LeoFinance Pod | Global Markets Collapsing, Liquidity Crisis and How to Value Altcoins

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In today's episode of the podcast, we talk about the global markets and crypto. There's a meltdown right now and everyone is scared about FED actions and quantitative tightening.

In this episode, we ask a lot of questions and answer a ton more about our perspective on what's happening:

  • Is a further breakdown imminent?
  • Where is the bottom for BTC?
  • Will altcoins crash like 2018?
  • Will the FED keep raising rates?
  • What makes a good project?
  • Updates on the LeoVerse and what we're building in the bear market!

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💪🏻 LeoFinance with a runway of 2-5 years, depending on the Team size is very good news! Relaxing.
📱 Cannot wait to get the App in the Apple App Store, this could be a game changer for LeoFinance & with it Hive as a whole.

Yeah I did not take this lightly. Over the past 12 months, I set leofinance up to have a multi-year runway based on our current (and potential) burn rate. It’s extremely important to be able to fund the project in this bear market environment as this is when devs are easiest to hire and motivate to work quickly

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Excellent work! Fingers crossed the bear market doesn’t last 5 years.
Actually I think we will see latest in 2024 (next BTC halving) the crypto turnaround and probably new ATHs for Hive and Leo. 💪🏻
Regards Thomas

The bloodbath in crypto trading is so scary.

I never expected BTC to hit $21.

Liquidity crisis has to occur because of the market volatility.

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Yep. Lots of liquidations happening out there right now.. it’s crazy times once again

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This deflation of price so far is really low but still an advantage in utilizing the opportunity to invest and accumulate more coins

Utility will trump all in the bear market. While everyone is worried about price, we must teach ourselves to focus on the fundamentals

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My main concern about the market is when it would recover, the loss is weakening nevertheless it was expected. Many predicted 20k and it happened, so when is 6 digits coming up?

It's interesting and this is my first bear market so just on the fence observing.

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I remember 2018 well. If it’s anything like that, be prepared for a long winter. Worst case, we get a long winter and you’re prepared

Best case, the winter is short and you can enjoy the re-emergence of better times

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Whatever case it maybe, I better be ready to pick myself up and fast, getting in line.

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Learned a lot today from here and the coming update on the LF space (Leo threads) is very interesting and kinda exciting too. Looking forward to try it out when it rolls out!

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