Fun n' Dumb Times - Tuning Cars and Motorcycles

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Time to time I have these moments especially during weekends resting on my couch when I suddenly remember a clip of my own past and think about how funny or absolute cringe that moment was at the time.

There are countless times where I was so sure I was doing the right thing, and when I playback those memories and look back at myself... words can't even describe the level of dumb I presented to myself.

It might as well gone very dangerously wrong... so easily.
"Lucky to be alive" might not even work in some of those moments.

I would like to roughly share some of my personal, Fun n Dumbest Times.
Today we have two topics to kickstart it off.


When your in school not yet ready to make a stable income and for the passion and love of motorcycles you push yourself and bought one anyway.

Its time for some maintenance and you dont want to bring it to a shop and want to save some money to do it yourself... at home. Like literally inside my home... a condo studio which was located on the 3rd floor.

Saturday night if I recall this time after some drinks. My friends and I had the brightest idea to just put the bike inside the human only use elevator. Roll it down to inside my studio when no one is watching.

Weekends + Friends + Booze = Dumb Fun Times to the MAX!


All that effort... not realizing that we had to do it again backwards to move it out from home back to the streets. Just to save some money not bringing to a proper shop for maintenance..... Comedy Gold.

Photo taken right when I was sneezing hard...
Best of best photography award.


It was when I was a senior in high school back in Seattle Washington.
To put everything in perspective this is when the movie "Fast and the Furious" has come out in theaters and YES it was a big deal back then. Some dialogs spoken in the movie to this day is etched in my brain tissue...

"I live... a quarter mile at a time..." 🤣🤣🤣

I knew nothing about Japanese import cars, but I had to do something, anything, and everything. Got myself a Honda Civic at the time (Automatic) and dressed it up as you see below.... Why ohhh why... damn. 🤣😂🤣

I literally think I spent all my savings I made during the last years of high school. Being in my mid 40's now when I recall how I managed my money at the time it was utterly dumb. Buying all these kits and what went under the hood was not cheap. The output horsepower it pulled out with all those mods was laughable.

The next car I moved on to was going backwards a decade older. From a 1998 Honda Civic to a 1988 Honda CRX. This was due to my fault that large amounts of money was being wasted very quickly to this hobby and eventually burned up and needed to pay my debts in a short amount of time possible.

This event was pretty important because it helped me understand when I am pushing the boundaries of my own spending limit the consequences of it was very apparent. Financially this hit my personal finance management real hard and my parents did the best help they could offer.


They wanted me to learn a lesson I must say this was one of the best things that can ever happen to me later in life. I had to stop school and work my ass off to pay off my stupidity.

You got a weekend side hustle? I take it.

Sold the 1998 Civic for a 1988 CRX to help pay off the debt.... dum dum dum dum dum. Seriously its actually dumber than dumb. Lolz!!


I wanted to share some of those moments and know if there is others who can relate to my experiences of the past.

I wonder how many others went through similar events?
Sometimes we tend to hide what we are embarrassed about in our past, however I came to a realization that all these events lead to all the joy I have built upon today. Meaning without those dumb moments where I am now would have never happened.

When was the last time you tried to remember into your own past and realize how dumb and absolutely clueless you were thinking about it now. I am sure every human being has their own version of Fun n' Dumb.

As time went by through my dumbness came wisdom. and been able to really enjoy some bikes and cars I wanted as I moved in to the future. 😊

Dumb but the passion of cars never faded... so in college I majored in car design in Pasadena Art Center College of Design. Dumbness paid off! 😋

Lately I have been looking into my own past trying to map out milestone paths and deeply evaluate myself. Both my work career and personal life choices to understand how my past experiences brought me to where I am currently at in the present moment.

Below photo of myself posing...It might look ok from the surface of this picture, but I was literally sweating shit bricks inside my helmet that day. The hidden side of the Ultra Dumb.

I think this will need to be in chapters due to the fact that I have like a billion digital photos that I took from such long time ago I think its really time to organize them... and post while I discover them on the weekends.

Below photo is my Mazda RX-7 FD3S.... I still love this car. It was wayyy ahead of its time. :) This I bought after the CRX... I can really say I earned it.

However, this car has its own set of dumbness I will tell maybe in a later post.

All of the blood, sweat, and tears of these experiences lead me to a career I was proud of and along with it lead me to a family with now my wife, my son and my daughter whom I love and cherish.

In the end good experience or bad... I like to laugh about it. Its never about how others think about you... never was. It was always about how I thought about others thinking of myself.

We literally can manifest a false perception of the world by how we look at the situation and materialize them in the physical world to how we think it is in our mind. Meaning what you think is what you get... You create your own reality.

Times like this its important to step back and take it easy...

Stay Tuned!! More to come!~~
Thanks for viewing my post! This one was a little bit more deep into my thought process and point of views to share. And all the photos are mine!!! Lolz!

Set Da Tone!!


Not sure if that is mid-sneeze or, mid-cry.

