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This life thing is pretty crazy!

I'm not going to dive too much into my history but let's just say, I have seen the bottom, I rose to the top and I've seen the bottom again lol

Such is life right?

After 20 plus years of working for myself and building online businesses, I had to get an 'offline job' for basically the first time in my adult life. What a shock to the system it's been! And not in a bad way, it's just different.

I'm lucky because the company I work for is filled with great people and they have been fantastic at teaching me how to 'do the job right'. But it sucks man, spending 20 plus years of your life and not being able to use those skills for the job I currently have.

Over the past few weeks, I've been able to really understand how life changes and those that adapt will always overcome. And this current situation I'm in, to be honest, I'm looking at it like a MASSIVE opportunity!

Wait, what? Where's the opportunity Mr. Entrepreneur when you work for someone else?

Let me explain....

I have a dream. And it's a big dream. In fact, this dream of mine started almost 6 years ago when I discovered the blockchain. I thought it would be the biggest win in history if people could 'live' off their efforts on this chain.

And for some, it's a reality. Plenty of people that were way smarter with their money than I have been, as enjoying the results of their hard work and smart decisions, but I can't help but think....This 'dream' is something everyone on Hive can experience.

Tonight, I found myself in a unique position for the first time in years...

Wow, you bought $LEO Don't you always do that?

You are correct!

I buy $LEO all the time. I also get it from delegation projects, I curate, I create, I engage, I try to add as much value as I can every day.

But what was different was....I had some extra cash and I didn't 'need' it for bills. Because of the offline job I now have....Wait for it....I got to spend a few bucks on some crypto!

Which means....I'm working on that dream!

O.K., so here's my plan if you haven't already guessed it....


Because this is my bet. Nothing is a guarantee, but everything in my being tells me $HIVE and $LEO are sure fire projects with so much upside, now is the time to stack. When everyone is selling, now is the time to slowly build it up!

And while I don't know the date, I know it's coming! I know that the efforts I put in now, will eventually lead to my ability to earn a living off this blockchain and the amazing projects within in.

Is it a guarantee? Nope, absolutely not and I think it's very important to remind people of this. When it comes to investing, I'm an idiot. I could have sold my Splinterlands collection for high 6 figures at the top, but I rode it out and well...Yeah! I bought at the bottom and sold at the bottom lol World's worst investor is me!

But what's different here on $LEO and $HIVE is that I'm using this stuff every day. I feel like it fits me perfectly and what I truly have a passion for. And while times like this require me to get an offline job, I truly believe this is temporary.

The blessing and the opportunity, is because of the offline hustle I now have...It allows me to stack SO MUCH easier than before! There is always opportunity everywhere you look, you just to look at the positives in everything!

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Being able to adapt to your circumstance is critical to any successful plan. I agree with you that Hive and Leo ain't seen nuthin' yet!

I am looking forward to an exciting ride.


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Get hit, you gotta get up! It's been quite an adventure over the years lol

Well, I can say everyone made a lot of mistakes in the last bull market. I did too and it still hurts, but we eventually learn from these. As for splinterlands, I bought at the top back then and I'm not even selling even if I'm currently at huge loss. I know it's Only a matter of time.

Yeah Splinterlands was rough for me. I was super concerned about the direction and how it seemed every day a new 'sale' was happening. Just decided it was time to graciously bow out.

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Having an offline job definitely gives you some options but it also takes up time away from hive. So there are trade-offs but I am glad it's working out for you.

It is a trade off for sure. Just lucky I'm going to balance it, it'll take some time to figure out how but I'll get it.

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It is a great attitude on your part to analyze the opportunity that this change in your life gives you. However, taking advantage of this not-so-good moment to help you build a dream is thinking outside the box, as my dad used to tell me. Besides, it certainly motivates you to face the challenge of working away from home after being your own employer for so long.


It's been a challenge but it's exciting at the same time.

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Hell yeah fren. Sometimes you have to take some steps in a different direction to get to your ultimate destination. A normie job will allow you extra funds to invest, and will help you get there quicker. It's definitely not the most fun thing ever though

This whole waking up before the rest of the world does is just odd....I haven't had an alarm for 20 years and woke up whenever I wanted....But now that I've been doing it for a few weeks, I kind of like the early mornings.

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Im sure if hive makes it, it partly due to you. And if that happens you will be living off the chain. I hope a lot more of us can too.


