Crypto VS Your Reality

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I started this year feeling funny about crypto and this is because I try to question everything that reaches a laudable height, my concept of diminishing returns is that everything at its peak is vulnerable, this is why we should always take advantage of the loudest ovation to secure financial stability.

What I mean by this is that some people's lives are run by crypto. From their rent to the cost of getting a haircut.

These people are the ones who should be taking profit the moment they start noticing a positive movement in the price of the coin they're holding, but no, they waited for 100k BTC and now they're calling crypto a fraud.

20k? Never Again

We have to understand something. Crypto is not a money-doubling venture, I understand that the massive moons we saw late last year made so many people comfortable.

So many people felt BTC would never touch 20k again, while I laughed at these assumptions, I feel people who are supposed crypto gurus on Twitter are often too emotional with their relativity towards crypto, hence it messes up with their confidence in real-time when it turns out they've been proven wrong.

The truth is that over-expectations can become our downfall. Crypto isn't a Djinn it doesn't grant unrealistic wishes, some people are relating to crypto like it's magic when they should be focused on what's more important; learning and following the patterns.

The Impact Of Crypto In Your Reality

However, this isn't where I'm driving at. I want to talk about how my ability to see, think, or reason properly has been affected by crypto. The crazy abundance we enjoyed in December felt too good so much that I was already beginning to smell the bear market even before it came.

While this was my sense of pessimism kicking in, I felt it was time we saw the bear again and I began to take the necessary precaution even when we haven't even seen a single dip. We do not need to be omnipresent before we understand that the Crypto cycle is inevitable.

So many people aren't even bothered about the bear market at all and this is because they understand the cycle, they know how these things are and they've tailored themselves to gathering in the summer while hibernating in the snow, I mean how hard is it to learn from the ant?

Loss & Affordability

It's always repetitive to see the unsteadiness of people. I know that the lack of resources is one of the reasons why people don't do much during the bear market, but then, when we entwine our emotions to the volatility of crypto, we live unsteady lives, with compromise what and what we do not believe.

This is why people shouldn't try to make predictions based on emotions if fail them especially when they're trying to build their dream lives on assumptions. Everyone is a master and a novice, we all have a blind side hence we cannot cement or stamp our predictions.

I use to tell people to invest time, effort, or money that they feel it's worth it rather than what they can afford to lose. Sometimes what we can afford to lose isn't even up to $1. This means no one wants to lose even 50 cents, but sometimes "worth" and "loss" are relative.

Counting The Worth Of Experience

I try not to see any money or time I've spent as a loss, I take it with me anywhere I go, I try to measure my loss with my cumulative gains and this is how I know I'm making progress, I don't mind going down if there's a possibility I'll go higher.

Hive has taught me the biggest lessons and gained me the best experience in crypto thus far, because of it, I have expanded my learning curve.

Crypto majorly affects our psychology even more than our finances, paying attention to the impact of crypto on our reality, will create a consciousness. Pay attention.

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All the reflections you make in this article are very interesting and accurate. I really think that most people are so imbued with their emotions towards the crypto market, that they always end up making the worst decisions at the worst times, with the catastrophic consequences that this brings with the.

Learning to anticipate market cycles would be the key to raising awareness, and operate and trade more wisely, but for the masses, emotions prevail, and will always prevail, more than rational logical thinking. Simply, for most people, if it feels good, it's good, and if it feels bad, it's bad; they don't understand that it's not about how they feel or don't feel, but about what's really going on in the markets and what they should do about what's going on in those markets.

I found your post excellent, because it made me think about many important issues regarding people in the cryptocurrency market, thanks for sharing it. Greetings.

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Mostly these emotional interference is due to the external feedback that's most people tend to listen to or consider. For example, a lot of people have been hearing that Bitcoin is going to zero. This creates FUD and imbalance. While the statement is arguably not possible it has created a ripple effect of imbalance. Crypto requires stability of the mind to some extent.

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I totally agree with you. Greetings!

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We need to shift our focus to investing in crypto with sustainable tokenomics.

This is the key!

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This is true, however, not a lot of people knows this. Thanks for coming through.

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I have been here only for a few months and this bear market has taught me what I am supposed to do in the next bull run.

I have learned my lesson.... Albeit, brutally. But I am happy, it's my first, and I am learning early on.

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Everyone learns a brutal lesson, the essence is to survive long enough to put one's experience into play and make better or smart choices.
Don't worry, the bear may be here for quite a while, but it'll go with time.

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Great Post!


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Thanks a million, I appreciate it.

Staring at the price is really bad and I don't really blame people for not expecting it. It just looks like the toll of prices dropping down consistently every day is just killing off people.

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I agree that if the dip happens constantly overtime it affects people. But we cannot have a one time crash, the pain might be milder, but this isn't realistic with Crypto

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This article is very interesting I must say.
A point remains that people are not truthful to thselves, that is to say that they are only focused on the bull market when it is clearly known that bear market exist 😁😁.

Investing in crypto with emotions or lack of foresight has costed people a lot and it will continue to cost people for bear market cannot go in extinction as we all know 😂😂😂😂.

Well, being on a space like this gives us room to meet with people like you to always bell us with facts and reality we're supposed to think and reflect about when venturing into crypto market.


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Ha Ha Ha
Live by the sword, die by the sword.If you buy to ride the rocket and ignore the profits along the way, you only have yourself to blame.

DCA in and DCA out I say, buy, name your price and pull out your capitol amd a small price, then rinse and repeat. But always keep bulilding your core stash of Bitcoin.

Enjoyed your post , as usual.

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Thanks a lot, I'm glad you liked this one. In reality, it's important to find oneself. I think we can even get to personalize our own DCA to suit an even better advantage to us. While one might keep taking, it's also important to stack, restack, save, and find ways to build, while taking actual profit.

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Your welcome.
I also like the idea of personalized DCA.
After all we didn't come here to be like everyone else, we came here to be ourselves, be different and unique.

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Of course, I have a lot of experience to motivate me but then I try to do it my own way, nothing beats creating your own unique way to do everything, just like we can never mirror another person's way of doing things without adding our own personal unique flair.

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True, I like the way you create your own images. It is you way of doing something that is unique and makes your posts uniquely yours.

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