in WEEKEND EXPERIENCESlast month (edited)


Hi guys! I'm supposed to blog about this one last Sunday but I was a little pre-occupied at home so I wasn't able to do so. Anyways, last weekend, together with my sisters, we have gathered at @morenatravels house (my sister Joyce) to satisfy our cravings with Korean food. We have actually planned it two weeks prior but due to busy schedules it was moved. My sister Joyce have cooked some Korean noodles (shin ramyeon) and also prepared some cheese teokbokki while I bought some samgyupsal meat and veggies at Pearl Meatshop which was located in Osmeña Blvd. My sister @eeventuree have bought some beer for our soju bombs since we already have some soju that was courtesy of my brother in law.

Guess who's incharged with the cooking, oh, it was no other than me!

IMG_2388 (1).jpg
I just really love this part, the one incharged with the cooking when it comes to this kind of setup. You're a kdrama fan if you knew what I mean.

IMG_2389 (1).jpg
While I was busy cooking we were also busy talking about our lives and we were having fun that night. We have enjoyed the home-made teokbokki that my sister Joyce have cooked. We were also savouring the meat along with the side dishes and sauces, wrapping the meat with some lettuce.


It was our first get-together dinner at my sister's new house and we were hoping that we can gather around like this once a month if possible. It's always great to bond with your siblings once in a while as you get to talk with each others lives and it strengthens the bond.

@eeventuree @morenatravels @jongcl @swaycanete

You see, all of us loves Korean food, especially me and Joycie, we watched too much Korean dramas that it actually influenced us.

I'm looking forward for more of this my sisters! Next time let's have Italian night? Pizza, chicken, pasta and wine?



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Pizza and Wine next time ☺️☺️☺️

I can only eat the meat and the noodles there. I don't eat lettuce, hihi. It's good to see you having a good time with your sisters, Ate.

Oh, haha. Thank you dear ☺️☺️

You made me envious of that food, it has been my dream to have some Korean food also with my friends that I haven't been seeing for a very long time.

Sharing and having food with your friends is the best way to celebrate friendship especially during reunions. ☺️☺️ I Hope you'll get to eat with your friends one day.

Ang cucute nyo hehe. Mukhang nag enjoy. Bloggers dn friends mo. Galing.

Hehehe thank you but they're all my sisters ☺️☺️

Ay kya pla..grabe all.girls..gaganda pa hehe

Yay! 🤗
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