-08 19:56:00
2alpha3299.6542022-11-29 23:31:48
3muenchen2938.5492022-11-09 04:58:00
4newsflash2569.1612022-11-27 12:57:21
5shitposter1883.8762022-11-01 05:15:33
6investegg1660.5992022-11-08 13:15:48
7parkman1554.5812022-11-03 03:28:57
8smooth-a1542.2552022-11-06 01:15:48
9vaultec1423.7562022-11-23 00:58:18
10yunnie1418.4722022-11-03 07:32:06
11bnb-hbd1375.0772022-11-25 18:43:45
12lucius.banda1288.6672022-11-25 08:08:00
13apshamilton1109.8152022-11-15 12:59:39
14feruz964.8212022-11-20 03:30:42
15organduo933.7482022-11-11 16:53:51
16piggybox-002786.2242022-11-03 04:48:57
17blocktrades758.6752022-11-21 01:31:54
18spkproposal733.8452022-11-28 23:00:15
19richie.rich673.7522022-11-03 16:58:21
20cryptonized664.2842022-11-14 15:00:45
21piggybox-001638.6632022-11-30 08:48:00
22deathwing628.7102022-11-25 19:50:12
23hbdsavings620.7772022-11-09 22:57:15
24fbslo606.6122022-11-01 18:43:48
25zhipi579.6812022-11-27 05:03:00
26resiliencia576.7742022-11-30 18:40:18
27empoderat.cold571.8192022-11-07 09:40:03
28chewsk1570.5862022-11-13 23:08:03
29pi-store554.7942022-11-08 18:07:39
30vortac530.3192022-11-19 22:14:21
31stoodkev481.6682022-11-08 05:06:54
32x30457.3392022-11-09 11:01:36
33magicmonk434.2212022-11-09 10:07:06
34risingstarhub431.7772022-11-08 17:27:54
35nuttin420.3792022-11-29 13:50:15
36variola414.9272022-11-08 14:51:03
37omonomo388.1322022-11-01 17:20:57
38zuerich370.3312022-11-02 19:46:51
39paleking361.6502022-11-22 08:03:00
40namelessnameless341.6772022-11-19 17:35:15
41prinzvalium333.9062022-11-02 06:38:15
42j1984333.7512022-11-12 10:40:27
43eonwarped331.8802022-11-29 19:53:00
44pharesim315.8592022-11-07 21:51:33
45lordbutterfly314.8492022-11-13 12:31:18
46v4vapp.dhf314.3762022-11-29 13:54:54
47strawhat310.4072022-11-29 10:47:00
48onthewayout308.5582022-11-29 00:03:00
49mup298.1482022-11-08 07:03:54
50niokululu296.0772022-11-29 16:57:57
51coinmint283.1512022-11-10 06:44:12
52oflyhigh280.1602022-11-29 03:12:09
53peakd276.4912022-11-23 17:21:39
54taskmaster4450le273.3952022-11-28 20:25:54
55borislavzlatanov269.2972022-11-05 08:42:45
56stayoutoftherz259.2132022-11-14 15:57:09
57piggybox-004253.7702022-11-15 15:17:03
58howweroll235.3882022-11-30 19:04:06
59seraphim502233.5672022-11-05 04:19:57
60ace108227.0312022-11-20 05:26:51
61catinthewindow223.5092022-11-08 21:02:03
62goldstreet221.7142022-11-27 19:35:21
63doortable218.3132022-11-30 19:51:42
64slobberchops216.0672022-11-11 15:20:30
65dmwh203.8292022-11-16 22:49:12
66piggybox-003197.0552022-11-30 07:53:00
67dantedurango193.7372022-11-23 16:53:36
68dailygiveaways188.5682022-11-06 11:42:18
69lunaticpandora185.1702022-11-05 16:37:00
70vikisecrets183.2022022-11-21 14:13:18
71mistergreen175.6542022-11-30 18:17:33
72deepresearch174.5522022-11-28 19:35:54
73hiddenblade173.6362022-11-19 22:40:42
74p-hbd170.9932022-11-09 03:56:00
75pouchon170.0752022-11-26 23:49:00
76holoz0r169.4782022-11-03 04:45:45
77tomhall167.4962022-11-14 21:51:21
78photofeed165.8732022-11-17 10:46:03
79dhub164.5272022-11-15 12:17:06
80watchlist163.3502022-11-16 06:06:57
81city-of-dresden162.1412022-11-18 07:58:06
82spinvest159.1542022-11-03 09:50:48
83santiagolaw149.2922022-11-04 07:53:00
84blrog148.5932022-11-08 20:32:21
85achim03143.8832022-11-25 07:36:36
86venadita142.9642022-11-26 16:53:21
87eidolon141.8372022-11-03 15:51:21
88aafeng138.3922022-11-13 20:21:54
89privex137.1152022-11-29 15:49:09
90fulltimegeek135.2192022-11-30 17:12:12
91teammo133.0302022-11-14 18:32:24
92geekgirl132.3312022-11-21 05:25:48
93yann0975130.9302022-11-16 15:06:30
