The Best Things About The Leoverse

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The leofinance universe has gotten better and valuable integrations to forestall usability and utility are being added every day. In this video, I explore exciting integrations on leofinance that are the next big thing that might influence adoption.

On the hive Blockchain, applications with the right use cases are what create essence and retention and Leofinance is redefining this.

Involving and Incentivizing the purpose of Leofinance establishes a win-win situation. The whole system creates functions given the fact that we're in a major bear market. People are encouraged to see a reason why they should build.

In this video, I talked about the most imperative and functional aspect of the Leo universe and the aspects that make them exactly unique. The parts that are likely to drive adoption and a smoother transition from Web2 to web3.

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LEO is amazing and I like what they are doing. It will take time for things to improve after we moved to a new UI, but I think threading is a great way for newer users to earn. There is also more engagement on that end as well. The ad system and the bounties buyback are adding a floor price to LEO too.

Yeah, I like the plans, the Leo ecosystem is trying to be the face of hive in everything usability. The idea for the new UI is very good like you've pointed out and I know it'll get better with time. I'm also waiting to see the long-term effect of the protocol.

Threads is looking a lot more polished by the day, I am liking as you mention, users now have the chance to earn LEO without talking about finance like it has traditionally been from the long-form content.
Leoverse is expanding it hasn't been smooth sailing, the concept and the drive for innovations are the winning factors for Leoverse backed with dedicated community.

That's the biggest aspect. I like the fact that content creation on Leo is no longer centered on just finance contents alone. Threads makes it possible for people to leave that limitation behind. Earning Leo in just one minute is possible. It's true that we started off on a slow note, but we're sincerely getting there. The community is truly dedicated.

Leo is expanding even though ever since the change so many things as not balanced but they are putting things in place just to make everything right. I believe Leo it is a great project

I believe it's a great project too, it's got it's flaws and the project is far from perfect, but I believe it only gets better from here

Leothreads is changing the game in creating content through microblogging. I love that it has redefined the structure to creating content reducing the barrier for users who don't prefer posting blogs because of the rules set in place. These new functionalities will greatly helping in the adoption process of bringing more users to Hive.

I love microblogging, I just wish we can truly establish other functionalities to it as well. Leo has taken it upon itself to bring it to hive. I think the best aspect of it is that you can even get to connect to people that you're not following. It's surely the earliest dsys. I know it'll definitely get better with time.

It has so many features that you can even switch from one to one
This is why it is getting so many attention these days