Life is Like a Box of Crypto

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As I continue to evolve in this exciting yet overwhelming ascent into the cryptocurrency universe, just like in my centralized platform history; I bring with me some short-comings.

Investing is definitely one of those I lack a hard-held knowledge on.

Just like in my health and fitness journey, once I immersed myself into that lifestyle; I learned a lot about exercising, eating right, stretching (still need massive improvement with this), etc.

The learning curve is no different for me on this side of things, where I now spend a lot more time on HIVE than any other online platform - outside of my employer's platforms.

With all that said, not too long ago; I asked a question in the CTP Inner Circle Telegram group. A question I asked when Splinterlands was blowing up.

How can I benefit from Splinterlands, if I never been a gamer, I'm not a gamer or don't believe I will ever be a gamer?

The answer was one word from multiple CTP Swarmers: INDEX


It was actually a DUHHH moment for me, because just as I am still a puppy in this environment, I had already invested in Index, but it was early on; so I was just investing in tokens that I felt safe with, knowing who was behind it.

Well, now it's one of my missions to move up on the HE-Index Rich List. Ok, I've got a long way to go; but I'm going for it.

Not too high at #25 on the rich list, but I invested in another 100 tokens bringing me up to 700:


So investing in a token that represents an index of the best performing tokens in the Hive-Engine is so right up my alley.

If I had to do one thing over again, I would probably have had invested mostly in the Index token; until I would have had an amount that I can then move on to building my investment in other tokens.

It's ok, because I had already invested in half of the tokens inside the He-Index group, so no big deal that I didn't go all Index first; but I feel like it would have been a decent game plan to have made that investment my foundational token of choice early on.

All of this is still early in growth, so it's impossible to feel way behind on a lot of it. It's not something I am beating myself up over. Just trying to get a better handle at understanding the machinations of investing and learning the intricacies that will better serve me long-term.

The Index Current Price is definitely exciting for me, because it's a slow and steady formula that keeps my enthusiasm at bay; without the high and low emotional rollercoaster with investing.


Truth be told, I have a tiny bit invested in Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin (because I get earned affiliate commissions in LC for a group of advertising sites I promote and use) and few others that are mentioned on the centralized news cycle, but I don't put a lot of heart felt effort into it. I just want to be smart enough to still have something working for me there too.

Hey, I have still have a 401K plan; so some things still are the same in some ways.

Then of course on HIVE - well HIVE and a handful of others I hold near and dear like ALIVE, CTP and LEO tokens.

There are still a ton of things I have to figure out from Defi to Stem and to the new games coming to HIVE or just learning those that exist now like Rising Star and dCrop.

I mean, the pressure is there a bit to learn how to play some of these games; but I find it counterproductive for myself to be into everything - when it's never been a reality to do so before this new world.

I'm just truly happy that Index is available, because it allows me to focus on content knowing my investment in the Index token includes some of the power house tokens and to have a peace of mind in the process, is priceless.


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It's the first time I read about INDEX... Hope no one finds out I'm a daily user of this blockchain.

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@acesontop - dude, you know all; I'm sure you are pulling my leg 😃


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There has already been too much ENGAGE today.

Well...I'm biased but....I agree LOL

I'm happy it exists 🙏🏼 @jongolson

Very nice! I may go and grab some myself. Already have it set to be accepted as a form of payment with #Hivepay on my site when it launches.

Wise choice my friend @joerhino ✋🏽


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I have some INDEX but I haven't really added to my position recently. However I do think its a good choice since they are keeping up to date with everything going on and they have even discussed how to use the SPS in the future.

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Thanks 🙏🏼 @jfang003 - I know coming from you is a positive.


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Ahh...I better take some lessons from here...

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I'm just taking it day by day @mistakili - I'm sure you are killin it!


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