94dresden.theone129.5102022-11-19 07:00:18
95hivediver128.4112022-11-04 20:35:33
96taruk124.6912022-11-03 17:17:48
97hiveauth119.1752022-11-04 18:03:09
98deanliu118.1932022-11-14 12:32:24
99eturnerx-honey117.8222022-11-13 08:13:00
100armandosodano111.5702022-11-20 17:23:39
101thelittlebank111.1922022-11-29 14:23:45
102martibis109.0362022-11-10 03:04:42
103cryptosimplify108.4442022-11-12 14:30:27
104r2cornell107.6272022-11-03 23:00:03
105meesterboom106.8092022-11-15 19:54:09
106beststart102.1942022-11-15 02:56:57
107silverstackeruk99.3742022-11-27 12:17:33
108d-company97.3482022-11-01 08:36:03
109d-pend95.7962022-11-29 01:20:57
110howo94.3782022-11-16 16:37:18
111bozz94.1072022-11-02 13:58:57
112rebeccashands92.9522022-11-18 14:24:51
113deegramofficial92.7832022-11-06 16:51:33
114marthaehinome88.8742022-11-11 00:59:12
115detlev87.6302022-11-06 20:10:15
116trumpman87.4752022-11-15 12:18:15
117primalamacchina87.0902022-11-26 10:40:51
118nealmcspadden86.6902022-11-29 17:33:42
119taskmaster445086.6072022-11-06 01:19:12
120riverflows85.9842022-11-01 08:16:36
121rezoanulvibes85.6932022-11-01 10:59:36
122maxsieg85.3672022-11-06 21:20:45
123fundacja84.0602022-11-13 02:05:30
124superhive83.5432022-11-02 20:34:48
125hivevault82.6132022-11-08 17:10:12
126communitybank82.4192022-11-08 17:10:12
127crimsonclad81.7372022-11-01 19:01:18
128youtuberin80.7852022-11-28 03:06:33
129motoengineer80.3702022-11-01 00:15:33
130nftshowroombank80.2092022-11-11 19:57:12
131evanstinger78.0362022-11-17 08:50:00
132thebluewin77.4572022-11-01 10:30:09
133behiver76.3372022-11-23 18:23:30
134balte76.0852022-11-29 12:20:09
135shauner75.6732022-11-27 17:22:39
136ironshield75.4552022-11-23 16:19:24
137robinron75.1422022-11-06 16:49:30
138muterra74.9552022-11-13 03:57:36
139susanli376974.2392022-11-02 21:29:27
140ludmila.kyriakou72.0252022-11-03 14:23:45
141powpo71.0622022-11-17 18:37:21
142r00sj370.2452022-11-26 15:11:39
143ruth-girl69.9262022-11-10 14:45:03
144arcange69.3712022-11-17 13:17:03
145dagger21268.1372022-11-07 04:06:57
146brumest67.9712022-11-03 11:51:24
147winniex67.2632022-11-30 06:53:48
148steemvault65.9352022-11-08 17:10:15
149michelmake65.8982022-11-22 22:41:57
150demotruk65.3202022-11-15 09:23:36
151steemflow65.1262022-11-21 23:48:39
152worldfinances64.4302022-11-28 14:00:18
153r351574nc363.8912022-11-07 23:06:27
154nostalgic121263.3832022-11-16 01:57:24
155romanie63.1232022-11-20 07:42:48
156xg402861.7362022-11-12 14:29:15
157engrave.cold61.4902022-11-14 08:17:00
158choogirl61.3622022-11-14 17:38:36
159theghost198060.8982022-11-02 11:29:39
160jenkinrocket59.7522022-11-18 00:40:00
161vimm59.5762022-11-04 13:11:51
162valdiva59.4912022-11-30 12:33:12
163vevette59.0212022-11-04 07:36:06
164fredrikaa58.8512022-11-12 08:00:33
165ipromote58.0372022-11-28 19:34:21
166hivestorage57.9932022-11-05 22:47:30
167klye57.7152022-11-26 03:07:48
168steemychicken155.4852022-11-21 20:23:39
169v4vapp.tre55.2452022-11-22 17:43:03
170leaky2054.5252022-11-27 19:46:27
171offgridlife54.4232022-11-07 01:40:21
172monochromes54.1322022-11-19 23:55:57
173shaunmza54.1302022-11-14 06:00:18
174krishool52.3652022-11-16 21:53:42
175ewkaw52.2972022-11-14 23:54:09
176hendersonp51.9502022-11-26 19:14:24
177revisesociology51.7522022-11-03 13:05:24
178livinguktaiwan51.4982022-11-26 20:50:42
179techcoderx51.1792022-11-14 14:02:27
180guiltyparties50.8132022-11-26 22:42:42
181grindle50.5092022-11-24 11:19:03
182mistakili50.0172022-11-12 21:05:00
183coffeelovers49.8772022-11-05 01:41:42
