Will you buy $10 of Hive with me?

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I've been wanting to do this idea for a while, way back since Steem. I finally got around to giving it a try.

I went ahead and bought $10 worth of Hive on Ionomy.

I believe this is a small enough amount that most everyone can afford it without a large financial burden.

I challenge you to buy $10 worth of Hive from your favorite exchange, transfer it to your account, and power it up..

If you accept this challenge, leave a comment below confirming your participation.

I'd love to see 100 people participate. Do you think we can do it?

Please reblog to help raise awareness.

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I as a lot of Venezuelans cant afford to buy the 10$ worth of Hive from an exchange but! i did the HPUD for Venezuelans this past july 1st and we got 57 Accounts to participate and 1772,332 HIVEs were Power Up, so over 400$ maybe not a lot but for Venezuelans that was a lot =) and i'm going to run it again this next month! hopefully i can get a lot more to join in.

Today I will buy $10 of HIVE and SEND it to you. X Keep an eye on your wallet. X

What???? omg i wasnt asking for money!!! 😱

Don't send it to me, send it to your Hive Power.

No not to you!!! To @victoriabsb lol.. see thread. Will power up some too. Keeping some liquid for.. reasons. X


Ahh, I couldn't see the indent, I didn't want anyone sending me Hive.

Lol.... I mean, I might if you had a good story... ;)


Come on guys @riverflows deserves a few upvotes


@riverflows made me do it 😅

@victoriabsb I visited Venezuela in 2003 (think it was 2003) while we were flying to Caracas Chavez was arrested the coup was attempted, it was a crazy time to land there. We arrived with our rucksacks and a guide book and no plan, should have been worrying but the people of Venezuela were amazing to us and we had a fantastic month travelling around your country. I'm going to send you a few Hive too to say thanks...

Here's my small upvote.

❤️ thank you!

I sympathize it is a lot more difficult for Venezuelans and I would recommend keeping food on the table over trying to buy a crypto asset.

yeah, but still is important to not eat it all and actually support the chain cause if Hive moons then ...


Not if...but when ;)

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Okay. Well, since you're twisting my arm, I went ahead and did it.

I also reblogged.

Do I get a cookie?

Better take a Pancake ;) He is the Master of Pancakes.

You’re right. I wasn’t thinking about that when I wrote the comment.



50 Hive freshly bought on Bittrex and powered up

Me and a few buddies used to do $10 Tuesdays. Where we would buy $10 of BTC every week. I have been thinking about doing the same with Hive.

Thanks for the nudge, I have been meaning to buy a little Hive over the past few days but I get distracted. Lol

Now we have $10 Sunday

Hmm, it is Sunday right? Looks around

Ummm.... 30 days has September, April, June and.... yep it’s Sunday

I have a trick to remember the day. It always follows the day after Sell Steem Saturday.

Monday morning, actually :)

Well now i know how to do it
Thanks for the challenge , i believe all platforms need that push


I will be doing it soon. A good initiative :-)

Bummer, I converted $50CDN to BTC and then thru blocktrades to hive yesterday, does that count?

Yes, been waiting for someone to do a post like this! excellent 😀

Edit: buying now!

Oh, go on then. I have some funds sitting on my Wires (@communitymanager) card thanks to selling my Steem. I can use some to buy some more Hive. Here we go:

LTC to Blocktrades

Blocktrades to Hive

In my wallet ready to be powered up.

I went nearer to £10.

I sure will. Cheers.


buy hive.jpg

power up.jpg

don't dump now that i pushed it to the moon :)




Screen Shot 20200712 at 6.54.46 PM.png

I've bought $50 worth of Hive because I made it a habit to buy at least $50 worth of Hive per month. Glad to see this challenge tho after I bought Hive and powered up all my Hive token. 😊


I read somewhere that paypal is suppose to hook up with these foreign crypto exchanges so people can buy crypto's though paypal, if that happens I think there will be an increase in the purchase of crypto's as people can keep their information private. It's just hard to turn over your license information to verify who you are to these exchanges that have had issues in the past and if they were to fold for whatever reason where your information would end up at. I know if paypal does that I will be buying in small amounts on a regular basis.