I am enjoying these posts - I didn't realize I wasn't following you last time, so corrected it :)

Maybe it's a cryeeze? Or...a sneecry?

Does that make me cryeeze?
Does that make me cryeeze?
Does that make me cryeeze?

Lol...Well there you go, a song about cryeezing. The world truly is a wondrous place.

After I saw the video, I understood what your comment meant. You guys brothers or something? Lol


Your right... it probably was both. Sneezing and Crying all at once. :)

Really glad my good friend joined Hive. Hes making some great content. And I am quite proud of him :)

I think he had something stock in his eyes and nostrils at the same time

A great post highlighting dumbness...and good times! ✅

Make sure you make reference to the weekend in your posts here...I mean, I know all these things happened on the weekend, but if you refer to it in the post that'll mean it's suitable content for this community which focuses on weekend experiences.

Thanks @galenkp
You blog on breathing under water sparked a new subject I wanted to try and share.
Thanks for the great read~ :)

On the weekend side of things~~ I know what you are talking about.
and yes, if I recall all the dumb events had happened on most weekends. :)
Editing now.

It's good to show some personality here; there's far to many rubbish posts about the rise and fall of BTC and suggestions by people who have been here for five minutes about how to be successful on Hive. Passion, personality and effort is what I look for in a post and you provide all three here.

I'm glad something I posted brought you a little inspiration and that you remembered that all of these things above happened on the weekend. 😁

Continue to do dumb things mate, it suits people like you and I.

"Continue to do dumb things mate, it suits people like you and I."

I Like that comment... Really. Feels genuine and honest. Thanks.

It certainly was intended to be genuine. Keep up the good work.

Young, fun and dumb all go together, best memories!

You said it right!!!

Being young and dumb but having fun.... all together mashed up brings in some good time memories for sure.

These type of memories are the ones that make you laugh so hard when your with the equally dumb friends who you haven't met in a while.
Then your friend asks you... "Hey... you remember that night when.... balabala dumb ass bala bala fuck bala~~~~" 😂😂😂😂😂

Yay! 🤗
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Experiences, if bad, teach a good lesson.✨

I can definitely say that you have gained many experiences in your life and because of these experiences you will be successful in your future also.

What makes me happy is the picture of you and your son in which you have made lines and moustaches on the face.😅

As usual, I enjoy and teach from your article.💕

Hahahaha!~~ Thanks.

Its exciting to see how it can inspire and provide joy in just reading it. I am trying to think of blog posts that we all can relate to in some ways and hopefully might provide some hope, excitement, and inspiration to the readers.

Through the Hive platform I want my posts to be as honest as possible and share all good and bad. Because its not how I did it with Facebook or Instagram back when I didn't know about Hive. So lets see how it will go~


Because of hive I have been able to read your articles and explore your content. And I still have a new journey in Hive, so much more to explore. And it's your good idea that we can attract people through our articles by excitement and inspiration.

Actually There is a river of many thoughts and many experiences in every servant here. It's really excited to read that thoughts by this platform.

I pray that your journey goes well💕

Thank you @faiza34 , a journey that only moves forward~

And yes there is so many peoples lives as well that are just as much experienced as you and I. We are here to find like minded people through technology of Hive I guess. At the end of the day Hive to me is just a tool to guide me to inspiring things. :) Lets hope to keep it that way and not let it fail!! Cheers!

Nice! I love how you showed off your car projects.

Dude I can't believe you brought a bike inside an apartment.. lol

Hellz yea Solo~~~ That car has memories with you too man. :) and you know it!!!!

The bike inside the apartment.... :) This was before I met you so it was even more dumber times. hahahahah!
Bro I wish you can see the faces of my neighbors and the janitor when we were pulling my bike out from my studio back to the elevator and to the streets.....

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Lol now I got to understand the meaning of your dp wearing something. Previously I thought You must play some kind of game.haha it was always a helmet🙉.It shows that you were too much into buying bikes and cars.👌👌

Yeah, as we grow up our perspective changes with time.I did a lot of foolish activity in the past and it makes me laugh whenever it comes to my mind.Stupidity of yestarday is sweet what has made us what we are now.😀😀

Thank you for sharing lol dumping.

what we used to think of as we grow older the way we think and see things change. For the better... hahahahaha.
If it still stayed the same.... oh gosh.... that would be horrible. hahahaha.

Embrace the change!!!! and laugh about it~~ feels pretty good doesn't it?

Thanks for the comment. I am glad that I am not alone~~~

dumb? are you sure? lol i think your life with loved stuffs and family are quite funny and interesting! 😊must be someone who really love his life😎😝

Its because this is a blog~ In reality its even more dumb. Dumber than dumb~ fo Life!!!

Taking things with some optimism helps make better memories~ no drama~

Thanks for the comment. :)

i guess everyone see this post can feel funny and happiness from family✌️

I hope so~ If it can provide a good laugh for a reader then my life seems to have a purpose. :)

btw, watch HBD convert to HIVE around 0.47 0.48

woooooow i can see that. crazy

😁😁hive is miracle

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