Showing off some newly bought Crypto Swag! Hemp backpack, books, shirts, and more... all bought with crypto!

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Here's the things I picked up... at least what showed up today :-P

All of these shops I found through

Note: currently unable to upload, or do much else, on the LBRY blockchain. @3speak worked like a charm for me today :-)

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Love that shirt and you chose the same color I would have, it really makes the design pop! Just realized this is the first time I've heard your voice and good to see you're doing well out there in good 'ol Portland. With any luck, I'll get over there someday as I find it seems more my style of living. Peace. :)

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Really cool swag. I bought my sister a hemp backpack and she loved it. I bought it on Meh and not with cryptocurrency though.

Teaching cryptocurrency classes? That is outstanding! A great service to those folks up there in Portland. I was in Portland for a few days many years ago. I really enjoyed the Pacific Northwest.

Hey, good fortune in all your endeavors! Sending blessings and groovy vibes.

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I have a few hemp bags I've started collecting them about 23 years ago when my best friend gave me one...I love my collection!