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~ The Other First Things That Are First ~

After such an incredible response to my How To Get A Great Start on the Hive Blockchain post and such great questions asked in the comment section, i decided to make a follow-up. I will try to answer those questions and explain a few other topics here as best i can. My purpose behind these posts is to help anyone and everyone understand this place a little better.

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I noticed it wasn't just new users but some that have been around the block for a while that were also helped by some of the information shared. If you haven't checked the other post you can definitely go see if it offers you any new information or a deeper understanding of some of the unspoken etiquette and inner workings here on Hive.


As a brief recap, i thought i might just hit the highlights and mention some of the things that we went over last time for those that won't be checking it out.

  • Zero Tolerance for Plagiarism anywhere on Hive!
  • Copy Pasta is Plagiarism
  • Recycling old content or Posting the same post more than once is wrong

We went over a lot more than that but those were the main points of contention as far as what could end up getting you and your account off to a bad start or ruining all that you have built. Some of these issues will be mentioned again so i just wanted to refresh us a bit moving forward.

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Here are some of the highlights of what was mentioned as tips for success.

  • Put effort into your content
  • Engage your audience
  • Engage the community

There was more than that too but i don't want to be too redundant. After posting that last one i was happy with what i said and shared... but i couldn't help but continue to dwell on and think of all the things i didn't share. I keep trying to think, "What do i wish someone had taught or told me in the beginning?!" So, let us go ahead and find out! hahaha


Free to use.✓ Photo by Suzy Hazelwood from Pexels

~ Nothing is Free ~

One of the things to consider, whether you have been here for a while or are just getting started, is that nothing here is free. What i mean by that is that just because crypto or money is involved that things don't work the same around here. This is not a pay-to-play environment, but your cost will come in the forms of time, effort, engagement, consideration, and understanding.

You wouldn't be here now reading this if you weren't willing to consider and put effort and time into understanding... so you should already see what i mean.

One of the easiest mistakes early on one can make is to compare yourself and your content to others. Just because another account gets more traction and upvotes and/or rewards doesn't mean you are entitled to the same response, even if your stuff is 100 times better. Having said that, if you continue to produce content that much better consistently, then you will most likely surpass that person in time.

Your reputation number next to your name is based on upvotes given to your account. The more you get voted on comments and your posts the higher that number will go. I wouldn't focus so much on that number but usually (not always) the higher that number the longer folks have been around. The longer someone has been around the more time they have had to develop an audience and a following.


One of the best tips i can give to new and old users is to just do your thing. Do what you do, engage, and create content and just keep on keeping on. If you consistently do this, it will be difficult not to grow or catch people's attention eventually.

If you put in the time and the effort and keep your quality to the highest level of your ability, then you will find the cost isn't all that high. The connections you will make and the rewards that may come will all make this labor of love something well worth your time and efforts. Don't be as focused on rewards more than you are focused on your own quality of contribution.

~ The Rewards Pool ~

✓ Free to use. Photo by Anastasia Chaplinskaya from Pexels

I used this image above for a reason. A great analogy i can use to simplify and explain the rewards pool here on Hive is a pie, so i used that image of a nice Blueberry pie. Everyone that comes to Hive is fascinated with the rewards and payouts and potential to make money. Since it's cryptocurrency it can be quite complicated and technical to explain. Rewards and cryptocurrency do not just come out of thin air.

The best way i can oversimplify the process is to say that the Hive Blockchain Network is a baker. Every day this baker bakes a nice Blueberry pie. When that pie comes out of the oven it's divided among all the users on the Hive Blockchain according to their Staked Hive. This allocated pie that each user gets is not for them to eat but rather distribute out to other users.

So, the bigger your stake... the bigger your share of the pie is to give out. Upvoting is your way of giving out your pie. It's really a win win win scenario. Giving is incentivized. Self-voting is one of those etiquette things that aren't particularly wrong but many see as being not totally right.


One of the best ways to grow your account is to power up your Hive. The more Hive Power you have, the bigger your vote becomes in value. The bigger your vote value is the more you can share. The cool thing is that when you vote on posts part of the curation comes back to you. So, you can organically grow your account just by voting. You don't even need to make content on your blog to grow. You can just use your daily voting power to curate the content you enjoy and be rewarded for using the system.

~ Don't Get Greedy ~

✓ Free to use. Photo by Thought Catalog on Pexels

Don't try to game the system for rewards. Making shitposts that have little to no effort and making them frequently is considering spamming. Making multiple accounts to upvote yourself from different angles is considered farming.

Though many of you think to yourselves, 'Who would do that?'... the answer may shock you. Many scammers, spammers, and farmers are trying to game the system every day. It's sad and ruins a lot of the generosity and fun around here for many.

This is the exact reason so many of the veterans and larger staked accounts have heavy hands with the downvotes or little to no tolerance for the etiquette. We have all been around enough to know that scammers are gonna scam. Don't be one of them, please.

Don't Spam

You are free to post as much and as often on your own blog. (When you make a post make sure and check to add to your own blog in the settings.) However, if you post into a community too many times it could be considered Spam posting. If you are engaging your comments and putting effort into your posts it's quite difficult to actually Spam.

Spamming is a red flag for low effort reward seeking. Cross-posting too much can possibly be seen the same. Being a curator for OCD and a moderator for many communities i see many veteran users post too frequently in the same community. Sometimes, even if the quality is very good it can be considered in poor taste to do this.

The last thing to reiterate in this regard is to post your content in a proper place. If you have art-heavy content... don't post it in the photography community even if technically you are taking a photo of your art. That's just an example, but you get the point. Reading the rules of a community and following their themes and guidelines is important if you want to make a good impact. People look as if they are trying to fish for rewards if they are just dropping posts with no regard for the community or theme behind the community they are utilizing.


The other last thing (hahaha) i wanted to mention is about the Tags. If you notice the tags are topic tags. So, putting groups or topics that aren't relevant to your post in the tags is not what they are for. I see many people tagging users that they want to come and give their posts a big upvote. It doesn't work like that.

