Loyalty is Good: The Inkwell Prompt #85

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Hey! This is your face, Joey. It is quite an age. Where have you been all this while? How is everything with you? Long time! Joey said.

Betty was also excited to see Joey and she said that everything is fine. Both of them embraced each other. Thank you. How is grandPa? I have missed the evergreen stories that he uses to tell us. And I believed that he was still the same man I knew.

Yes, grandPa remained a great man. He promised to tell me one story today and I don't know your bearing now I will suggest going and meeting him right away. Betty reacted.

Hmmm, friend, I am craving his powerful story. I will not mind postponing the itinerary and going there with you. I won't mind! By the way, can you tell me the topic of the story that grandPa intends to narrate to you? Betty asked.

Joey responded. He mentioned "Loyalty" somehow but when we get there we will know. Let us go and see him on the rock where he used to receive a fresh atmosphere.

At the grandPa's residence. Joey and Betty were running to see grandPa, and he had seen them coming from far away and pretended not to see them coming. Grandpa pretends as if he had slept.

On reaching where grandPa was, Joey said Oh God! Grandpa is sleeping and we have to come back, Betty. What do you suggest?

Suddenly grandPa voices out and says, children. I am with you, I have seen you before reaching here. Welcome my children!

Both responded. Yes Sir,

Grandpa, do you remember my childhood friend, Betty? Joey asked.

Grandpa paused. Is this Betty? Wow! She has changed for real. Thank God! She came at the right time. Please make yourself comfortable on the rock while I share with you a special story. Today's story is "Loyalty is Good".

Truth is bitter to some people who are lazy at work and prefer shortcuts to attain success overnight than going through the normal protocol. They believe that following a normal process is wasting of time but they don't know it is good to be good.

Be faithful in all your actions in life my children; remain committed, devoted and trustworthy. Be reliable in everything, let your yes be yes and your No be No. All the aforementioned are the core of loyalty.

Although, some people used to say that loyal people are left disappointed without being rewarded adequately and end up mocked for being very loyal. This is not true, my children. Loyalty is used to bring good rewards to those people who practice it.

I don't know if you know the reason why some people used to give excuses for not being loyal. If you don't, I will explain to you. It is because loyalty involves a lot of sacrifices, and just a few people can sacrifice. He who wants to become a boss must start as a servant to someone else before he/she can attain the ladder of success. The source is not what one can achieve overnight without working for it. In the same vein, any student that wants to succeed must be ready to pay sacrifice in terms of attending lectures all the time and devoting his time to studies. He who failed to plan must plan to fail.

Do you know that what you don't work for can't last? But what you suffer to achieve must last because you will have value for it rather than getting it on the platter of gold. Serving is all about loyalty and sacrifice.

My children, if you see anyone who doesn't want to be loyal in his dealing will face downfall. Although the reward for loyalty may tarry, it will eventually come. And when it comes, it will be a thing of joy because it will stay with that person forever.

Lazy people can't practice loyalty because they can't do it. They would prefer the shortcuts means of survival, and shortcuts can lead to getting rich overnight and thereby, will lead to a short life.

My children, do you know what short life means? Lazy people always find all means to get rich which can cause their untimely death. Children, that is all for today. I will tell you another story some other time. Grandpa concluded the story.

Immediately, Grandpa went inside to meet people who came for a land dispute.

Betty said thank God. I didn't carry over this one if I carry it. It is a 10 units course. Please, Joey, let me know when the next Grandpa decides to tell you another story.

         The End.  

There was a lot of wonderful wisdom shared by this grandfather, almost poetic in nature :)

Aside from getting lost in what was said vs. seen at times, It was a smooth and enjoyable read that stands out to me! Thank you for sharing it with us @raymondpeter :)

Hey, yes, thank you for your comments and support in my post. I appreciate it!

Hello @raymondpeter,

This is a sweet story. It's good you kept the moralizing within the voice of the grandfather that works well.

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Loyalty is a big deal especially with dealing with people and mostly to yourself. We just have to be ready to stay true to ourselves at all times.
Thanks for sharing.

Yes, you are right! 👍

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