184cflclosers49.6892022-11-10 02:17:27
185primersion48.2452022-11-30 21:16:18
186irenenavarroart46.5212022-11-11 20:00:15
187cheftony46.2362022-11-01 02:44:51
188mrspointm45.7432022-11-01 09:11:27
189bdmillergallery45.5292022-11-28 21:25:12
190josediccus45.4342022-11-08 08:05:21
191mrpointp45.2162022-11-01 09:12:15
192blueeyes896045.1472022-11-27 15:30:30
193quochuy44.6782022-11-28 10:57:21
194shimozurdo44.5642022-11-07 17:58:00
195dandays44.5292022-11-08 21:02:30
196dsavings43.6012022-11-18 17:32:27
197stayoutorz-fin42.1572022-11-07 15:28:27
198fedoraonmyhead41.5822022-11-27 21:07:30
199lackofcolor41.3572022-11-02 19:34:33
200hallmann41.3382022-11-17 23:01:42
201balaz41.0592022-11-24 17:31:12
202jinvest40.4912022-11-13 09:19:48
203lovequeen40.4712022-11-17 15:10:33
204dmilliz40.0722022-11-29 22:17:54
205deeanndmathews39.6892022-11-01 06:54:30
206kolbjorn39.4072022-11-11 11:10:15
207kheldar1982a38.9302022-11-27 23:26:15
208sanjeevm38.6162022-11-18 12:57:18
209druckado38.3202022-11-07 15:08:09
210thegaillery38.0812022-11-08 01:17:27
211robibasa37.9832022-11-05 21:43:33
212hakeke37.8552022-11-07 15:52:33
213carrinm37.2682022-11-03 12:15:18
214fermionico36.9012022-11-24 04:37:09
215contrabourdon36.6722022-11-10 01:56:48
216brian.rrr36.0982022-11-12 04:24:03
217uwelang36.0832022-11-13 21:26:48
218lk66636.0642022-11-09 04:34:54
219wandereronwheels35.9772022-11-20 18:38:30
220empress-eremmy35.9022022-11-27 05:26:21
221teamukraine35.8292022-11-17 10:49:30
222holoferncro35.5322022-11-08 23:04:03
223cryptofiloz35.4782022-11-11 17:40:18
224one-manul35.4582022-11-24 22:10:00
225papilloncharity35.1702022-11-18 02:43:24
226hivechain.app35.0602022-11-15 05:42:03
227danmaruschak35.0462022-11-21 11:32:03
228travelfeed34.9942022-11-03 18:57:48
229joshman34.7232022-11-28 19:27:00
230clau-de-sign34.1012022-11-19 15:23:45
231flemingfarm33.7342022-11-01 13:03:15
232celestal33.6762022-11-27 19:51:33
233toofasteddie33.6282022-11-27 16:26:06
234theb0red133.4742022-11-05 22:58:15
235beta50033.3202022-11-08 17:10:12
236investingpennies32.9672022-11-08 17:10:12
237toofast-ace32.8812022-11-15 10:53:36
238juliakponsford32.8212022-11-11 19:40:30
239thijsvermeer32.7272022-11-01 10:00:00
240yozen32.5252022-11-26 23:26:48
241emmali32.3022022-11-02 21:31:42
242cedricguillas31.9152022-11-04 15:29:39
243therealwolf31.4862022-11-19 20:25:30
244fermentedphil31.2842022-11-04 09:55:54
245adamada.stem31.2002022-11-24 02:10:09
246hivecreators31.0812022-11-14 19:03:18
247kargul0931.0312022-11-03 16:23:27
248mathowl30.7362022-11-16 13:47:00
249etblink30.4912022-11-28 15:27:27
250gandalf30.4372022-11-12 13:19:06
251sjarvie530.2762022-11-06 13:37:06
252dfacademy-fund30.2342022-11-18 13:15:15
253astuk29.9212022-11-29 17:06:27
254jazzhero29.8692022-11-16 09:55:09
255help.venezuela29.2362022-11-01 19:41:18
256calimeatwagon29.1892022-11-16 17:21:39
257montanita29.1262022-11-24 20:30:54
258thebeardflex28.9182022-11-23 22:16:03
259lbi-token28.2462022-11-20 01:59:36
260hiroshige28.0192022-11-01 09:43:45
261mobbs27.8652022-11-08 00:57:54
262johnhtims.life27.7232022-11-02 12:51:24
263bdcommunity27.6772022-11-30 05:22:00
264newigennity27.6042022-11-30 10:22:21
265poshtoken27.4972022-11-26 04:44:15
266ciderjunkie27.2082022-11-29 08:57:00
267onwugbenuvictor26.3392022-11-15 06:31:36
268thekittygirl26.2522022-11-29 18:00:48
269stephen.king98925.9002022-11-09 16:20:12
270archon-gov25.8272022-11-24 21:09:39
271bluerobo25.8232022-11-30 22:33:27
272evaredskin25.6752022-11-25 08:59:48