I am a curator for OCD and putting OCDB in your tags is a waste of tags. In fact, i am less likely to curate a great post if it has that tag. Besides, the posts are never about OCDB (which isn't even a topic)... they just put that tag to get rewards. Unless an initiative is saying they are giving rewards for using a tag... then you will get no rewards for using a tag.

If you click on a tag it will take you to posts that have that tag. Tags are only to find groupings of posts on certain topics. The best thing you can do is just use tags based on the topic of your post. Honestly, tags are my least favorite thing about posting. I am dreading having to think up ten tags for this post! hahaha

~ Gift of Giving ~

On the other hand, going back to the rewards pool, don't be too generous. Your voting power diminishes in value each time you vote. You have about ten 100% votes per day. This voting power recharges but if you go too crazy upvoting everyone and everything you will find that your voting power may be critically low and you will need to take a break to refill your votes.

Hive Voting Power

I see this as a common mistake for newer users. The problem is not that you aren't giving out more valuable votes but also taking a hit on your own curation rewards as well.

You don't have to cast all your votes at 100% power either. The slider is available to split your votes into smaller increments as not to diminish your voting power as quickly and to be able to support more comments and content. This concept also works in reverse. If your account sits at 100% voting power then it's wasting rewards that you could be distributing and that means curation rewards you are also missing out on by leaving it on the table.

You can check your Voting Power/Manna by hovering over the i next to your name and reputation score on Peakd or here by just swapping my name out for yours in that URL after the @ symbol. Or, if you want a simpler way you can just type your name in the blank here

Arnold Encourages You To Vote

I wouldn't deter anyone from voting! I just want you to be informed so that you can make your votes count. Another thing to mention is that a post only stays open for voting for a seven-day reward window. Comments also have a seven-day reward window even if they are on a post that has already paid out. So, you don't upvote a post that has paid out... but you can upvote a comment that is on an old post if it's posted within the payout window.

If you happen to see an older post that you would like to vote you can leave a tip for the creator. On Peakd, by clicking the three dots next to where you would upvote, you will see a dropdown menu. In that menu is the option to leave a tip. However, if you want to use this feature you will have to have some HBD or Liquid Hive to tip with.

Another thing that bugged me forever until i was informed, which came up in the last posts' comments, was why the value of the post might go down after i vote on it instead of going up based on my vote value. Since Hive fluctuates in value, the price feed is updated when a vote is cast. If the value of Hive is down a bit since the last vote was cast then the outcome will seem like you are taking away rewards. I assure you, that is not the case. This also applies in reverse when the price goes up.

The last thing i wanted to mention about maximizing your votes and making them count the most is the timing of when you cast your vote. It used to be a big deal and matter a lot more in the early days... but i won't confuse things by explaining that.

I have it from a trusted source that the best time to vote is within the first 24 hours of it being posted. Your curation rewards take a small penalty if you vote past 24 hours, then again another penalty past 48 hours, etc each day. I don't think it's worth losing any sleep over but thought it wouldn't hurt to mention.

~ Front Ends ~

There are many front-end user interfaces for Hive. Too many to really get that deep into it. I tried to condense this post and make it as short, simple, and clear as possible. It's still probably information overload for many. My brain is fried just trying to keep it all coordinated in a way that makes sense.

Information Overload

Many folks use mobile options to do their business on Hive. I personally use a laptop. So, there are many features and details that i can't speak to since i don't do the mobile functions. Some of the front-ends have their own angle or benefits for using them. If you have an account on one then your account is valid on all the others.

The user interfaces all just interact with the Hive Blockchain... so whatever you do on one, you do on all. The app to log in and keep your keys secure is the Hive Keychain extension. I use Brave browser and it works like a charm. If you don't have the Keychain i would highly recommend it. You can check that out here... This secure extension will make all of your key usages much, much more streamlined, and easy.

Key Master

dividers-04.png and Hive.Blog are probably the two most commonly used front-ends. I prefer Peakd for many reasons. There seems to be more user options and information along with a sleeker look to the way the display is formatted in my opinion. You can check out in the profile drop-down menu the tools tab for some analytics and usage data. Then there is also which has an app for mobile users which seems to be pretty optimized as well.

There are also special interest front-ends like if you are here for or from Splinterlands and that is your main area of focus. There is also if you are more interested in the crypto and finance aspect of the Hive Blockchain. It would be going too deep down the rabbit hole to discuss Hive Engine and tribe tokens and all the other special interests built into and on the Hive Blockchain. Maybe in future tutorials perhaps.

~ Back Ends ~

Not Those Back Ends

For many of you, this may be too much information... but for others, these will be a couple of useful tools. One back-end site that can help you see a little bit behind the curtain is If you click that link you can see what my last post looks like in its 'behind the scenes' format. You can also do a search at the top of the page to look up accounts or posts. The information in the URL link can help you navigate more quickly there as well.

Another awesome Block Explorer was developed by one of our witnesses AusbitBank. (We can talk about Witnesses Next Time) You can play around here by searching for yourself or an account of interest and check out all the tabs there Hive.Ausbit.Dev. Once you get your legs underneath you here... some of this stuff is fun to look into.

If this stuff was over your head... please disregard it and just carry on. Apply whatever is informative and helpful, and maybe come back to some of this in the future if/when you think it will interest you.

~ Some Final Thoughts ~



Just some final thoughts and tips before we wrap this post up. I wanted to thank everyone for all your support. Thank you for your time reading my content and commenting. It's my hope that the last post, and this one as well, were helpful to you all in one way or another.

I know i probably missed a ton of stuff so feel free to ask your questions in the comments or mention what was helpful to you. I will try my best to answer and/or address your questions and concerns to the best of my ability.

I wanted to offer a special thank you to all the non-native English speakers here from all over the world. I think it often goes overlooked how much extra effort and time it takes you all to read and comprehend, write, and translate in order to get the most out of your journies here on Hive.

Many bilingual people do make their posts in their native language and then add English translations to supplement the post. Just an idea if that makes your experience creating content a more comfortable one. Also, you may want to seek to find out if your native country or language has a community of fellow comrades.

