The Economic Phenomena Of The "Disposition Effect" In Contrast To Crypto

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The Economic Phenomena Of The "Disposition Effect" In Contrast To Crypto

The Disposition Effect is a concept that reiterates how people tends to sell their assets that's doing well monetarily in the market, but keeps the ones that are dwindling in price, with hope that the fortunes might outrightly change with time. This effect is a bias in people's personal finance especially when it had to do with following the market trends when it comes to making decisions in relations to holding or selling. In this video, I talked about how this doesn't really tally with the phenomenon in crypto and how the contrast might show that making crypto decisions doesn't need to be logic to be actually productive. I also talk about how crypto hardly aligns with real-time economics and how it's a a different economic institution of its own.

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It's why I tend to think more in the long term. If you believe in the roadmap, development, use cases and community then it's an informed decision based on what you have learned. Back when HIVE was more or less around 10 cents, I didn't know too much since I was still in my small bubble of Splinterlands and maybe a few other crypto games. Otherwise I would be tempted to buy in using fiat.

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Well, I believe we make our choices based on the things we believe as a result of the research we have made, take a look at Splinterlands, you believed in it when you did and it's totally paying dividends.

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Nice video.

Crypto has it ways of blessing holders and make them rich later in the future. Instead of selling all your asset you find a way to get money from it maybe by leasing out. Sometimes you just stop believing in a project and decide to sell off,trust me their no regret in that sometimes

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Sometimes some people regrets selling off a particular crypto assets, the truth is that we might be right, we might be wrong, mostly it's all crypto, we can right or wrong. It's the thrill.

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Great insight into the psychology of investors! I have never thought of it this way.

Of course, the truth is that some of these concepts contradicts with our regular norms crypto beliefs and mindset. This was totally fascinating to me so I had to talk about it, thanks for dropping by