The CryptoManiacs Podcast - Splinterlands, LeoFinance & HBD...Oh My!

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Your questions!


And we had some GREAT ones from you guys this week:

- A whole lot of Splinterlands questions from the 'Maniacs!

- HBD and it's future for every day use case

- LeoFinance's mobile app

And so much more!

Thanks for tuning into Episode #47 (ish) of the CryptoManiacs podcast!

Note: We'll start uploading the audio version of these podcasts on Aureal going forward too. The account for those will be @cryptomaniacspod

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Well I haven't been doing that well in Splinterlands matches, I do tend to win maybe 50% of my ranked battles and I don't do enough fights so spare me from being on the team lol.

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50% is a good rate. :)

Well its good enough to know I can't win but the fights have been getting tougher lately

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I agree, competition is stronger now.

Yeah like Adrian said...50% is really good. That's about where I'm at...Maybe less lol

We are also allowing music to be explicitly published and identified on RSS feeds as "podcasts" (but not podcasts). Plugs into the "value 4 value" concept seamlessly. No NFTs needed.

So brilliant!

Absolutely love it!



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