We Salute You

It is a fact that learning how things go here on Hive can be a pretty intimidating and overwhelming endeavor. However, with a little help, we can all go a long way together. It's cool to consider that people from all over the world are here, building the future we want together on this new technology and all of its platforms.

This new social construct is bringing together like-minded people and having them reward each other for sharing common goals and interests. I am thankful to be a part of this revolution and glad to be helpful to anyone else that wants to join this party along the way. I am thankful for all of you who make this journey the experience of a lifetime.

I don't like Ketchup

Thanks Again For Being Here

Bob Ross


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 4 months ago  

Another well written and well done post! These are excellent tips and a needed guidance for all newbies (this along with your first edition).

You even helped this veteran with something that has been bugging me for awhile now. I knew it was something to the value of a post declining after I upvoted it but never knew why. I just thought something was temporarily off or some glitch was happening lol. Thanks for that peace of mind information. 😄😉

Keep up the great work ~

 4 months ago  

Thanks for taking the time to have read the first one... and still take time to stop by for part 2 to read and comment. I appreciate your time, truly.

I'm also glad to be helpful to you. I was always too scared to ask about that value change when i upvoted. I thought i was doing something wrong. There was a period of quite a few weeks where i didn't upvote anything since i thought i was taking rewards away! Hahahhaa Glad to have offered you the same piece of mind i was desiring so long ago.

I do appreciate your encouragement and kind words! You keep up the great work too... Cheers!

 4 months ago  

Oh absolutely!! It was worth every minute of reading.

Haha oh wow. When it happened to me I just kept hoping it would eventually “correct” itself. 😄

Yes, I’m so grateful for the peace of mind.


 4 months ago  

That's awesome to hear. Thanks. And yes... i too had hopes that i wasn't wrecking somebody's rewards! Now i know better. hahhahaha Have a great weekend.

 4 months ago  


Thanks! You have a great weekend as well ~

Hello and thank you for your article which complements my novice training in beehive chain block. The information you give on Tags is interesting because I hadn't really understood how they work. Also vote within 24 hours, which is better than voting later. I would take that into account from now on.
I have several questions for you about the keys which for some are a mystery to me and especially their functions and how and where to use them. There are 4 keys, the first the "Owner", the second the "Active", the third "The Display", the fourth the "Memo".
Something else having less time at the moment I vote less and sometimes I even vote for no one during the day. I would like to be able to vote during my absences but also to keep my right to vote when I am present to look at the articles published on the blog. How to give the right to vote to a curator. Which key to use and / or went to do it.
My biggest difficulty is the language barrier. At first, not really understanding how the blog worked, I mishandled with the wrong key and my account was blocked to prevent someone from using it and taking my winter accumulate (for the cost my account credit with little risk was minimal) but following this mishap I did not dare to do any manipulation for fear of revealing my keys. I had used the "transfer to savings" option when I wanted to put it back in "hive power" in the wallet. The moderator helps me find my account through Discord. Today I still have a little fear when I do a manipulation.
Thank you for having deepened the subject on the functioning of the blog


I have been looking for something like this these past few days as I'm completely new here and clueless about it all. Thanks alot. This really helped

 5 months ago  

Thanks for taking the time to comment and let me know this was helpful to you. There is a lot to absorb but after a while, it will all make sense.

If you haven't checked out my other post i mentioned ad the beginning, How To Get A Great Start on the Hive Blockchain... you should give that one a read as well. I think if you put the info from both of these posts together, it will give you a nice foundational understanding.

At the end of that post i just linked there is a section with about 3 other posts that tell you about formatting posts, what new people should do their first week, and what curators look for in a post. All three of those posts are also very helpful to get a great start here without trying to figure it all out by yourself. Take care and feel free to reach out anytime.

 5 months ago  

@talon12 Actually, i just answered your comment over there. You can follow up here to keep it in one thread. My comment still stands though that those 3 posts at the end are very helpful. Sorry to have you going back and forth... but eventually you get a bit used to it.

That's another reason i prefer my laptop.... for the tabs! hahhaa

Another trick from reddit is to reply to the top comment to get your reply to cut in line . But at least i can also upvote everyone elses comment too . For those wanting to earn clout on americas next top darknet hacker club... and can afford it can Buy delegated hive power and use that to upvote posts and comments for a week or two and imprint on a alot of talented new users like a baby duckling and start forming your cyber gang now at the ground floor level ...

Hopefully I will eventually. Thanks a lot

MANN was this helpful. I have been on PEAKD for about 2 months now, trying to post regularly on the different topics, subjects I myself am experienced and interested in. Starting from my life, people's mindsets and way of living, surroundings, fitness and gaming. Hoping to be of help to people, engage, provide some worthy and enjoyable content. So far I've met some amazing people from whom I've got to learn quite a bit. Many supportive communities and curators too, always there to support and guide me properly.

The experience so far has been nothing but amazing and quite surprising as well, I was never expecting such appreciation and support this early on. Hopefully I can carry on and keep providing enjoyable content. After so many days on this platform, I can surely say that I'm here for the long run and here to stay. Cheers and thank you for this post. 🥃♥️

 5 months ago  

That's awesome to hear! There can be a lot of support early on nowadays. Back in the old days it took a lot of time and work to find that support. Fortunately, you have come at a great time and your interests seem to be one of the fastest growing topics here on Hive... Gaming!

The real rewards, imho, are the friends we make along the way. There are some amazing communities and curators around. Super glad to hear your experience has been awesome so far! Keep up the great work and it only gets better from here.

Check out the last post before this one if you want some more helpful tips! Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to comment.
Cheers bro!

