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RE: Is now a good time to buy Hive?

in LeoFinance16 days ago

Haha, I was thinking exactly the same this morning, even posted about it over on It's crazy how fast our price bias changes. Nevertheless, I feel like Hive is pretty cheap right now and I've already made a purchase for another 1000 Hive because of that :-)

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It does feel cheap, and I keep thinking if I had even just 250K Hive I could probably live off just that, comfortably!

But it's more important for me to be diversified.

I just never gotten as deeply involved with Hive as I probably should have. I'm sitting at only 7000 HP, everything else is in the 2nd layer stuff.

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Well LEO and Splinterlands have done well - I put half my Steem PD into those and Exode - worked out pretty well, but I'm still waiting on the later of course!

It's crazy how fast our price bias changes

That's just what I was thinking. 😁


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