Top 15 Divine Order cards || Supply Shock Incoming!


hive dividers-05.png

Now that Divine Order has FINALLY been locked, it is now safe for the first time in 8 months to buy Divine Order cards without fear of nerfs!

So what are the best cards to pick up?? I made you this video guide!

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Nice vid! I at least have enough of all those cards to play with (most non-legs in shadow). I have a few extra copies to sell if we do get back into full hype territory. I also picked up 2x gold Guild Enforcers. Such a strong neutral that fits in almost any deck. Perfect for daily p2e farming.

Also, it's crazy to think it takes 25 meteorites to make a gold card. That could definitely cause a supply shock, but GU has been messaging strongly that they want to avoid that (hence the overprint of DO and MJ). If they make the shine bonuses too good, it would work against their stated goals. 110% speculation, so I guess we'll just wait and see.

I love the art of these cards, i´de like to design some :D