Yeah real reward is the clout. Network is your networth literaly with hivepower and upvote economy. I want to make people see my vision of celebrities in hive blog.. using it like reddit for AMAs... with hive post comment sections of their celebrity blogs FULL of incredible comments with upvotes... amazing memes getting thousands of dollars worth of hive rewards and it will feel like a game show. Some comments sections may end up going on for ever and ever stacking more memes and rewards

No lie there brother, our network surely is our net worth haha 🥃

 5 months ago  

That's an interesting concept to have a comment section going on forever and ever rewarding and rewarding all the way into the future.
Got me thinking now... and i'm not even done catching up with comments... hahaha

however there is a limit to replies with how they show up, can only see wo many on screen at once

and i found out by trying to post large amounts of text to the comments (like the bible, or trumps twitter archive lol) that you run out of available kilobytage to comment etc atleast MY account did, lol i used that as a use case business example for how we can tell trump supporters they have to buy enough Hivepower to post his entire twitter archive onto the blockchain all at once by i dunno, having a million hivepower delegated for a few grand? It wouldnt be very expensive, cheaper than doing it on ethereum or any other chain right?

imagine the elon musk comments section, people would just be posting replies forever why wouldnt they. memes and all the crap you see on his twitter , sooo much spam, but guess what? they have to have hivepowerto spam so we all win and the spammers get tired of having to PAY to spam and theyll get downvotes or removed from fronte nd toof or spamminge tc

i think elon would enjoy that gamified free market aspect to OUR comment section which twitter completely just lacks

look guys one day very soon in the next year or few years elon will discover or pretend to discover hive /steem/ dpos/eosio and hell get a lil angry when he finds out how advanced curation and delegation and hivepower really are... and hell start asking why reddit and fb or twitter never implemented this stuff.... (even tho twitter has talked directly about steemit referencing all of steempower and delegation curation in their appendix of project blue sky white paper leaked on eos forum . anyway

yeah elon is gonna be like "Why the hell didnt you guys ever use steemit? " hes gonna ask why they dont use it at tesla to farm the internet for ideas and make the peopel who come up with the best ideas moderate and curate the other new ideas in a huge chain ... originally starting with TSLA power from tesla share holders as stake weighted voters and the tesla foundation where tesla employees can also help decice how to steer the DAC and the proposal system , and the EDF, so hive and telos and eos structure could make tesla sooo efficient, and when you find out about the grimes telos newlife @stellabelle conspiracy haha you realize they are already deep into the eosio world, and then yous ee warren redlich with @jesta and @dan , warren does tesla investing youtube videos and knows the tesla third row podcast peopel who do podcasts with elon in real life etc, theyre all in the MENSA nerd club together lol
and now they have like DAN LARIMER and JESTA? wtf??


so i mean when we have infinite comment wars and meme battles under the comments of un deletable posts from people like elon musk when he joins a dpos style site .... we can look back to when his people liek warren redlich here were talking to @jesta and @dana nd the eos BP (their version of witnesses) guy ... what could they be talking about? Obviously something to do with elon as warren almost kinda exclusivly makes posts ABOUT investing elons companies ... at least those are the only ones worth watching or have views etc etc

this guy is talkin to DAN? OUR DAN??? and dans making his ID system for eos, and hive and wax, @edenos hes expressed what i believe is interest in using hive blogs with eos edenos smart contract and wax atomichub nfts for ID system that uses @jesta 's Greymass wallet with finger print and face id biometrics on phones already working ... it all sorta plugs in like legos ... hopefully even to Hive Authentication Services style tech so its all there boom one big ID system that allows for public and private anonymous accounts depending on how many chains you want to be on or how "safe" you want to be or what kind of "safe"

so he also has the CLARION blogging thing so yeah that may use hive and eos and then yeah we can have reward pools upvotes downvotes all the steemit style rewards with decentralized ads and @hivepress @dclick style tech that we know works....

I surely have met some amazing people. I just hope it stays this way, as we all grow, support each other and create a supportive network and community.

And I will surely be checking out the previous post of yours, I thank you once more. Cheers brother, much love ♥️🥃

This is a brilliant read! I am sure that it will be massively useful to a lot of people. The is a complete revelation to me, I had no idea it existed... The pie analogy is great too. It took me ages to understand the concept of earning rewards through curating - this post would have sorted me out on that score as well. I also hadn't really appreciated that curation rewards decreased as the post ages. So much good info on here! :)

 5 months ago  

Thanks for your kind words and feedback. I wouldn't worry too much about the decrease in rewards for voting later in the payout period. It's easy to miss a post here and i don't want to discourage supporting a post just because the curation won't be as much. This is really more applicable to bigger accounts with larger vote values. Although, it's still helpful to grow faster if you try to stay on the ball.

I'm super glad to hear you liked the pie analogy. I have tried to explain it many times and that always seemed to be the most efficient way to get the concept across. The built-in PeakD stats and HiveStats is pretty cool to see an overview of what's going on from a digital bird's eyeview.

If you haven't checked out my first post on the etiquette and stuff that i linked at the top of this post... it's worth a read too. Though, you may have figured most of it out by now already. Thanks for stopping by. Cheers

I try and just enjoy myself on Hive at the moment. Off course the rewards are absolutely amazing - a year ago I didn't know anything about blockchains, and wouldn't have thought it was possible to be on a social media platform that rewarded me for posts. Life is surprising! :)

I enjoyed your first post as well. It's a wonderful resource for anyone new to the platform. If a part 3 comes along I am sure I will devour that one too. :)

 4 months ago  

Thank you so much for the kind words. I am super glad that you liked the first one as well. I feel like i am spamming myself by promoting it.. but it's been an overwhelming response to both posts... and it's been difficult to remember who has been there or not. Though, i don't feel so bad so much since it's old and has paid out already.

There most definitely will be a part 3 and perhaps more. There is just so much to cover and then try to simplify in explanation. I think the next one will discuss keys, and witness support, and a few other things. Anything you might want me to address then would be awesome to hear as well.

Having fun is one of the most important aspects here for growth and longevity. So, i'm super glad to hear that is your focus. Stay in that lane and the road here will take you quite far. I never thought i would give a satoshi about blockchain or crypto... but when interests unite, why not!?!

All the best to you Cath... Keep up the great and fun 'work'!