Oh man, honored that you feel that way man. I'm just a dude that loves what he does. And hopes more people can experience it all. Hive truly is remarkable!

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The chart looks good for !leo for sure and I am having !fun with it as well.

Sell all the way up and buy all the way down, is that the plan?

Different ways to play the trading game. Glad to hear you are able to balance the offline and online work.


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Oh man, I would never call what I do trading even though I guess it is lol

I'm like...Hey there's something I believe in, I'll buy it!!!! lol

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Hive and LEO are two tokens that would be changing a lot of lives. And the best part is we don't have to wait forever to do that. We can stack while we can sell too. It's like slowly building the account while we build the nest investment. LEO is a power investment that would pay off for years from now!

exactly!! great points. no need to wait, get busy now!

Hey! Enjoy it. A lot can be learned working for someone else.

In a few months of consistent stacking from fiat mining you'll be a double or triple orca with some new ideas for streams of HIVE/Leo income.

lol On the mission to do that for sure. I never want to power down again!

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I bought at the bottom and sold at the bottom lol World's worst investor is me!

Better than me. I bought at the top and rode it to the bottom. Cry. Hoping Splinterlands rights the ship somehow...

I do think brighter days are ahead for Splinterlands. It was just time for me to leave the game.

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That's the plan! Stack as much as we can, growing our investment and increasing our potential profits in the future. I'm really grateful to have found Hive, massive opportunities here!

And the best part, the more I grow, hopefully I can curate more and help others along the way!

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Indeed! It's like an upward spiral that increases the scope of impact.

That's awesome that you were able to inject some extra outside cash into your account! I think we should all try to do that if we really believe in the blockchain. I understand it isn't do-able for everyone, but even a little bit here and there can make a huge difference!

Yeah man, I did start my journey putting some fiat into it. But got away from it and actually cashed out, so it's nice to get back into investing into it.

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I have a lot coming in via passive streams, so I just count on that for most of my growth. That and curation.

hahaha, yes life is a combination of ups and down, no one could escape this, our life is incomplete with out it.

If you dont have ups and downs in life, it means you have passed away lol

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I have the same dream.. not necessarily not having to work at all but maybe not needing to work your ass really hard to get to the end of the month and not being able to save any money haha..

I'd be happy if with what I earn from crypto and investments I could dedicate myself to work on my hobbies and things I enjoy and monetize them if needed and if it works out.. and if not, not to worry about money.

I think that's what is so powerful about this blockchain, you do get rewarded for doing and spreading what you love. Not many projects like it!

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Damn, from bottom to top, top to bottom.

It's like life always want us to flip the coin and situation from this to that..

That's a dream and hope everyone putting efforts, making smart choice will live it sooner or later.

Hive and LEO looks way stronger than before... Things being developed and are so undervalued.. just about right time to stack.

The only guarantee in being in business for yourself is that...Things change, every day lol

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Wisdom and foresight at play. Knowing what time it is and what will help you get to the goal quicker is the best approach one can have in life. Forcing matter and playing the hope card leads to pain. moving around challenges fluidly like water will get flow longer and eventually get bigger.

I dont think my goals will ever end on Hive, that's the beauty of it all!

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How fortunate that you have fantastic coworkers. I understand that it can be frustrating to not be able to utilize your skills gained from your years of experience, but I'm sure opportunities will arise in time to do so. Keep going.


Yeah man, just a learning experience, so I'm always excited for the opportunities.

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You have a family and responsibilities that has to be addressed, so you have to do what you have to do. More importantly, CTP/HIVE/LEO is part of your DNA, so we all know that you will always be an important factor in that growth! !CTP @jongolson

Yeah man, ingrained in me. Part of me lol

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Very true… all offline cash is way to stack extra Bitcoin, HBD, Hive, Leo, Scrap, Part, etc etc …. It adds up quickly.

Agreed! Turn the fiat into something truly valuable!

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This is the way! Build everyday your live dream!

Slow and steady!

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That's interesting
It also shows that you are working towards that dream

One day at a time, growing that account!

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Dang, sorry to hear that. I just don't see Hive the way a lot of people do. I actually enjoy my time here lol

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When I see posts like this I tell myself "STACK UP YOUNG LADY!!

I have been trying really hard to put alot of effort in growing my Hive account as I am practically glued to Hive.

Thanks for sharing this awesome piece.

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Absolutely! Good to see you man, hope you are well!

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