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RE: Michael Saylor Is My Favorite Bitcoin Maximalist

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Thanks for introducing Great to read your personal analysis of Michael Saylor mentioning both the pros and cons. Thanks also for identifying these men - Brian Armstrong of Coinbase, CZ of Binance, Justin Sun of Tron, Craig Wright of BSV, Roger Ver of BCH - as inconsistent when it comes to their ideas and actions.

Grateful also for identifying the similarity (decentralized and a great solution) and differences between Bitcoin and Hive.

They both are great solutions for two completely different problems. Bitcoin offers a better alternative option to traditional financial systems and a new and better form of money. Hive, on the other hand, offers a better alternative to the traditional web, and is pioneering web3. Proof of Work in bitcoin for what is trying to do. I would even argue it is better than Delegated Proof of Stake for its purpose. But PoW is not a good fit for Web3, and DPoS handles Web3 in a much more efficient, and effective way. Both solutions are needed.

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