Thank You Castleberry (I like that name I ask me why ;p). Your post showed me clearly what hive is about. Some friends of mine pretty much told me the same keymessages and it shows also the consistancy and integrity of the hive vision. Thank you for all this very good information and many "lasts".;)

 5 months ago  

Glad you got my humor about the 'more than one' last thing, There is also a funny easter egg of humor in my tags as well. I think i know why you appreciate my name... but i will ask anyhow?! Castleberry is actually my real last name. Castel might be the Swiss way of saying Castle if i had to guess.

I'm glad your friends have instructed you with the same consistent message i shared. I do think most people, rather they agree on many things or not, ultimately agree on the fundamentals of how things should operate. You might not need them, but there are many tips in my previous post that i linked at the top of this one here if you want to give it a look.

I noticed you are an artist as well. I like your spontaneous style and your color is really nice too. Alien Art Hive is another alternate art community besides the Sketchbook community you might consider for some of your posts. Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to read and comment on the post. Cheers

Wow thank you for your suggestion and detailed reply! I defenetley gonna check out this other community.
Ah wow castleberry is a lovely lastname! Ah, interesting interpretation, in german or swiss german castle means "Schloss" or "Burg". But my lastname is italian and castel is an abbreviation of it :).

Many cheers


 4 months ago  

You are most welcome for the response and suggestions. I curate that community, so it would be nice to see you in there from time to time. It's definitely a home for the weird and strange, artistically speaking.

My last name originates from an area of Bavaria before it was Germany. It was Kasselberg originally if i'm not mistaken. Castleberry is an interesting first-generation Americanization before America was America.

I don't know exactly how they came to change it to such as it is now but it's pretty fascinating either way.

Thanks again for stopping by and it's been fun talking with you about this stuff.

😂 Kasselberg to castleberry. I just had a good laugh. But ☝️ I researched Kassel and funnily over a thousand years ago it was called cassel and likely is derived from the latin word castellum which means castle 😂. But how they came from Berg=Mountain to berry??
Thank you as well for the chat and the new gained motivation for drawing more abstract stuff :).

Many cheers!

 4 months ago  

CastleCastle is the name... and berry creation is my game! hahaha
Looking forward to seeing your abstractions! I might have to go make some of my own!
Take Care!

I applaud your optimism but truthfully I have become quite frustrated with hive of late. I have been here forever and personally I do ok but hive is not what it used to be and it upsets me. to many shitposts are making a ton of money and people have become lazy and unwilling to do better. I don't know how many contests of late have failed some with great prizes even worth a lot of money and no engagement. As i am stubborn I just keep doing what i do because I still want to believe in all the unused potential of hive but I am losing faith in people because it seems to me that greed and sadly (excluding some exemplarily communities such as hive Pizza, splinterlands and nftshowroom ) the wide base of users seem no longer really into the engagement and community aspect . I hope top be proven wrong but of late I have become listless ...

 4 months ago  

Yes, it looks like i joined just a little bit before you did. So, we have both seen some shit. I think that the way that Hive is compartmentalized makes it difficult to get exposure at times. Networking and engaging is one of the best ways to get that exposure. I love your art and have even bought some at the NFT Showroom... but this is the first time we have spoken together. That kind of proves my point there a little bit. I definitely have had my fair share of frustration at times and it's like grief and comes in waves.

But, for the most part, i do have a more optimistic point of view as to what the potential is and can be here as it grows and develops. Do i think we are meeting that potential at the moment? Absolutely not. But, in order to encourage newer (and older) users not to shit post... i made this post and the first one.

I think that the time, effort, and energy that people bring to the table is oftentimes rewarded eventually if the best practices are applied. When it comes to upvotes and rewards... there are many large accounts that are no longer active that have their stakes delegated and some of those stewards are upvoting shitposts for self-gain. I think everyone that understood that and knew about it would definitely be opposed to those kinds of actions.

I definitely feel your frustration and share it to some degree in your sentiments. If you just look at my post to comment ratio... you will see what i mean. I think doing our thing is important but i also think being the pillars of the community we want to see is equally, if not more, important.

I do appreciate you stopping by and commenting. It would be nice to see you around more often as a fellow artist. Alien Art Hive is the art community that best represents NFT Showroom and i have been curating it for Julia for a year or so now. I would love to see your awesome art in there to curate from time to time. Keep up the great art and don't lose hope or heart. Scammers gonna scam and shitposters are gonna post. But we can stand together and continue to build together the things we want to see and engage with ourselves!

pineapple pizza thumb .gif

Hahaha, i don't think there is a simple and short way to explain all those tips, but what is true is that only those who really want to learn and create good content will read it without problems.
Thanks for that fried brain!😁

 5 months ago  

I totally agree. There is absolutely no way to keep things simple and short when explaining any of this stuff!

I agree that those that are actually hungry for true success will forge ahead and take what is useful and apply it as best they can.
Thanks for stopping by to share my fried brain with yours!

so many comments, it might just be too much if i ad one more.. but i just really enjoyed those two post of yours, and i wanted to share that! (i guess i also just got encouraged by reading your post to interact more:) for sure it is a lot of information to digest right now, but thanks for sharing! specially to see how much value you put into the effort spend on a post, thats great to hear, coming from other social media platforms, where i find it more and more difficult to find this dedication to put time and thought into ones content. well it was very nice to read, encouraging and inspiring, much appreciated:) cheers

 4 months ago  

Howdy Francesca, no, it's not too much to add one or more comments! hahaha
(though i am not used to this many comments engaging in my posts normally)

I am so glad that you did comment. Especially with all that you just shared. I am so happy to hear that you really enjoyed the posts and found them helpful. I'm even more happy to hear you commented now because you were encouraged and inspired to do so by anything i had to say.

I just read your introduction post and i really think you are going to do very well here on Hive based on how awesome your first post is/was. Most people take a while to make a post that good... so, it looks like you are picking it up pretty quickly. I was going to recommend to you the Needle Work community but saw that you already had someone recommend that community in your comments there. I am also just going to comment to you hear so you don't have to go back and forth and such.

