What tokens I stake on Hive Engine and why

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Hi there my Hivean friends and followers!

A couple of months ago, I came with this post about the Hive Engine tokens. I was curious to know what tokens some of you collect (or stake if you will) and why. I learned quite a lot from your comments and I definitely started to pay more attention to what tags I use in my posts, what communities I post into and what tokens show up in my Hive Engine wallet and what to do with them.

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After some experimenting and figuring things out, I ended up staking these tokens:


As far as I know, you can use the #pob and #vyb tags in pretty much any original post, regardless of the topic. In fact, you don´t even need to use both of them, just the #pob (or #proofofbrain) tag is enough for you to be eligible for both tokens. You can check out your POB and VYB reward payouts and your balance at the official POB and VYB platforms https://www.proofofbrain.io/ and https://www.vybrainium.com/. Unsurprisingly, the price of the tokens is very volatile. Over those few months since I started to collect these tokens, I have accumulated some 1,300 POB Power and 1,200 VYB Power. At their peaks, both of these stakes were worth more than 10 dollars. Now it´s just a few bucks each.


Centered around one of the largest, most popular and most active communities on Hive, the LeoFinance platform is where you can share your posts about crypto and finance. I, for example, post my guessing challenges where participants predict the price of various cryptocurrencies into this community. You can check out the official LEO platform here: https://leofinance.io/. Other than the challenges, I don´t really have much content to share with this community so my staking efforts here haven´t been overly impressive as I have only made it to some 150 LEO Power so far. But the price of the LEO token is relatively high and stable and my LEO stake was already worth more than 20 dollars. Now, after all the recent crypto blood bath, I´m down to some 8 bucks with LEO.


As the name suggests, the SPORTS tag and token is designed for posts about sports. I actually post about about sports quite often. You can either submit your sport post into the Sports Talk Social community or use their platform https://www.sportstalksocial.com/. So far, I have accumulated nearly 300k SPORTS Power, which is usually worth a couple of dollars. When posting my special NBA tipping challenges, I was told that there is even a special tag and token called DUNK for posts about basketball so I have some of those too but they are only worth cents right now...

Other than the tokens mentioned above, I have some CCC tokens that you can get for using the #creativecoin tag and I also have some of those "refreshment" tokens like BEER, WINE and PIZZA that I occasionally get from someone (thank you) but I don´t stake these and usually sell them for some of the tokens that I do stake.

As far as I remember, the highest value of my entire Hive Engine portfolio was some 50 dollars at one point. Now it´s approximately 20 bucks. Not much, I know, but still cool given that all of this is actually kind of bonus added to my Hive rewards so I think it definitely pays off to pay attention to all these tokens, tags, communities and platforms built on our blockchain.

So yeah, that´s pretty much how I´m faring with my Hive Engine tokens right now. I hope this little overview might be helpful to someone. Also, feel free to share your experience and opinions on this topic if you want, I would appreciate any feedback ;)

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Yep there are some good projects out there connected to the hive blockchain/engine..

I do bought a lot of sports tokens last year…
Trying to use it for the Actifit community from bulgaria…


@tipu curate

Right. I stake Sports too, I think this community has a big potential as almost everyone is interested in some sport. We will see how this token will do in future ;)

Thanks for your feedback and support my friend!

I have never figured out what to really do with tokens. :( I don't trade them, they just kind of hang out in the wallet. I wish someone would write a post on step-by-step managing of your Hive Engine.

That would be cool! :)

I'll find someone willing to do it. It is actually very much needed.

Good selection . I like POB, archon, cine, alive.

Thanks! I will check them out :)

Interesting, I collect the same tokens, just not the Sports. I'm unsure if my type of sport content fits in there... I usually see people posting about professional sports and less about personal training.

I think you can use the tag for your posts too. In fact, you are probably one of the most sporty / fit people I know ;)

I could talk about the world mtb series, maybe.

you are probably one of the most sporty / fit people I know ;)

uff bold statement
this winter is destroying me. I'm unable to recover properly and usually feeling like a truck ran me over

Well, strangely enough, working out is easier for me in winter than in summer. I don´t mind working out in cold / rainy / freezing weather but I really struggle in temperatures of around 30 C and higher... Still don´t know how I survived those 2 years in the Mexican furnace :D

I can't in 30C either. This past summer I only cycled for fun during the evenings. We had the last race of a three phase event in January and I almost passed out after losing too much salt while sweating. I'm thinking about getting a trainer so I can cycle indoors \o\

I just checked mine and saw that I do have 300k sports almost 400k. I believe those are mostly from actifit.

Yeah, probably :) I don´t use Actifit so mine have to be from my SportsTalkSocial posts...

Oh, I see. Maybe start using Actifit now to earn more SPORTS :D

Here a !BEER
I also like the waiv token.

Thank you, cheers! :) I got some WAIVs in an airdrop I guess, long time ago. I didn´t know what those coins were for so I sold them. How are they supposed to be use?

No idea, I just use the waiv tag and accumulate them. I don’t know/understand the purpose of 90% of the hive related tokens.

Ok, thanks :) Maybe WAIV can be used anywhere like POB and VYB. I will look into it.

I am hesitant to use it as I am not sure which coin tags I can independently use in tags. As I understand from your article, I can use POB and VYB tags in any content. I hope I understood correctly.

Hey, that´s a good question. I know some people use all possible tags in all of their posts but that can be considered tag abuse and punished accordingly. With POB and VYB in particular, however, I was told by their curators that I can use them in any original post so feel free to do that too ;)

Another great info for me, thanks! I'm new to Hive and I'm trying to learn about this place by asking.

No problem. Welcome to Hive btw! :)

I actually curious on what type of token did you stake. I usually stake some refreshment token for engagement with people who leave their comment on my post.


Hey, thanks for sharing your experience :) I noticed that some people reward engagement on their posts with these "refreshment tokens" and I think it´s cool :) I don´t stake these though so I reward comments under my posts in the "old school way" (i. e. with upvotes :D)

Old school is the best. 😂😂

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All the tokens you mentioned are useful. I think Leo has the best communities and is good value !

Right. Leo definitely seems to have the biggest potential and fan base. One of the most promising projects built on Hive so far for sure ;)

In my post yesterday, I just mentioned my first five staked Hive-Enginr tokens in my wallet, which are LEO, WAIV, CENT, STEM, POB.

I just checked that post out. Cool! Keep on staking mate :)

Thank you mate!

Those are really nice tokens to stake

Hopefully not just nice but also practical ;)

Hold ans Stake !

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Thanks! :)

It is impressive to know as a new user especially #pob and the rest of them. Thanks for sharing.

My pleasure. Welcome to Hive! :)

You are welcome, thanks.

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