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I always come across the 'learn a new skill' campaigns over and over and it's one of those things I move to the back of my mind - where there's an incredulously long to-do list filled with cobwebs, it's so hard to see what's in it. I was a serial procrastinator like most people, (yes, I'm trying to rope you in) but I turned a new leaf and started ticking things off my list, one of which is learning a new skill.

I underestimated how much learning a new skill was a great part of my personal development until recently. So like I've mentioned in my previous posts, I started a course in digital marketing and my eyes have been open to the number of resources available that could create a whole new path for me. In retrospect, I feel like I'm late to the party and should have been on track years before now. On the other hand, I know that the next best time to begin a project is now.

It's so exciting to have a good base in an area that could come in handy anytime and the whole experience has me wanting more. There's never been a time I wanted to learn so bad like now. I already know what next I'm going to learn and I'm looking forward to it.

Why Do I Want To Learn More?

I want to keep my mind active and don't ever want to be in a headspace where I'm not constantly improving myself one way or another. Learning comes in different forms and taking online classes have proved to be a convenient way to develop skills I'm interested in. I also feel really good as I apply myself and yearn for more.

The need to learn more stemmed from my desire to better my finances and one major way that is going to happen is increasing my income. I look forward to when I can happily announce, 'I got a new role!' or talk about my multiple streams of income but that's not going to happen if I don't put in the work.

I don't mind dedicating the whole year to learning and honing my skills if that's what it takes to get better at this finance thing. I'm an optimistic and patient person and in my waiting season, I'd like to continually do my best until I can share the testimony of my breakthrough. Learning after all, is a continuous process.

It's not all rosy and there are times when I feel like a fraud. I let myself sometimes get distracted by the journey of others instead of focusing on my journey. This feeling only lasts for a short while though, I learned to turn these little lapses into motivational moments and instead get inspired by how much work these people are also putting in to better their finances and themselves as a whole.

Are you putting in the work?

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Talking to people who are putting in a lot of work while you do your own thing can be so discouraging ehn. You'd get so lost asking yourself "why can't I do this" or "what am I doing wrong?". That feeling is like a boulder on your neck that can pull anyone down.

I'm learning to focus on the fact that everybody dey suffer. It's not a nice reminder o but it's the truth. Nobody has it all goo and we're all just trying to get by.

Learning new skills is damn hard. French showed me pepper last year. But I still keep trying. I wish everything could come as easy as writing but as it doesn't it means more work is needed and more patience with yourself.

Best of luck with the learning process.

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That feeling is like a boulder on your neck that can pull anyone down.

I legit feel a lump in my throat and would get anxious.

I'm learning to focus on the fact that everybody dey suffer. It's not a nice reminder o but it's the truth. Nobody has it all goo and we're all just trying to get by.

True 😆

I wish everything could come as easy as writing but as it doesn't it means more work is needed and more patience with yourself.

Only patience can make one keep up with something different from what they know.

Thanks sis.

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Always. We must blow together!

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I talked with a friend this morning who studied Medical laboratory Science (MLS). He enrolled into Coding two weeks ago and he is feeling excited about the whole thing.

He could have started early, but he was postponing it until this moment. Thankfully, he has Started. That's the best part of it.

What I know for sure is that lesarning never ends especially in this fast paced tech era. Anyone that fails to pick up the right skillset will feel laid-back in the nearest future.

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I just hadn't find the exact skill to learn, it seems I keep learning a lot in the name of building Cv but I never get to utilize the skill for my own good..

Can you imagine I took a course financial analyst for a job I was promised and I was never given the job.

I took data analysis cOurse again to improve on the previous course for another job and still no show.

I just want to learn a skill for myself that I would enjoy and use for something I love.. Yet to determine what skill that will be..maybe when I do, I would try to put in the work.

I totally get you! I also feared starting something that would end up seeming like wasted knowledge (no knowledge is wasted btw). I decided whatever I was going to learn would have to be something I had genuine interest in and could apply to myself personally or freelance with, at least for a start. Eventually, I would learn other career (9-5) oriented skills.

So I'd say go for skills that would enhance what you already like doing.

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You mention a course on digital marketing. Just out of curiosity, what are you doing for a living. Perhaps a rude question to ask here, but I just got curious :-)

Not rude at all. I'm a freelance content writer.

i love this, if any human wishes to get better he or she must be open to learn new things thats how we grow,,

speaking to mykid sis. i told her the only way people will value you is whenever you add value to yourself by upgrading learning new things, improving on yourself so that people respect you for who you are..

indeed i really love this post, cause it's one of the goals for 2022

I'd like to toss out there that learning, itself, is a skill. I honestly grew up with an abnormally simplistic view of schooling because it was always easy for me. I didn't realize until I was much older that I was blessed with parents that encouraged me to learn at all times until eventually it was just something I enjoyed doing.

I love learning new things because it feels invigorating in ways similar to what you describe. I feel like "putting in the work" would feel less like a chore for most if they understood that you have to learn how to learn before you can give yourself a fair shake at learning anything else.



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