Usually, the community bombards you with info and then more info in your intro posts. I saw in the comments how much encouragement there was but also how that might have been a bit overwhelming. So, i'm glad that you found your way to my posts and took the time and effort to comment! I will be making a part 3 here sometime soon.... so maybe by then most of this stuff will make a little sense at least! hahaha

I just wanted to mention that i appreciate that your art is in fabric and textiles. I think it's quite a lost art to be honest. I had an idea when i was younger to make myself my own set of clothes for each day of the week and just have that as my wardrobe. I thought it would be really cool to have made it myself and to not have anything more than i needed. I never did it though...

I did end up sewing most of my family members and loved ones little Lavender-filled sachets. It was my first time sewing since i was in 7th grade. I really enjoyed the process and the way that each one was unique to the person i was making it for. I prayed for them while i sewed it... kind of like each stitch was a prayer and a blessing. I thought they could squish the little bags and sniff them. My two nieces and my nephew were all in school and i told them they could take it with them during their tests to help activate their memory. Anyways... i felt a connection with your intro. So, welcome to Hive and don't be a stranger. If you need any help feel free to reach out anytime. Cheers


That was just such a lovely answer thank you!:) Thats a really cool idea to have one outfit for each day and thats it, I actually had a similar idea, or still have, I think if you just have the perfect combination of clothes you dont need that many at all and could still be dressed in many different ways. Maybe one day I manage to accomplish that goal:) The lavender sachets they are really nice yes, I also used to put them in the wardrobe with the clothes, for them to smell good and I think it Keeps away the moths.. such a small thing but so many uses and ways to personalize them, or be creative.
And well I will definitely read part three then! until then, cheers

 4 months ago  

You are most welcome! Cheers.

Thanks for this timely piece! As a new user, detailed guidelines like these and others are a perfect start point for me. I'm taking to heart your words, recommendations and suggestions.

Thanks again @castleberry.

 5 months ago  

Yes, great job applying the tips already. I just stopped by and checked out your introduction post. Nice start to getting the ball rolling. If you haven't checked out How To Get A Great Start on the Hive Blockchain yet there are some more tips there to help you out as well.

Thanks for taking the time to let me know this was helpful to you. Cheers my friend.

Thanks a lot. I'll definitely checkout your quality and insightful posts as they are serving as a lamp to my path on the Hive blog.

Hope to visit your castle to pick some berries. For now, goodnight from here!

 5 months ago  

Goodnight, Zestimony! Most of my posts are not tutorials or helps... but i thought it would be a nice way to give back by making it easier to understand some of this stuff. I love the reference about being a lamp to your path... though my words are not The Word! hahaha
Take Care Brother

It is excellent to have this kind of information, because when you are new you feel that there is so much to learn that you do not know where to start, this kind of induction tutorials open your mind, when I started in hive I just wanted to write and write but over time you realize the importance of reading and making community, it is as important and even more important than writing. Thank you very much for sharing all that knowledge

 5 months ago  

Thank you for your kind words. I agree, it can be easy to just want to do your own thing alone for at first. But, without the audience to appreciate the content, it's easy to get burned out pretty quickly. When you have an audience and you make friends it creates a community vibe. Then, there are actual communities where that has already been going on surrounding a topic. The social layers just keep building and we all add value to each other. That's not even mentioning the rewards that come with it through the votes etc.

With knowledge comes power... and the more we all care and share the more we all grow together. Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to read and make a meaningful comment! Cheers

Writing blogs is content but i find people really like photos and custom art with a purpose and the more it involves hive or the original steemit message ... the more the whales like the idea and we all inspire each other in a cycle

We need hive front ends and apps just for reddit style amas and literature and writing etc that could be huge one day a literature collaborative book writing blog

Great tips and I blooming love that Van Damme gif!!

 5 months ago  

Thanks for the compliment! I too loved that JCVD gif. I thought i'd seen them all... but that one was new and fresh. I was looking up mindblown or something like that and way down the feed of options i came across that gem. Honestly, it wasn't hard for me to pick that as my thumbnail! Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to support and comment on the post.

Hope you had a colorful Hogmanay! Cheers.

Thanks for this super detailed post! I'm still relatively new and may never fully understand just how all this works, but this made it much clearer.

Do you have any suggestions on the auto bot voting? I've tried to find this out on my own but have no idea wtf I'm doing. There are a few people I want to make sure I support, but sometimes I miss posts in my following feed and don't see them until after they pay out.


 4 months ago  

You are most welcome. I'm glad you took the time to stop by and give 'er a read. I also have a part one you might find semi-helpful.... How To Get A Great Start on the Hive Blockchain

As far as your question goes... i believe Hive.Vote is the place where you can set up your autovotes and trails and whatnot. I tried to set mine up and it seemed like it didn't work for me... but i am probably doing something wrong.

Give it a go and see how it treats you!

Thank you!!

 4 months ago  

Nevermind, i just saw that you reblogged both of them.

Thanks for sharing and caring!

Of course!

 4 months ago  

hahaha Let me know how it works or if you get it to work for you! =) Cheers

Thanks! I will. Or maybe You can let ME know if I did it right. 😉

 4 months ago  

You always do it right... hahaha

Maybe I should start doing my makeup like that...

 4 months ago  

I won't complain! hahaha

Olá @blackdaisyft! Another one for you 🙏

سلام @arashthr, this could be a good article for you to read. Have you seen the other one that Castleberry did a while ago?

Hey @maccazftw, there's probably some helpful stuff in here for you mate. Hope you like GIFs!!!

@consciouscat hey thanks for the tag, awesome and very informative read. Always good to know where you're going right and wrong (like some of my horrible tagging), and how to improve it in the future.

I like the blueberry pie analogy too, always been a sucker for a good analogy when it comes to learning. Or do I just like blueberry pie? 🤔

 4 months ago  

I too love blueberry pie and a good i thought, why not combine the two.

Glad to hear that this post was informative. Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to read the post and comment! Cheers!

Welcome Liam! I think I was making a mess of my tags too. Still much to learn there methinks. And not all 'experts' agree. So I'll learn more and then just play with them and see what I learn through doing.

