Weekend-Engagement concept: My favourites [WE114]


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Thank you to everyone who entered with a post this week. Take a look on the community feed for all the entries by going to the WEEKEND EXPERIENCES community.

There's always many good posts but each week I select a few favourites to share with the rest of the community in order to draw some more attention to them and their authors.

Posting here on the Hive blockchain gives you the chance to receive rewards for your content - The reward isn't a right though, it's a privilege, and your peers from the blockchain community will reward it with upvotes based on their estimation of it. As for me, I will reward your posts with upvotes and @curangel promotions commensurate to the effort, passion and personality you inject.

Links to some of my favourites below

🔓 Click here to unlock excellent content by @trucklife-family

🔓 Click here to unlock excellent content by @vercejoalma

🔓 Click here to unlock excellent content by @bertrayo

🔓 Click here to unlock excellent content by @whywhy

🔓 Click here to unlock excellent content by @zeraton

I will release a new set of writing suggestions this Friday for week one hundred and fifteen

Remember you don't have to wait until the weekend to post in the WEEKEND EXPERIENCES community - Post any day, but ensure your content is weekend-related.

Design and create your ideal life, don't live it by default - Tomorrow isn't promised so be humble and kind

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Awesome thank you for the mention!

You're welcome, it was a good post. Thanks for joining in.

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Sweet! This is a pat on the shoulder for my geek self. Thanks a lot, G-dog!

I read a few interesting entries too. I couldn't participate but I enjoyed reading the entries of others. The topics were interesting too. Now we would be looking forward to Friday's suggestion. Meanwhile, I had fun posting in the community about my weekend.

There's were certainly a few good entries. I hope you have a good week ahead and are looking forward to a good weekend in only a few days.

Yeah, and I hope you have a great week too.
I will be looking forward to the posting topics on Friday.

I had planned to join in this engagement but something came up hopefully this week I will surely participate.

We all have commitments that keep us from doing other things, you don't need to explain.

All topics about weekend all are too good 👍👍

Great idea~ and it also really makes me to think about the questions. I just read about it and hope to see a new entry to participate next time. :)

I've been doing this concept for 114 weeks now, every Friday and I've enjoyed it. It would be good to see you along sometime.

Wow!! 114 weeks and counting??? That is some real deal dedication right there....

People with that kind of consistency and persistency will make it into something bigger than how they imagined.
I see~ yea your questions asked were pretty deep when I read about it.

Nice Stuff~~

I try to keep the writing topics interesting as I read all of them and reading rubbish posts isn't something I like doing.

I can picture you going through mouse wheel spins of posts that is literally winged (maybe most of them?), and how much focus you need to put in to find something that has real value but mudded with too much background noise it hardly gets noticed. I saw you have ownership of multiple communities and this I already know is a LOT of work...

This is great place to test out what carrot works well that trigger Hivers to bring in unexpected, creative, results.

Myself I am trying to understand the underlying basics of Hive and how it really works underneath the hood.
Hope to read more articles from ya. Cheers.

Yeah, I've got three communities, one I do almost nothing in (LEGO), this one and the Outdoors an More community. It keeps me busy, plus I post every day and comment a lot so yep, I've got a bit going on.

Hope to read more articles from ya.

I've been posting for over five years which no intention to stop so I'm sure you'll see some more.

That is solid... :) 5 years of doing anything makes you pretty much pro level.
I will look in to your activities you create more often as I can. You got some great stuff going~

Sweet! Looks like I made the cut this time.

Honestly, the topics this week were especially a hoot! Had fun writing for em. Looking forward to the next one...

So I guess it's still next weekend then y'all!

P.S: Some of us members outta buy ya a beer Galen for all the hard work you've been doing in the community — especially with the WK-Engagement :)

What were those numbers again?... Over 70+ entries per week?

I'm glad you enjoyed them, I try to bring something interesting each time, I'm not sure if I succeed every time though. Oh well, it is what it is.

I'm not sure how many entries this week, I rarely count them, only when someone asks me to. I'd say 70+ though, at least.