273shikoku25.3502022-11-19 20:25:42
274zokka8225.2972022-11-18 06:32:45
275sheikh2725.1362022-11-16 12:31:57
276anttn25.0582022-11-14 10:42:36
277epic-fail24.8942022-11-13 02:22:33
278blockheadgames24.7812022-11-04 20:01:48
279mineopoly24.6852022-11-01 00:01:33
280seckorama24.6282022-11-05 21:12:54
281mango-juice24.6132022-11-14 12:19:18
282bitrocker24.5392022-11-19 04:36:57
283unipsycho24.5152022-11-05 02:48:15
284jedigeiss23.9792022-11-28 19:58:18
285hivesql23.6532022-11-05 18:03:09
286jfang00323.6292022-11-26 16:38:42
287mproxima23.4912022-11-06 21:16:54
288garlet23.4442022-11-05 09:34:42
289gwajnberg23.2952022-11-30 16:02:42
290gamer0023.2112022-11-09 10:40:45
291tfranzini22.9612022-11-02 15:10:03
292louis8822.7202022-11-12 12:19:15
293obsesija22.6322022-11-23 21:57:27
294stevieboyes22.6242022-11-26 12:14:48
295silversaver88822.4282022-11-03 20:52:27
296uadigger22.1982022-11-01 20:23:48
297marcusantoniu2621.8542022-11-19 04:48:45
298soyrosa21.6072022-11-28 20:01:36
299walterjay21.4402022-11-14 22:05:24
300skenderbeu21.3442022-11-30 17:55:45
301yole21.2882022-11-05 15:07:33
302goldrooster21.2302022-11-11 08:36:15
303bitcoinflood21.2082022-11-28 15:20:42
304generikat21.1232022-11-07 18:16:30
305vcclothing21.0532022-11-28 09:50:18
306orestistrips21.0422022-11-19 17:49:06
307khan.dayyanz20.8342022-11-29 14:40:06
308kaeserotor20.7702022-11-27 17:33:36
309road2horizon20.7462022-11-01 20:09:24
310senseiphil20.6872022-11-06 02:29:00
311unorgmilitia20.5822022-11-22 21:25:21
312intothewild20.4422022-11-17 18:06:57
313zedcell20.2642022-11-27 11:30:18
314cryptog33k20.1682022-11-22 23:08:24
315luislrt20.1072022-11-02 06:21:15
316rodrook19.9102022-11-03 19:30:24
317danielhuhservice19.8202022-11-17 08:38:03
318dbooster19.7782022-11-21 16:54:09
319actifit-peter19.7702022-11-13 08:01:09
320null219.6172022-11-08 00:35:06
321mypathtofire19.6072022-11-14 19:48:24
322darth-azrael19.5922022-11-23 15:57:39
323blue.rabbit19.1892022-11-05 13:23:15
324greddyforce19.0452022-11-05 10:54:03
325terrybogan18.9762022-11-14 11:19:57
326paxjulia18.9222022-11-21 15:08:09
327peerfinance18.6722022-11-14 14:57:15
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329guurry18.5152022-11-23 15:16:51
330trey50daniel18.4452022-11-23 16:04:51
331wulff-media18.2842022-11-26 05:55:57
332gubbatv18.2632022-11-18 04:45:54
333sorin.cristescu18.2432022-11-15 19:04:06
334viking-ventures18.1632022-11-13 01:37:36
335delishtreats18.1002022-11-07 19:31:42
336nonameslefttouse18.0502022-11-05 08:53:15
337curangel17.9712022-11-07 21:52:57
338nick.name17.9442022-11-25 22:17:24
339idiosyncratic117.8802022-11-22 19:38:30
340darkflame17.8612022-11-23 02:33:06
341condeas17.8482022-11-02 17:44:42
342eggstraordinair17.8002022-11-02 18:48:54
343koenau17.7162022-11-01 06:14:33
344zeruxanime17.7022022-11-17 22:41:15
345ninahaskin17.4482022-11-20 04:27:06
346galberto17.3722022-11-11 12:53:03
347lpa17.3342022-11-29 10:07:42
348the-bitcoin-dood17.3112022-11-01 17:51:48
349jeny.suona17.1662022-11-14 16:33:12
350trincowski17.1462022-11-14 17:28:45
351badtman17.1212022-11-30 07:42:03
352xcoonxhd17.1192022-11-14 15:43:45
353eisenbart17.1132022-11-23 21:17:27
354psmaret17.0622022-11-09 16:12:39
355traderhive17.0432022-11-09 10:02:24
356invest4free17.0202022-11-21 14:15:21
357walterprofe16.9722022-11-06 01:33:39
358jimmy.adames16.9632022-11-02 13:51:09
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360schmidi16.8982022-11-16 17:03:09
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365tipu16.7132022-11-27 14:47:57