Hmmm, I love blueberry pie too! 😋 Now, to find a whole food plant based recipe for one... 🤔

thankyou for tagging me. i will Read them all. yes i did read it.

You're welcome! Feel free to tag me in the comments of any you find really helpful as you find new ones @arashthr. It might be that I haven't read some of the ones you've found!

Uhuh one more to the bookmarked list 🥳🥳 Thank you for the tag again!

My 15 daily minutes to read it's not being enough for the awesome information you find 🙈🙈, but I'll get there eventually! Focus and discipline 💪

Well, yes. And consistency. Even 15 minutes a day is awesome. If you do that consistently you will have read many hours over a month. That's more active, focused study than most people probably do in a year 😂 We're not a university, my love. Just do something consistently and it will be enough 😏 (*Reminds herself of the same!)

Cheers to that! 👌


!LUV it! Yes! Cheers to that 😂 !LOL

My kids must love to camp
Whenever we go somewhere they keep asking RV there yet.

Credit: blockchainerx
@blackdaisyft, I sent you an $LOLZ on behalf of @consciouscat
Use the !LOL or !LOLZ command to share a joke and an $LOLZ. (1/4)

Saludos @castleberry, buena publicación de verdad estás contribuyendo con los nuevos usuarios son muchos los detalles para hacer realizar un post y con esta información sea hace un poco más fácil, te felicito amigo por todos los tips.

Greetings @castleberry, really good publication, you are contributing with new users, there are many details to make a post and with this information it is a little easier, I congratulate you friend for all the tips.

 5 months ago  

Me alegro que esta información te haya sido útil. Espero que pueda aplicar algunos de estos consejos para que su viaje a Hive tenga un buen comienzo. Si no ha leído mi otra publicación... How To Get A Great Start on the Hive Blockchain Hay algunos consejos más para ayudarlo. Al final de esa publicación hay tres enlaces más a más publicaciones con muchos consejos. Échales un vistazo cuando tengas la oportunidad.

I am glad that this information has been useful to you. I hope you can apply some of these tips to get your trip to Hive off to a good start. If you haven't read my other post... How To Get A Great Start on the Hive Blockchain There are a few more tips to help you out. At the end of that post there are three more links to more posts with lots of tips. Check them out when you get the chance.

Honest, integrity, creativity to enjoy ultimate experience. Never chase a golden goose there is no such thing! Bookmarked to read again some nice tips here!

 5 months ago  

I agree! Honesty, integrity, and original creativity are definitely ingredients for success here. There definitely is no golden egg or golden goose here. Chasing quality is much more fruitful. Thanks for stopping by and i hope when you come back to finish reading that some of these tips will be of use to you.

Will be back to read, bookmarked for future to share as well 😆 Cheers

 4 months ago  

I'm bookmarking these posts because I am in the process of onboarding a number of people on to Hive and any resources that help new people or people like myself who have returned to the blockchain after some years of absence ger established then is welcome information.

 4 months ago  

Yes, i had hoped to group all the info together in a way that is most helpful as well as easy to understand. But, it's a lot of info to take in. I hope these posts will help your onboarding go a bit smoother. I should be making a third part soon addressing some of the questions and concerns addressed here in these comments. Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to comment! Cheers

Awesome! I will stay tuned for that!

Awesome post! Again. Thank you @castleberry 🙏

And, while I understood most of that, there was a bit I didn't understand that I want to:

What happens when I upvote a post that is more than 7 days old?

Where does the HIVE (or is it HP? or HBD??) go?

(Haha. I also saw your tag: 'ihatetags' !LOL you're funny! 🤣)

How do trees get on the internet?
They log in.

Credit: dksart
@castleberry, I sent you an $LOLZ on behalf of @consciouscat
Use the !LOL or !LOLZ command to share a joke and an $LOLZ. (1/4)

 4 months ago  

Thanks @consciouscat for tagging some folks to help them out and i am super glad that you appreciated my humor and gif selections! hahaha

To answer your questions... i could be wrong, but i think if you vote on a post that is past the seven day payout period (or has already paid out) then the rewards connected to your voting stake go back into the reward pool. So, essentially it just uses up your voting power and counts as a vote but doesn't actually do anything beneficial for you or the person you are upvoting.

Thanks for your keen eye towards my tags! Glad you got a good laugh out of that one. I actually did too. hahaha Thanks for taking the time to read the post and comment. Hope this answer helped and hopefully it's correct! hahaha Thanks for the Lolz and Cheers

Good post! From one side I know this, from another side after this post my knowing more clear.

 5 months ago  

I'm glad to help clear some of the things up for you. One can never have too much information to inform themselves with.

Thanks for stopping by and commenting.

Thanks for this post. It gives new users a really good information package to get started on what to be aware of. Would be great if new users get to see this as a first thing after account creation 😀

 5 months ago  

You are most welcome! It would be cool to have posts like this pop up after account creation. LoveSniper does a great job leaving a comment with tips and some links to these kinds of helpful posts. If you haven't checked out the other post... it's pretty informative too, and a bit shorter than this one. Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to comment. Cheers

This was such a fun guide to read 🙌 The only real question I have right now, is how can I find information about a specific tag?

For example, I know that the vyb tag puts my posts on the Vybrainium frontend. But only because I am familiar with the initiative. If I click on the tag, I'll just see general content. Is there anywhere to see what each tag is for? Also, when is it appropriate to use the ocd tag?

 4 months ago  

Thanks for taking the time to read my post and share your feedback. I am super happy to hear you thought this was a fun read. I tried to spice things up with a little humor. Guides and rules and info type posts can oftentimes be boring and even though good info is there it can get lost in the lack of interest developed with the reader. So, thanks for the kind words.

In regard to your question and concerns... to be honest, OCD tag isn't really useful. Most curators for OCD i know don't go through the tag searches but rather just analyze the posts in the community. I don't know how you can find information on a specific tag anymore. In the old days on Steem tags were more important because there weren't any communities yet. So, the tags were the only way to find info on topics you liked without having to sift through all the new posts.

