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Hey everyone! It's shilling time!

All jokes aside I wanted to take a moment to discuss some of the new features of @ocdb since we reprogrammed the bot from the old "ex bid bot" clone. @lemony-cricket has done an excellent job not just to keep it consistent but also enable it to operate for everyone. Let's get into the details of what I mean by that.


Something that annoyed us in the past was that smaller stakeholders who delegated to @ocdb often wouldn't receive any rewards as they didn't get past the 0.001 hive threshold. At the same time ocdb was also receiving some hbd now and then from services such as @reward.app which never amounted to anything for smaller stakeholders. This has now been fixed in the new upgrade where the bot counts any Hive and HBD a delegator would earn but doesn't pass the threshold and saves it in its memory to send it out once the threshold is reached. This means that if you only delegate say 5 HP but technically you're only earning 0.0002 Hive per day, you'll get a payout of 0.001 Hive every 5 days. Same goes for HBD depending on how much ocdb receives daily compared to your stake you may find yourself receiving 0.001 hbd now and then.

While this is a great inclusion for everyone, knowing that all stake matters and is accounted for, we of course prefer that smaller stakeholders use their voting power efficiently to grow their following and generate genuine interactions to thrive on Hive. OCDB is only there for smaller stakeholders who know they're going to be AFK for some time and want to park part of their stake while earning liquid daily rewards.

I'm not going to go into great detail about how it works technically cause honestly it goes way over my head, the dev has evolved it quite a lot to the point where I just stopped trying to follow along. xD

Another great addition that was added just recently was that along with any rewards it receives from @reward.app, it will now also send delegators rewards it receives through beneficiaries.

As you know, @ocdb has been generating accounts for hiveonboard.com which many front-ends and services use to create free accounts for their users, projects such as peakd.com, etc. Hiveonboard has this referral system where if you've used your ref link, the new user is going to have their default beneficiary settings spread out between the account ticket holder, the account creation service and the referrer. Often times it is spread out like this:

3% referrer
1% account ticket provider
1% account creation service

We've seen these being used a lot lately, many new users have these beneficiaries set up early on but the important part to remember here is that it's not mandatory or set in stone. The users can at any time remove these settings to not send any rewards away from their posts and comments. At the same time many may be thankful to have been onboarded and invited to Hive so they may be okay with a small part of their rewards going to whoever onboarded them or provided a free account.

The important part here to keep in mind is that, similar to those who delegate to ocdb, those sending it beneficiaries will get no favored curation from us. Our system we have set up gives power to a lot of curators and communities to nominate posts for curation and none of them are incentivized or encouraged to only go after authors who send us beneficiaries or delegate to us and if we notice such activities we will block it as soon as possible. For instance if a community has been onboarding a lot of people and they are giving the community beneficiary rewards, if curators of said community mainly favor those giving them beneficiary rewards while ignoring others, that's not going to be okay by us and will get the community or curator removed from our incubation.

We're looking forward to growing the returns our delegators receive, this is one step towards that.

Considering ocdb is generating anywhere between 50-100 accounts daily, you can imagine that if a good percentage of those users become active, receive curation and continue sending beneficiaries to their referrers, hiveonboard and ocdb, it could scale to some quite decent rewards over time.

We of course enjoy seeing delegators who support manual curation, community incubation, etc, to earn some more passive rewards in legitimate ways and we will strive to add more rewards in the near future towards delegators. Hopefully I can share some more info on that front soon to thank everyone who's been supporting manual curation on Hive all this time and future supporters.

This of course also opens up the possibilities of authors who want to support ocdb and their delegators to send it beneficiaries on their own accord. As said previously, this of course doesn't mean it will generate you extra chances to be curated by us but it is very much appreciated and I'm sure our delegators would feel the same way. I could and will for instance set ocdb as beneficiary on this post which means the rewards it may earn will be spread out to the delegators in 7 days time when the post pays out.

We have one more feature we want to add towards ocdb which is a message letting people know their delegation was registered. Even though all always get registered at the time of the delegation, many are not aware that our payout bot starts sending out rewards first after 7 days to make it fair for everyone involved, this of course also means you get another 7 days of payouts if you undelegate. This should clear up any confusion as we sometimes see people delegate and then undelegate after a couple days thinking it's not working which causes them to lose out returns for 5 days during undelegation only to notice a couple days of rewards 7 days later and delegate back. I've seen one account delegate and undelegate twice in 2 weeks once cause he just wasn't patient enough and thought it didn't work, lol.

Anyway, let us know what you think about these additions. I'm hoping to come back with another post related to ocdb and ocd some time soon when I have a more clear idea of the plans and if they're going to come to fruition soon so stay tuned for that!

Thank you to everyone who's supported ocd and ocdb, I hope you enjoy the way we distribute rewards and stake wide and hopefully that will improve retention and decentralization more and more in the near future.


All mentioned updates are highly appreciated. I really like the idea of configuring beneficiaries as it is something that does not negatively affect the new user and on a large scale can really yield interesting values. I always do manual curations, but when I need I will definitely make delegations to OCDB.