366belemo16.6802022-11-02 09:22:24
367russia-btc16.6772022-11-30 15:48:36
368votum16.6132022-11-22 20:42:03
369trifenix16.5642022-11-12 17:49:06
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371liveofdalla16.4772022-11-29 14:32:21
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388codingdefined15.3192022-11-01 02:29:57
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391aftersound15.2452022-11-22 01:32:51
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393niallon1115.0562022-11-04 17:19:57
394mimi.ruby14.9512022-11-12 02:20:27
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403brianoflondon14.0122022-11-29 13:54:54
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405andyjaypowell13.9342022-11-11 04:22:39
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412synergie13.2142022-11-28 23:04:15
413julian201313.1692022-11-29 14:31:54
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415iamjohn12.9942022-11-20 06:08:15
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433sanjeev02111.3652022-11-05 21:45:57
434genesishealthy11.2592022-11-22 23:36:09
435cryptoandcoffee11.2122022-11-06 20:49:03
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437davidke2011.0482022-11-12 04:19:33
438ryivhnn11.0432022-11-01 14:27:21
439joanstewart11.0402022-11-01 06:03:00
440wittywheat11.0102022-11-01 15:00:57
441christinepoulos11.0082022-11-03 04:58:24
442olgavita11.0002022-11-22 00:01:00
443occhiblu11.0002022-11-10 10:46:30
444ivycrafts10.9822022-11-25 11:28:30
445juecoree10.9752022-11-09 14:44:54
446boeltermc10.8712022-11-28 10:16:15
447ackhoo10.8662022-11-26 21:07:42
448ervin-lemark10.8262022-11-04 13:29:06
449minismallholding10.7132022-11-20 06:42:48
450vanje10.6842022-11-25 19:46:45
451thcmind10.6572022-11-22 15:18:09
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453samgiset10.6232022-11-23 18:28:09
454moon32walker10.5352022-11-27 07:38:06
455roomservice10.5342022-11-13 10:43:12
456jeremyowens950110.4912022-11-05 01:43:57
457heroldius10.4702022-11-04 01:57:06
458shadowspub10.4352022-11-09 03:00:03
459jim88810.3862022-11-25 01:06:54
460pardinus10.3702022-11-01 12:09:51
461vachemorte10.3532022-11-04 17:31:42
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465theinkwell10.1982022-11-22 08:18:06
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469ammonite10.0592022-11-06 22:05:15
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471abh123459.9882022-11-15 10:33:21
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475zyx0669.8522022-11-21 05:35:39
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477dtube9.7712022-11-28 14:39:54
478drax9.7582022-11-09 12:46:48
479gringo2119859.7562022-11-03 18:27:15
480jocieprosza9.7302022-11-12 16:17:24
481hotspotitaly9.7272022-11-14 06:41:24
482hhayweaver9.6892022-11-23 18:19:57
483arbys9.6612022-11-29 15:16:36
484bhattg9.6562022-11-05 18:36:00
485ihavethedream9.6402022-11-15 21:09:06
486stehaller9.5872022-11-09 02:59:21
487anarcist699.5592022-11-25 21:49:06
488merthin9.5462022-11-08 20:56:03
489diegoameerali9.5142022-11-13 17:09:48
490nupulse9.5032022-11-22 11:42:03
491hiramdo9.4012022-11-15 03:05:36
492davidesimoncini9.3922022-11-30 07:07:48
493ura-soul9.3162022-11-23 22:02:06
494neuerko9.2682022-11-24 04:55:06
495creativetruth9.2622022-11-20 06:09:42
496verbalshadow9.2062022-11-08 20:58:09
497coloringiship9.1952022-11-07 05:35:36
498wrestlingdesires9.1762022-11-06 13:35:48
499roger51209.1602022-11-11 02:22:30
500hivekings9.1252022-11-08 19:19:12