Doing it now

I Kinda went over board after reading your article. You said 100 pll doing $10 so I figured id just match your whole goal! Plus it has helped me because Im new here. Just joined 6 days ago Please visit my introduceyourself

Screen Shot 2020-07-18 at 7.52.22 PM.png

I normally do $20 Fridays; but, an additional $10 won't kill me. Done.


Found some forgotten Eth in a metamask wallet. Let me see if I can convert them to Hive. eth.png

Bought and powered up!

That motivated me to try and withdraw from Huobi for the first time.
Works like a charm :)

Screenshot_20200713 bluerobo Hive.png

Great idea, I am in :)

This is a good habit from time to time
before you know it thousand of #hive powered.
Did mine right before this comment
I did purchase some #hive prior from the exchange.
4 minutes ago Transfer 45.000 HIVE POWER to pouchon

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I was about to hit the local bitcoin atm but the shop is closed, I usually buy ₿tc then use blocktrades. But using your favourite exchange is a good exercise. I will buy $10 or more for sure. As soon as I can find a ₿TC atm that's open...

#3 (i got beat while doing it)

I used some spare BNB I have from when I accidentally bought 100. instead of 1.00 (back in the day when it was under 2$ each not complaining :)



Here my entry 💪🤟


That's a pretty good idea, I sent about 45$ during my first month, now I'm waiting every first day of each month to know how much I have left from my last month's income so I can buy some more Hive

What did you buy with? I am powering down BLURT and using it to buy HIVE there.
My question is mainly did you start with FIAT? or another Crypto you had laying around?
I still have some LTC sitting around.

Good question.
I have some Eth and Btc laying around

I feel trading ETH for HIVE is a good thing to do

Its better than the btc fee :D

If you have some small BTC on an exchange, there is no fee. At least no more than buying with any other currency. But as always, I wouldn't recommend holding any crypto on an exchange unless you are actively trading, but $10 isn't too much to risk.

I have 30$ worth of Eth and 30$ worth oh Btc, so not much. The exchange I use doesn't have Hive yet, so I transfer it through Blocktrades and there is a fee ^^ thats what I meant :D

I used Bitcoin.

how can you get your blurt? I think i still have my airdrop.


Thank you!

A little bit more than 10 bucks, but more HIVE is never a bad thing....

This is a great initiative man!!!!


Tried this challenge:

I'm Down!
Hive Life!

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Challenge accepted! Bought $10 worth of Hive, Powered-up, made a quick post and I feel really happy about it.



Thanks for the encouragement to do this! Purchased, powered up, and posted: https://peakd.com/buyhive/@sammie/just-powered-up-for-the-usd10-hive-challenge

I'm up for this - just gotta jigger & move some solo-mom shekels over to my ionomy acct. Why not make every 10th day of the month $10 Hive day??

100% upvote and a reblog. This is a very cool #HiveHabit to add to my Power Up Every Monday.

Why to do this?...is it a pump and dump schme like happened with Dogecoin...ha

No one said anything about dumping.

Oh my god you got people doing it too...wow

What an excellent idea. I'll do this in a bit.

A good initiative. I will do it


hell yeah!!! I bought $204 from my homie last night to help me get started on here. $10 more will not hurt.

10$? Why not 100$? :D




I wanted it something that most people can afford without setting them back.

Sure, i get it, it's better to stay realistic. I wanted to invest that money here anyway:) nice initiative, cheers

A nice action, which I like to support.I decided for 50 Euro and bought Ehtereum and transferred it via blocktrades to Hive.


Let's push the price to $1 like DogeCoin 😄

My strategy is to buy 3 months delegations instead of staking the coins!! Within these three months I manage to get back 90% of the hives I have invested. Also I help other users with my vote and my experience on the platform is much better because I want to take back the hives I invested so I enter the hive.blog created page several times every day to vote.

Just bought $55 worth on bittrex and powered it up to @little-ricky, the account I just made for my new son!

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