All stake matters, that must have been a project @lemony-cricket enjoyed! I remember the time when he was creating a bot for comments that didn't pass the threshold for pay-out. Nice news!

I think this great. The need to have a some passive income is real and having the bot do that holding of earnings until it is enough to display the amount is just great. The DIYhub does something similar with delegations.

Also, I didn't know odcb was generating so many accounts. That's great! More growth tk this account means a farther reach in curation and more help to everyone making great content in Hive.

Yeah it's all possible through the delegations which provide Resource Credits that we can offer these free accounts so naturally we wanted the rewards generated through beneficiaries to go back to delegators so I'm glad that's finally in place!

It's great! Just another thing that will eventually snowball and be of great benefit to everyone. A true digital symbiosis!

those sending it beneficiaries will get no favored curation from us.

Mentioning this point is a wise decision, because I have seen people expect to get the upvotes from the trails whom they delegate. Clarifying this point would omit all the confusion

I've seen one account delegate and undelegate twice in 2 weeks once cause he just wasn't patient enough and thought it didn't work,

I think it is the case of someone who do not know how the payout on hive occurs.

I think the new bot setting would encourage more people to delegate to ocdb as their rewards will not be wasted.

Good luck 👍

OCD is an MVP project. Seriously. It's a lifeboat to most new and middling users, and is by far the single best curation initiative out there. I'm constantly floored by what you folks are doing, it's fantastic.

Appreciate the kind words, we try pretty hard to keep on improving our project for the betterment of curation and all other things we do around Hive.

oh cool! very nice and fair.. even for us little guys! 💪😉👍

Good work. Very interesting additions that in addition to improving the entire system, make it clear how much this project is in continuous movement and improvement.

Every time I read your posts I learn something new and improve myself about Hive. I hope my brain won't be full soon from all the knowledge I've learned. Because it seems like I still have a lot to learn. Thanks a lot for the information!

I also feel quite the same !

Those a really nice updates ! Bravo for your work :) I will add more to my delegation as I get more HP 👌🏼

This update is well appreciated!. You doing very well OCD

Nice updates.ocdb is doing good job.My hp is too low to delegate now.I like ocd's curation program.Hoping for delegating it as soon as possible.

Thank you for sharing the updates.

Keep using your HP to grow your connections with other stakeholders :)

Yeah. Thank you for your suggestion.

This means that if you only delegate say 5 HP but technically you're only earning 0.0002 Hive per day, you'll get a payout of 0.001 Hive every 5 days.

this is a very good point, but i wonder why it is not given in the form of upvotes only with the same number (0.001), while the prizes that should be given to the delegates can be powered up to increase the power of OCDB, sorry if my comment is off topic should.

We do manual curation depending on authors and their content, not just blind voting in exchange for delegation, the latter is a scheme and form of abuse to maximize rewards for everyone involved and defeats the purpose of proof of brain.

yeah everything is manual I think, if there are delegator posts (plagiarism) then they are excluded even they should be banned from the delegator list, I think here ocdb will be a reflection for all users. 😀

The rewards earned on this comment will go directly to the people( @claudio83, @mypathtofire ) sharing the post on Twitter as long as they are registered with @poshtoken. Sign up at https://hiveposh.com.

Keep the good work 👍

This is a nice initiative to help others grow especially when delegating to get rewards from doing so

Good stuff and great changes but what do you have in place for bad operators and to resolve disputes? Two years on still having issues with OCD curators and constant false crap spread. Much better if we all move on. I've already noticed I have been taken off OCD and that is fine I am not here for OCD curation rewards despite being accused of that, although isn't that what most people in OCD curated communities are there for? considering I have been in my communities for years some before OCD was even a thing for them.

Bad behaviour from mods also needs to be stamped out IMO

Maybe take out your disputes somewhere other than this post, I have my own opinion of what I think about your activity and intentions but this isn't the place for it.

My activity and intentions? Wtf. Happy for a DM instead of more rhetoric and BS being spread.

I have sent through a DM

thank you very much for the important information conveyed to us all, and I think everyone should be able to understand what you are conveying well, so that they don't misunderstand about it.

the presence of @ocd and @ocdb on #hive is very important and meaningful to all, all users on #hive are treated very fairly and wisely, and this is truly amazing.

sometimes many communities only prioritize votes for members who have been labeled as members, and ignore new users, and of course this will have a bad impact on the growth of new talented users in the community.

since I joined #hive, I found that @ocdb and @ocd sincerely and voluntarily want to help all communities involved in #hive with the various programs offered, besides that so many new users who have just joined are warmly welcomed and guided accordingly. with the talent and ability he has into which community he should join to showcase his talent, and I think that's a noble job.

what @ocd and @ocdb have done is very precise and good, fully supporting all the creativity of users on #hive who display their original content.

it's just that sometimes naughty users try to plagiarize and try to hide it, and that shouldn't be allowed at all.

many people complain that they receive little support from ocdb, even though if you check their content, many of them are perfunctory, with short posts and low image quality they try to find big sound, of course it is the user's own fault.

about how you distribute the gifts, I think it's good.

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