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After a careful Reading of this post, I have decided to invest my time in hive activities. It's a great encouragement to me even as I start my journey here as a newbie

Hive is fun!

@geekgirl, awesome post. It was included in today's issue of Cryptocracy. Congratulations! https://cryptocracy.substack.com/p/web3-wednesday-ledger-launches-hardware

Less holders and more HBD payouts. The message is getting louder. I am holding till.


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You are doing a fantastic job!
I have some questions. Appreciate it if you could answer.
Does it mean there are only about two thousand accounts that have HBD Savings?
How is payment time determined if I deposit at different times? For example, if I deposit 100 HBD on 1st Dec. and another 100 HBD on 10th Dec.?

And does your data obtained from Hivesql?

Yes, data is from HiveSQL.

The number of accounts only represent how many have received the interest payments in the given month. In this case it was November. Total number of accounts that hold HBD at a given time might be different. However, I would guess it would be close, looking at number of accounts from previous month.

To receive the interest payment, the account owner must claim it or trigger a payment by transferring or receiving HBD. If no actions are done, account will continue accumulating interest and will receive the total payment when claim or trigger action is done. In other words, there might be some accounts that hold HBD and do nothing, they are not counted in the total number of accounts in this list.

There can be only one payment within 30 days. Blockchain would know how much each account has earned, based on how much HBD was in Saving at various times. I don't worry too much about detailed math. I am sure situations as you describe can be calculated. In simple terms, I would expect interest payments after 30 days. PeakD wallet gives an option to claim HBD interest payments.

Claiming interests regularly can help with compounding the interest.

Thank you. It's very informative.

The bHBD is now the most liquid and has the best price feed on coingecko/cmc

Thank you for the info. I will watch bHBD prices.

Honestly this means more motivation to me, hive platform is so interesting and it's worth any amount of time and investment.
Thank you for this update

I have added 1 HBD into savings. Now I shall try to save regularly !

Journey to the summit starts in the valley.

so the top top gets 4000 HBD a year?

No, that is a payment for one month.

