Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. Holds a Press Conference in Berlin - Must watch!

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RFK Jr knocks it out of the park!

Vaccines, covid, 5G, Gates, Fauci, Monsanto, smart phones, surveillance, and the dangers of crypto currency – they all get named!

On Friday August 28, 2020, Mr. Kennedy, chair of Children’s Health Defense, held a press conference.

Saturday, August 29th, he will speak to what is anticipated to be the largest crowd in German history.

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RFK is hitting the high points. I'm hoping he is very careful when considering travel to Australia.

I'm not sure he'd get out alive.


I'm not really sure if he is part of the true opposition or the controlled opposition..

There's more than one opposition, and It's difficult to suss out the factions. It's not possible for me to know, so all I can do is judge actions. He's done a lot of good, and I don't know of any bad, and that's the best I can say of anyone.