I'm still a Hive Believer!

Much more optimistic about Hive than LEO!

Really? what makes you less positive about LEO?

  1. The content is generally awful, I mean REALLY bad for the most part.
  2. A huge whale controls a massive chunk of the stake and seems to be hell-bent on sending all shit leo-shill posts to trending
  3. I'm not that into finance TBH! (A personal one)
  4. For all the talk of 'community community community' - at the end of the day - people are there to make a profit, when their sell targets come, they will sell sell sell. People all say 'LEO LEO LEO' but that's all a bit fake I think.
  5. I can't shake this feeling that it's kind of a 'bolt on' project - a very good bolt on, but it can't stand alone like Hive.

Hive is obviously more generalised in terms of content, and is actually a blockchain too!

The good thing for me is that I stacked a lot of LEO (I'm still not even sure why) and I'm not really that attached to it, so it's a nice pot for me to sell off gradually.

But I'm still intent on holding at least 30Ks.

Yeah those who got in early have done well. Some good points, im just getting a stack together around 20k just incase, its a savings account tbh. Hopefully people will want to use both hive and leo to make money to put into cub and it will be a vicious circle. Who knows.

Don't you mean 'virtuous circle'?!

I'm glad I got in on LEO, but I do feel like a bit of a rogue sometimes - you know me, most of my interest in finance is about alternative economics and how to reduce expenditure, what LEO really wants is posts about how to make a tonne of cash!

haha funny.