Edit: Correction, most likely that is a payment for one month. However payments could be for longer periods of time, because payments have to be claimed or triggered by transferring some funds. Until the payment is claimed or triggered, it continues to accumulate.

Thanks for the update! I've also held my HBD into savings. To be honest, 20% APR is still unsustainable in the long-term. But I trust this platform, so I'm putting my around 400 HBD into savings.

Witnesses can change it anytime and we will in case of emergency ;)

That's great to know. Now this adds to my worry. If the APR will be decreased, this will create a massive selling for HBD thus will push the price below $1. What's your opinion on that?

I doubt there will be massive selling of HBD. There isn't massive amounts of it. But selling HBD means buying Hive, so it would be positive for Hive price. Many won't sell HBD significantly below $1, because they can convert HBD to $1 worth of Hive without engaging in selling/buying.

This question has been discussed in depth many times already, including among the witnesses. That's why I not too worried when I see 15 out of 20 top witnesses approving 20% APR. Stakeholder who ultimately end up paying for this, don't seem to be worried either. Otherwise they would have expressed their opposition either in words or by removing votes.

I believe Hive has safeguards in place to keep this sustainable and avoid risks. In theory for 20% APR to reach unsustainable levels, total amount of payments would be in millions, which would require hundreds of millions of HBD in circulation. It is not possible to have super high amounts of HBD without buying Hive in large quantities to convert to HBD. This would raise the Hive price. As the price of Hive continues to go up, it will continue to be able to afford such interest payments.

However, if things don't go in the right direction for Hive and its prices continues to drop to levels that it can't pay HBD, haircut rule gets implemented. And also in the event HBD APR starts becoming risky or unsustainable witnesses would detected that in no time, and as Engrave suggested they can remove the APR payment or lower them quickly. It is a witness parameter, witnesses can configure as they choose and can change it anytime.

It's good to know that top witnesses are approving this and thank you for the explanation. Just from a business standpoint, considering Hive is also a business for everyone. 20% is a lucrative offer that other Defi projects have collapsed following the same offer.

I don't wanna mention this but this was "one" of the reasons of Luna collapse. The high APR rate.

When Luna/Terra collapse happened, it was extensively discussed on Hive. It didn't collapse because of 20% APR but rather due to lack of safeguards in place to protect the network and coins. Some say Luna's death spiral was inevitable and programmed to happen.

Hive has measures in place to prevent this. Blockchain have corrective measures when the HBD market cap goes higher than certain threshold compared to Hive market cap.

It is actually very interesting if you look deeper into how Luna's protocol worked and how Hive works. It is a longer topic though. Dalz had some interesting posts on the topic.

I agree that there's more deeper reasons behind Terra's collapse. Just like FTX. I fully trust HBD's APR offer, it's just that it's way too high from a business stand point. This could attract investors and bring new players in Hive ecosystem, but in the long run as I always say it's very difficult for a business to offer a fixed 20% return annually.

Critic will always want to go around the news about FTX so that to see if they can bring down crypto business, but their opinions can only do a little while cryptos lived.
It is a nice thing that HBD saving is there to hive user's to continue to growth despites the dip in the price of tokens.

Thank you for saying this @geekgirl

It good to see the community do good despite the bad news in crypto world. Now I understand clearly on how I can generate more income with HBD, thanks alot

one day my nickname is going to be on this list

I will be honest with you i have been in a panic attack ever since the first day of Bitcoin drops up until now but seeing this content post of a crucial information, I have a very high hopes, who knows hive might shoot up to a 1 or 2$ let's hope so, Seeing that HBD is not disappointing that means I can't be tired of the platform I'll put more effort.

While this is not a financial advice, I do believe Hive will go higher than $2 at some point. Question is when.

That's the holy grail right there we are just going to seat watch and be optimistic.

Irrespective of the low voice the big players accord hive, hive is waxing stronger by the day.

HBD continues to be stable.

The stability in hbd is something that will in no time take the crypto verse by shock. Hive is a new wave , it's a movement, it's unstoppable.

very interesting and timely post. i have been considering moving some money into hbd and this post was quite reassuring so i plan to be on that list next time around

This post shouldn't be considered as financial advice. These are just my opinions. I like to keep things diversified. I prefer Hive as it can be used for governance and rewards distribution participation. But HBD is also good as a hedge. It may be more beneficial to build and grow HP instead. There is no cap how high Hive can go in a long run, but HBD pegged to $1.

