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Peakd have added order information into the wallet, which is good I guess, though not overly interesting for me - other than maybe to demonstrate what I do with my liquid HBD rewards, which is to buy HIVE with them as I get it.

Just to explain what is happening, this is showing the "match" between users, which in this case is a match-maker bot run by @smooth, but could be any other user on the platform who is buying or selling. This is my transaction showing where I am at the time, the current owner of 10.401 HBD and am looking sell it to buy HIVE. Teamsmooth-mm sells HIVE to buy that amount of HBD from me for 25.454 HIVE. So, we are actually both buying and selling at the same time - trading.

Selling for HIVE was especially beneficial when HBD was sitting over the dollar mark, as the rate to buy HIVE was very good, meaning that in HIVE terms, each post was worth more than the 50/50 split implied, as that is calculated on the price of HIVE, not HBD. The blockchain algorithms always assume HBD is worth a dollar.

What this means is that if HIVE is worth 1 dollar (we wish) and a post has a 10 dollar payout for the author at 50/50, There will be 5 dollars worth of HIVE and the equivalent in HBD. So, 5 HIVE/5 HBD. However, if HBD is valued at 2 dollars, the payout will still be 5 HIVE/ 5 HBD, but the HBD could be sold on the market for 10 HIVE. So rather than the equivalent of a 10 HIVE payout, it is actually a 15 HIVE payout. HBD has commonly been trading above 1 dollar for many months now, so I have been using the opportunity to buy more HIVE with it, effectively increasing my HIVE earnings.

Even though HBD is currently trading at 98 cents, because of the market dip, HIVE is trading even lower and the ratio is better than it was a few days ago, so I keep buying HIVE regardless, expecting that HIVE will increase more than HBD. Depending on what the rate of APY will be on the HBD savings wallet post-hardfor25, I may start buying some HBD back in order to stake it and earn on it. However, I will be waiting for a large pump on HIVE before I shift back.

If for example the mechanisms getting introduced to stabilize HBD work and the yearly return was 12% on it in the savings wallet, that is quite an attractive offer, considering it is a stable coin. This means that I would for example be able to hold some "close to fiat" value in there while earning a rate on it far above what a bank can offer me. However, how much I would hold would depend on various things, as I suspect that HIVE is going to increase more than 12%, meaning that it would be more valuable to hold HIVE. However, the markets are volatile and having a little stable coin can be useful.

On a tangent, if this became popular, there could potentially be a relatively large and growing pool of HBD liquidity that could be utilized in various ways for DeFi services, with possibly a greater degree of decentralization and security than the current pools, as each provider is behind another layer of their wallet keys. Throw in free transactions and I am sure that someone smarter than me can come up with a use for all of that close to liquid HBD.

But I digress.

The next Hardfork is going to see some interesting additions that are going to add some new games to HIVE, I think including Resource Credit (RC) delegation, which makes things very interesting in many ways, as it makes having stake even more valuable. RCs are a kind of token by themselves that are only created with stake and are destroyed through unstaking. They are the "GAS" for Hive and while it only take a few HP to have enough to comment and post, this can add up with millions of users -especially if looking for consumers.

RCs have no draw on the pool directly though, which means they can be "freely" delegated to an account with no chance of abuse, other than spam and it can be immediately removed again if that happens. But for games and high transaction usecases, RC pools will be invaluable, giving people ownership of an account, but not requiring them to have to pay for usage access, which can mean a lot of low-cost activity to explore all kinds of Hive-related spaces.

This can give devs a lot more bandwidth wiggle room and start to test the chain in terms of scalability, especially once rather than the RCs being used to interact and earn Hive, they are used to earn secondary tokens or create assets like game piece NFTs. Once this starts happening and secondary tokens start generating their own attention and value, HIVE becomes more valuable again, as the token that underpins the blockchain. I do suspect at some point, HIVE will no longer be earnable on content creation, it will be purchasable on markets or powered up stake will attract it directly. At some point, the security of the chain will not be entrusted to those only interesting in selling at the latest pump, which means the incentives to stay staked have to be valuable and reliable enough to make people want to hold.

Anyway, there are so many sides of the Hive blockchain to take into consideration that one could start digging and never find the end, especially since it is a dynamic and changing platform that is growing outward. For most using the chain now, it doesn't appear like it is changing much and most people think it will always be the way it is - but it is innovating very quickly and in ways that are going to become more valuable as Web 3.0 starts to take root in the digital ecosystem.

For me, the best game on Hive is Hive itself and I wish I had more time to play.

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good day...
i haven't seen such new feature on the wallet yet,
I'll observe in my next payout.
So what you are saying basically is that the Hive has more value than the liquid HBD.
And purchasing more with my rewards can give me greater rewards in the long run.

Very interesting, I'll love to learn more about hive tokenomics
because I have a target to meet up to.

The resource credit delegation sounds interesting, looking forward to seeing that.

However, on the games aspect, I'm not really interested in games like I used to, I guess the responsibilities that come with adulthood is catching up with me.

i haven't seen such new feature on the wallet yet,

It is a transaction only when using the internal market to trade between HIVE and HBD. I use the market daily.

So what you are saying basically is that the Hive has more value than the liquid HBD.

