LeoThreads Update | The LeoFinance Experience Has Changed Forever

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In this clip from the Weekly AMA, we talk about the details of LeoThreads.

The most anticipated features in our LeoFinance ecosystem are LeoThreads and Project Blank. LeoThreads is a feature addition we’re testing as a prequel to Project Blank. LeoThreads have already completely changed the way we use LeoFinance.

This will completely change the way people use HIVE as well and I’m excited for everyone to test it and give us feedback to improve it.

We’re making the interface as simple as possible and it will be very similar to Twitter. A lot of work has gone into the backend to make sure the feature will be functional and successful.

After testing everything today and yesterday, it's been really awesome to see the infrastructure improvements. LeoThreads is now super smooth and can scale.

Leo threads will raise the revenue through the roof in terms of ad views. We've already seen a 2x in daily ad revenue!

We talk about this and more in this clip from the Weekly AMA!

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Good to know that thread is already making impact on leofinance and more revenue. This is just the beginning of threads, I'm very sure this will be a success

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You bet! Well done, my engagement is going to skyrocket!

This is definitely a very good one and it definitely another perfect means of making Information going across and also generating revenue

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Very exciting to see! I have been extremely eager to see what form ProjectBlank takes. I saw the rise and fall of Twitter to the bot farms and spam ads, I'm hopeful that LeoFinance stays true to its roots and rejects the mainstream ad-saturation that has ruined most other platforms for non-logged-in lurkers and browsers (Twitter, Tumblr, Reddit?)

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Awesome. So happy to finally post anything on LEO….

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Threads UI is beautiful !

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Good job friend this is just the beginning more improvement and inivation coming to our lovely community let keep the work going by telling the succes s

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Good job friend more improvement and innovations coming to our lovely community well-done let's keep spreading the new about it till the whole world knows an am not gonna be taird of doing this @kahleelkazi

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