What a superb post for HPUD 💥

I know nothing about finance but I'm taking the current dip as an opportunity to invest because I love a bargain and have absolute faith in crypto.

And ethically and value wise I can't bear (excsue the pun) fiat.

Nice to read you again! :D

Me too is saving my HBD since I joined and I am happy its moving even a little but it is still. I am so happy knowing hive and I am hoping good for this platform.

I am going to have 10 HBD interest payout in a month, just great!

It's nice to see more people put HBD into their savings and I am rank 286 this time around. It's growing slowly and the HBD savings is a great investment tool.

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It would be nice to know if HBD is attracting new fiat money or is it only "old" Hive token converted in HBD?

Looking at month to month HBD interest payments and look at top 500 interest payment recipients, it doesn't look like new money is being attracted at this time. In other words those who are utilizing HBD savings are those who have been using Hive.

What is not clear is if people are adding more HBD by buying the external markets.

If I understand this correctly, a 20% APR would yield 1.66% interest monthly. Is that how the payout goes? And payout is on the last day of the month?

i am happy with your good news.


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yea, with FTX and all.. HBD is still great! :)

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I gifted $PIZZA slices here:
@torran(10/10) tipped @geekgirl (x1)

Please vote for pizza.witness!

You know when I look through that list there's so many people I know, old timers, who DON'T have HBD in savings and I'm wondering why. IS it because they don't know about it? OR perhaps that they prioritise their vote value, which is fair enough? Or that they need the money for real life expenses, which is totally fair enough given the cost of living and financial crisis at the moment? I need some HIVE to pay for a real life project but can't bring myself to touch that HBD - the interest is too good!

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Sorry for late response...

I believe there would be multiple different reasons why some would choose to invest in HBD or not. It can be one of the reasons you mentioned or the combination of them. While it is not easy to tell, I think this can be a good research project.

However, I would guess those who have been on Hive for a long time would consider HP as a better investment option. The ability to increase influence in governance and rewards distribution with continuously growing HP on one hand might be more meaningful for those who use the network regularly, and also just a habit.

I personally had a habit of always converting HBD and Hive to HP. I haven't considered accumulating HBD in the past. For me it started when I came up with a list of items that I wanted to purchase with HBD, just as an experiment to demonstrate benefits of Hive network. Then inflation happened, witnesses started signaling higher APR, and it made sense to keep HBD in Savings. This too became a habit.

With this high APR, I think it can be beneficial to invest in both HP and HBD. I consider HBD as a hedge for Hive, and thinking about keeping 90% in HP and 10% as HBD. When Hive prices are high it is great, HBD is still there. When Hive prices drop lower, it gives an opportunity to buy more Hive and increase HP even higher.

It would be interesting to know the investment thought process of long time Hive Bees regarding HP and HBD.

Thank you for a great question!

Thank you so much for your support of my @v4vapp proposals in the past, my previous one expired this week.

I'd be really happy if you would continue supporting my work by voting on this proposal for the next 6 months:

Additionally you can also help this work with a vote for Brianoflondon's Witness using KeyChain or HiveSigner

If you have used v4v.app I'd really like to hear your feedback, and if you haven't I'd be happy to hear why or whether there are other things you want it to do.

My previous @v4vapp proposal has expired. I have a new one which is running but unfunded right now. I'm still running @v4vapp and all my other services but I may have to increase the 0.8% fee to 2.0% if I continue to be unfunded.

Please consider asking your friends to vote for prop #244 or consider unvoting the HBD stabilizer explained below.

For understandable reasons in the current crypto climate it is harder to get funded by the DHF, I accept this so I'm asking a wider audience for help again. I will also redraft this proposal with more details (coming soon). I'm also looking for other funding sources.

Additionally you can also help with a vote for Brianoflondon's Witness using KeyChain or HiveSigner

If you have used v4v.app I'd really like to hear your feedback, and if you haven't I'd be happy to hear why or whether there are other things you want it to do.

  1. The bar to be funded is set by the HBD Stabilizer, the more votes that has, the more votes @v4vapp needs to be funded. If you want to reconsider supporting that proposal and unvote it, that would also help me (and others so you have to weigh this choice.)