To Take Out The Banking System, Hive Needs To Truly Understand It

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There is a tremendous opportunity for Hive that few people realize. Most of what we were taught about the banking system is only surface level stuff. This means that if we can get to the core, it is something we can take over since it is already suffering.

In this video I give a bit of an overview of the opportunity and how the idea of Hive is not to collateralize other assets but to become that ourselves. We can then move into the realm that deals in trillions, not millions or billions.

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All that Hive Blockchain Technologies could do was put out a press release. They did that, and then, crickets.

Their attorneys probably said, okay we will sue, what is the address we send the paperwork to.


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Banks shoulda been gone... outdated technology for sure.

This is a lot more than just banks. It is an entire system which cryptocurrency is actually replicating. That is where Hive can enter with a digitized version of what is out there.

Ledger technology is not new.

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Hive is an amazingly constructed blockchain. If the word gets out Hive would be #1 in my opinion. I believe as of right now another crypto would take the place of the banking system.

What hive renders to individuals is definitely a life changer that to change things positively which I believe the banking system can't follow that trend.

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To transform the banking system -
To improve the existing financial system -

I don't like them any more than you do but this industry will be regulated and they have the advantage since they have a culture of lobby. So, we don't want to give them the impression that we're trying to take them out because they can get scared and act without much thought to real consequences.

Banks are going to be around whether we like it or not, but from now on they're going to have to compete with the likes of the HIVE blockchain though...they're really going to have to step up their game else a lot of institutions will need to be bailed out again...

I don't like them any more than you do but this industry will be regulated and they have the advantage since they have a culture of lobby.

You arent going deep enough. This is outside regulations, much more expansive than what you are focusing upon.

That is what I mean when I say to replace the banking industry we have to understand it. Few do. It is not what we see put forth by the financial media or what is discussed about the traditional banking system. This is much wider and less obvious.

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You are correct, it was a superficial comment. I reacted to the title because I fear scaring bankers or other entities with strong interests. They have more support on the legal side of things, more experience. I will watch the video the minute I get some spare time :)

The trillion-dollar investments in the banking system aren't that easy to tap into, are they? I would think it's primarily controlled by those big investment funds and central banks. Neither of which seems very interested but I do agree Hive could boom if we could get their attention.

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Has nothing to do with central banks. In fact, they are only aware of a small percentage of what takes place. It is impossible to know the full scope of this yet it is much larger than even the Fed gives it credit for.

That is why the central banks are always wrong. They are not even in the right game.

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With banks a lot of things go towards simplicity. If we bring out the QR code payments with apps on app stores and allow people to make use of Hive for small transactions locally. That would help adopt it lot quicker than the banks. I suppose making things simpler for the average citizens who can't do with lot of passwords, keys etc needs to be considered too.

That is true but not what I am referring to. This situation is less opaque. What you know about banking is now what is at the core of banking. This is surface level stuff and not where the real power structure is.

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I am happy that I finally understood the value of Hive beyond money. The value we can draw from this blockchain in terms of communication and other services is awesome.

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The fact that it is a computer network is far closer to how the banking system actually operates than people know. We have a lot that we can open up in that area.

It is a matter of getting a few things in place and then we can take off.

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It is a matter of getting a few things in place and then we can take off.

Community centered marketing and onboarding is a major nut to be cracked by many communities and its one of the ways to ease adoption.

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