Weekend with our friend , here in Slovenia

Dear Hive community,

These days in the Julien Alps are passing by faster than we think. So, a decision had to be made, to slow down life we invited our friend Holger (@arsen1) from Spain to visit us.


On Friday evening he reached to Nova Gorica from Venice, where he stopped for one night. Of course, we could not avoid celebrating, meaning we went to bed later than we planned. We had already make thight schedule to visit all the beautiful places.

In the morning with our Tamara's and my sleeping habits we woke up like usual at 6 am. Sadly, our friend had a rough morning.

It was a very beautiful and cold morning and after time past and having a traditional Slovenian cold cuts for breakfast like cheese from the mountain and homemade salami we started to pack the pre prepared food and move to our first location in the Soča Valley. A quick visit to the Soča gorge, where was lots of snow and ice, which made it quite slippery. We had to be even more careful than others days to not slip and fall into the freezing water.


On the way to find the spring of the river hidden in the mountains we got lost. We were looking everywhere and suddenly we were already in Italy.


I said let's go at least to see the Predil lake as our last memories of this place was really amazing. Walking through the deep snow and enjoying the nature was very beautiful. With positive vibes we left Italy again and went back to Kobarid. First, we had to show the beautiful cave waterfall Kozjak to our friend. Taking some pictures and wondering for some time we agreed with the location for preparing the food.



Here was happening something unexpected as the multifuel cooking station started leaking petrol. That can be very dangerous and we stopped using it immediately. With the gas cooker we where preparing the chapatis (small breadys), but it does not have enough power for the claypot and the chicken in it to be made.

In the time we prepared the breadys, Holger successfully started the fire.

So as the cooking station was not working, we finally cooked on the fire and used a very big flat rock as a lit. As the one we usually use, was to close to being exposed to the open fire.





After some time having to take care to keep the fire going, the food (south Indian style - pepper chicken) in the clay pot was ready.
I think we all enjoyed it very much and as the sun went down, it was time to go home.





In the office of the father we had some wine and went to sleep already around 9pm to wake up early and enjoy this good weather over the weekend again.

Have a wonderful day.

This is our first day experience together.

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Thank you for sharing! 🌻 It's really appreciated 💛
Greetings from Holger, he said it was a super suprising experience!

Outdoors in the open hiking in snow, something I dream about. Open fire to cook depending on nature once again to supply fuel, modern utilities can let one down!

Food and hiking trail both looked exceptionally good at the end of the day!

@tipu curate

Actually, our initial plan was to reach the spring of one river but since nature is very unpredictable, we needed to find an alternative. And in the end, even like you said with the cooking issue - you can always find a solution. By the river it was really nice atmosphere!
We didn't even leave any marks behind - so the nature remained untouchable. 🌱
Hopefully your dream will come true one day 🤞
Wish you a nice evening and stay tuned for our next adventures with our friend that can motivate you even more. 🌻

Excitement is being outdoors, relying on nature with our instinct of survival, too often we doubt when caught short we try something else, always come back more fulfilled than when we set out.

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Wow.... Incredible Photography. ReBlogged

Thank you so much! We are the happiest when people enjoy in our post 🌻💛
Have a nice evening! 💫

You’re very welcome. Have a great day.

Such a great experience in great paradise indeed. The foods are perfect also for that weekend. May you have more moments like this with him. Happy Weekend! 🤗

Thank you! The food was super tasty and it was really a great time!
Be attentive for future post where we will share more of this with you 🌻


Aaaaaw how cute. Friends came to visit you. Lovely.

Wowow, thats a looot of meat. Did you ate it all? Its soooo much.

Happy Sunday my friends sending you hugs and Beijinhos.

Hey @akida, thank you so much! 🌻
The meat was superb and we even didn't have enough even! On top we ate walnut cake for desert 😋
Hopefully we see each other soon and create some similar adventures there!
Wish you a very nice evening!

Oooh i can't wait to see you both. I will show you as much as possible here. Big big hugs to ya. Beijinhos

I don't doubt that, it will be soo cool!😄 Sending all our love back 💛💛

Wow this was one of the best ways of spending the weekend!
The photo where everything was covered with a snow going to the lake looks fantastic!

Thank you for stopping by! Even though the weather was not sunny and it was quite cold everything was perfect 🌱🌻
There was so much snow! Nearly half meter for sure ❄️
Wish you a nice evening!

waoooo dude, that outdoor experience looks great, beautiful view and that chicken looks even better, but I don't think it would withstand such a low temperature, unless it's very covered and warm. Happy weekend, have fun.

Luckly we had our friend Holger who is a chef who help us with this food. 😋

Thank you for stopping by and wish you a nice evening! 🌻

Everything looks so different in winter 😮,...... the mountain lunch looks great 👍!

Everytime it's pleasure to explore this nature.

Hvala in lep pozdrav! 🌻

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Thank you, it's really appreciated! Really happy to be a part of this community 🌱🌻

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Wow! This is fun experience. It's even more fun and memorable when things happen not the way you plan it, usually turns out great!
I'm fascinated of the cave waterfalls beauty, for sure it's even more beautiful in actual.

Yes, you are totally right - sometimes this is all you need in the end 🤗🤸🏼‍♀️
On photos you sadly still cannot capture it's atmoaphere and greatness. You can only let your imagination do it instead.
Thanks for stopping by and wish you a lovely day! 🌻

How beautiful!!!!
I just had a few amazing days with my best friend in Ibiza after my Mom passed away. The days were filled with celebration of her life in the sun and blue skies.
It’s so precious to spend time with good people!
Tine to go back to Vienna and the Snow :)
Yours @mammasitta

Oh, we're very sorry to hear that! 😔 Hope that you are doing well! Ibiza is always a good location!
If you want to call sometimes, please feel free to reach out 😊🌻
Wish you a nice day!

Que belleza de paisajes, hasta la comida me dio hambre, felicitaciones por enseñar ese rincón tan hermoso de nuestro planeta, muy diferente a mi ciudad Maracaibo que solo ves sol, sol, sol. 😉

Hola si como a mí me aburro del sol cada día. Que experiencia tan maravilloso aquí en Eslovenia

We are happy to see that you like it 🌻
Wish you a nice day!