Wen Migration of Features to CUB?

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In this clip, we talk about the process in which we start migrating successful PolyCUB Features onto CUB and what this success will look like within these features.

A lot of people have been asking this question and we answered it a few AMAs back so I went back and reviewed the full AMA podcast - which you can view here - and dug out this clip.

One important question that many people are wondering; how will we know when features are ready to be deployed onto CUB Finance?

What we're looking to achieve is creating massive sustainability for PolyCUB. The time when we begin migrating features is when we launch a significant number of V2 vaults and we're happy with the overall direction of PolyCUB and that will be indicated in a huge way by price and revenue per month.

pHBD has already done significant numbers in terms of revenue. So once we see several more V2 vaults do similar numbers pHBD has, that will be a great step towards the migration of features onto CUB.

We talk about this and more in this clip from the Weekly AMA!

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Thanks for answering this question.

I think your reports on the rapid increase in protocol earnings after implementation of the 5 value accrual methods and the 25% price spike we witnessed in the price of Polycub after implementation suggests your current focus on value accrual will promote the price and sustainability of Polycub.

It would have been great if you would have had more time to see where the price of Polycub would have gone, if the market hadn’t dropped so much, and so quickly.

But another way to look at it, would be to consider where would the Polycub price be if you hadn’t implemented those value accrual vaults, and pumped the price.

I think your changes were a success. So I congratulate you.

I think your willingness to change when things don’t work is a great strength.

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“ I think your willingness to change when things don’t work is a great strength.”

I appreciate this. We all need to adapt to the changing industry around us. Technology as a whole moves quickly and crypto moves 10x faster than normal technology.

To stay on the bleeding edge means to continually reinvent ourselves.

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To stay on the bleeding edge means to continually reinvent ourselves.

Yes, it does, I like to think of myself as a being in a Continuous Quality Improvement mode :)

I learn new skills, and I push my envelope.

I mess up sometimes, and it's a problem, but I think the drive to be better, achieve more, and learn things I didn't think I could is self-sustaining.


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One important question that many people are wondering; how will we know when features are ready to be deployed onto CUB Finance?

I believe that migrating the features of PolyCUB on CUB Finance will appropriate now that we've seen the results of the V2 vaults accrual channels working and preparing PolyCUB for an all time hike.

I wish CubDeFi platform all the best and I wish you more innovative ideas for more LeoFinance projects ahead.

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Deploying the Multi-Token Bridge on CUB will have a dramatically positive effect both on CUB and on POLYCUB.

The ability to arbitrage between them will be amplified. Any price move on one exchange will lead to trading volume across all exchanges.

It’s a fascinating idea to imagine… I think we’re on the cusp of something massive

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The main takeaway from this is that now is probably one of the best times to buy cub... hugely discounted for now

Amazingly discounted. The future is coming faster than most think.

We’ll look back on these times and say “why didn’t I buy more?”

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I was fully expecting SOON ;)

I think that's a smart solid plan to test and start implementing the successful things from Polycub over into cub. The single thing I worry about on Cub however is the steady and heavy emission of CUB tokens that's been happening and will continue to happen. Are there any plans or any benefit of putting to vote to reduce the emissions at least during this transition phase?

Emissions are all relative. In $$ terms, there’s actually very little CUB being emitted.

The key is value accrual and productive capital. Those things are necessary to continue building the ecosystem.

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I believe utilizing the opportunity in accumulating more cubs is the best decision at the moment

Now is a big opportunity

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To utilize properly

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True, I agree, so I am stacking cub as well.

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I am hoping it comes sooner rather than later. I am also interested in seeing how much is actually in the treasury so feel free to break it down for us in the future.

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Both will be sooner than you think ;)

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Let polycub spend some time in it's version 2 then we can ocus on cub.

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Multi-token bridge theory has just begun to play out. We need to see true sustainability and then we can wrap it all up into a major step function change for CUB

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