Kind of - and kind of not. If HBD is trading above the 1 dollar that the blockchain treats it as, it can be sold for more on the open market than a dollar. I use it to buy Hive and power up, some people use it to sell into fiat or BTC or something else.

However, on the games aspect, I'm not really interested in games like I used to, I guess the responsibilities that come with adulthood is catching up with me.

Hive is one massive and diverse game - I don't play any actual games (other than words with friends with one friend), but I do play on Hive. It is all about learning and understanding parts of the tech, but mostly the community and human behavior for me. Some other play the actual games like Splinterlands for their entertainment.

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I'm constantly undecided about whether to keep HBD or not. However, I think like you and always convert my HBD income to Hive.

Someone might pump HBD to the moon - but I take the risk in the hope they will one day see the value of HIVE instead :)

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I hope our predictions and hopes on this matter come true. And it is worth trusting Hive. 😀

Oh wow sound great ...keep enjoying the games and earn more hive for yourself. You are doing well keep up the good works

It is all fun and games, until someone loses a HIVE.

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Oh yeah... life itself is an adventure. Giving it a try it's never a sin mate.

Interesting how you call Hive a game. First, I've replaced all games that I play, with Hive activities (which were not many games, but I was unhealthily addicted to Candy Crush after the first wave of the pandemic). Additionally, I do feel like Hive is a game in ways. Life is a game, in it's own ways, in general.

For example, one must learn about Hive to be successful, they must learn about the social dynamics and not to get stuck in a corner or caught up in drama yet also know how to be on the right site (ie: when we had to decide, Hive or Steem), one must learn what buttons to push, where, when, and why, what cards to play- when, where, and why, what rooms to go into (ie: communities and frontends), what treasures to be found (ie: giveaways, contests, etc), collection of coins and what to do with the coins, and so much more.

Hive isn't something like FB where one can slap an email into a box, click on 'invite' and 'accept' buttons and be on their way. It's just not that simple.

Hive is a game and one must learn how to play, how they will play, to get the results that they aim for.

It took me a VERY long time of reading and research to learn how to navigate Hive

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(which were not many games, but I was unhealthily addicted to Candy Crush after the first wave of the pandemic)

I didn't know Candy Crush still existed :D

Hive is like playing a far more dynamic version of the Sims or something like that - where there is coding, but diverse human nature comes into play as part of the environment.

Hive isn't something like FB where one can slap an email into a box, click on 'invite' and 'accept' buttons and be on their way. It's just not that simple.

Perhaps in the future, some communities will be that simple, but it is more like Hive is the internet, the protocols, the infrastructure - and all the other communities are websites with various usecases that utilize the internet.

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For me, the best game on Hive is Hive itself

This should be ridiculously marginal position. Unfortunately, it is rather reasonable lately.

It is the most fun on the internet :)

Ahh you people that pay attention to things 😆

I kind of main hbd because hbd = 1 as far as I’m concerned (I compare hive to it directly disregarding the fiat it’s meant to be pegged to) and recently started stashing some into the savings account. I like the interest rates and if defi stuff happens to it and can do stuff without stressing me out then bonus 😅

Would have loved RC delegations when RC became a thing as I’d definitely prefer to delegate that to accounts I adopt over delegating hp as I have more RC than I can use in a day.

Yeah, the delegation has been a long time coming unfortunately - but hopefully we are on the right track now and it will enable communities to onboard faster and cheaper, especially since in combination with "free account tokens" the RCs are powerful.

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That RC delegation could indeed be interesting for games or other applications. Do remember the days that the dice games where hot, but some just had problem getting enough RC credits. Something like this could solve this issue in an easier way than the other would have to delegate HP to them, loosing out on curation for instance.

At the moment I am just saving HBD. I do need 10 as prize pool for the EURO 2020 contest I am running. Wile the contest is the same as during the world cup, it is completely different. During the world cup I did have 187 entries. Did take me hours to enter them all in the sheet. It was getting so interesting that I could keep on increasing the prize pool day by day and ended up with a prize pool of 110 SBD.
This time I did had the same approach but .... I still do have my initial prize pool of 10 HBD and a whopping 4 entries (and one of those is my own :)).
But I am drifting. Will be happy if I did save up the 10 HBD, so that I can start converting the newly earned once again in Hive.


I never played or paid much attention to the gambling games - if I wanted those, I would go to EOS :D But, yes, RC delegation can help, while keeping the HP active to reward.

Competitions have lost favor in some regard here it seems and I am not sure why.

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Well in my case, I do think that it is prize pot related. Only a prize pool of 10 HBD isn't very appealing.
I just do if for some banter and competition. Entry was free, and like it should there were no upvote of follow requirements.
Ach, we will have fun with the 4 of us :)

I hadn't realised quite how significant the upcoming changes could be. I don't really manage my Hive in the way I used to manage Steem. I've been focussed more on the secondary tokens.

Resource Credit delegation sounds promising.

I do suspect at some point, HIVE will no longer be earnable on content creation

I think this will be a good thing. It will make Hive less confusing to the outside. I see many posts that talk about Hive but don't really differentiate whether they are talking about the platform, the blockchain or the token. It may be obvious when you are on the inside but it's just confusing if you aren't.

There are plenty of other communities where people can earn on content creation. I wonder what percentage of posts only earn Hive these days.

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