There also used to be a metric you could check and see which tags were the most useful. Now, i would say you should just use the most relevant tag to represent what your post is primarily about first. All the tags after that are similar to your VYB tag. If you click on them it will take you to all the posts that are recent, hot, or trending that has that tag. So, it's really up to you which ones to use to describe the content of your post. Unless there is an initiative behind a tag it's just for searchable descriptive purposes.

I hope that helps. Thanks again for stopping by and for your kind words. Cheers

Thanks, that helps in that I can stop trying to find the information which isn't there 😂

It definitely helps to add some humor or something else eye catching, guides only help if the reader finishes it.


@castleberry! You Are Alive so I just staked 0.1 $ALIVE to your account on behalf of @wrestlingdesires. (2/10)

The tip has been paid for by the We Are Alive Tribe through the earnings on, feel free to swing by our daily chat any time you want.

 4 months ago  

That was well put about guides only helping if the reader finishes it. Glad to be of service! Thanks for the Alive tip. I appreciate you.

I am glad I came back and find this after a couple days in limbo - I will save it in a special folder for future reference. After all these years, I am still a babe in the woods.
For one thing, it needs to be tweeted:

 4 months ago  

Thanks for the support! Glad to see you back and i hope this post helps you a bit... especially since most of us are still babes in the digital woods here.
If you haven't checked it out yet, part one is also very informative and helpful. How To Get A Great Start on the Hive Blockchain... you might set these together!

I just remembered you did see and comment on it.... hahaha
Take Care my friend!

This is a very informative read and helpful as a newbie myself. There was some key points about the logistics of how things work. This will help me moving forward, especially with the votes because I was unsure how the % worked. I’m here to learn and grow. Keep sharing to help others…it’s appreciated!

 4 months ago  

Thanks for taking the time to read this and i am glad that you got something useful out of it. If you haven't checked out part one... it's also helpful, and a bit shorter. How To Get A Great Start on the Hive Blockchain
Thanks for taking the time to comment to let me know how this post was helpful.

Best Wishes to you moving forward and growing! Cheers

Helpful and interesting post. I bookmarked it, there is a lot new for me. Thanks.

 5 months ago  

I'm glad you found the post helpful and interesting. You should also check out the first one i made and linked at the top of this post. Together they will give you some great tips. I noticed you already engage in comments and seem to be growing well that way. You could post your food images into one of the food communities for more of a targeted audience. Take Care and thanks for stopping by.

Oh haha the ocd tag issue was new to me, thanks for that!

 4 months ago  

Thanks for taking the time to read the post and comment. I am glad to know that info was helpful. I have a part one to this post that has some other tips in it. Though, i doubt you need most of them! hahaha Keep up the great art and thanks for stopping by.

Thank YOU for providing all this helpful information for all these desperate people who are about to give up posting.

 4 months ago  

Well, i certainly hope they don't give up. But... i think i could understand where they are coming from to a degree! hahaha Cheers!

Thank you so much for putting all this invaluable information in one place. This would have been a godsend in my first few weeks at Hive when I was so overwhelmed I didn't know where to start. Even though some things still overwhelm me, like tags, I'm never sure about them, and I hesitate to use them, afraid that I'm not screwing up. Tags here are for me, the thousand-headed monster, lol

Anyway, thank you so much again for this, and by the way, I don't like ketchup either, so cheers to that ;)

 4 months ago  

Thanks for taking the time to read the post and comment here. It's awesome to see that you noticed i don't like ketchup from that funny 'future' gif.

There's another funny easter egg in my tags. When you get a chance... go to the tags and check that out. Then, to help you understand how they work, click on any of the tags (except that funny one). If you are on Peakd then it should bring up all the current trending posts that are using that tag. There is a little drop-down menu next to how you have your view set and next to where it will say trending.

There are a few settings you can toggle there... but the point is that posts are categorized and searchable through the tags. Not many people use tags to search out posts and they are mostly irrelevant but putting the tags that are based on categories that your post is about can help others find your post when they search. So, don't stress out too much over the tags. Just don't spam stuff in the tags that has nothing to do with your content or the subjects of your post. Whatever is the most relevant subject of your post should be your first tag. That's it. Not too tough.

I wish i had been able to help you out sooner. I also wish i had seen a post like this, or my last one, when i was first starting out too. I'm glad to offer the help now if it adds value to the platform and can boost the start of newer users or helps the people that have been around for a while too. Take Care and Cheers!

Haha! If tags had subscribers, I would be the first to your funny easter egg tag. ;)

And thank you very much for the explanation. Cheers!

 4 months ago  

Glad you got the humor! You are very welcome!

Great post. I also enjoyed scrolling through the comments and seeing your wide variety of GIFs. Thanks for putting this info together and sharing your experiences. I am going to bookmark. @aiparker you should check this out. Especially the blueberry pie part.

 4 months ago  

Wow! Thank you Miss Sara. I appreciate you taking the time to read and comment here, as well as your kind words. Thanks for bookmarking the post. Hopefully, something in here will be helpful or of use to you. At the least, you will get a laugh or two hopefully. Part one is also a bit shorter but also informative if you want to give that one a go as well.

I just checked out your post in Splinterlands on how to turn Hive into money in your bank. I haven't cashed anything out yet, but i found that post very helpful for when i do decide to take some profits. Thanks for the help there and also thanks for referring this post to aiParker! Hopefully, they will find it helpful if they take the time to check it out.


Thanks. I am planning on making another post soon about how to move the money out using StealthEx and getting BTC and sending it to Bittrex since Hive has been down on Bittrex. There is so much to know it is great when we can share with each other.

 4 months ago  

Truly! I hear Hive to LightCoin from Blocktrades and then onward is a cheaper way to go as far as fees are concerned. Looking forward to hearing all the methods available.
Take Care

oh that is great to hear. Thanks.

Hey, That photo is how i feel

 5 months ago  

Which one... this one?

nooo the very first one, yelling at the butterflies

 4 months ago  

Thanks for all of your engagement and support within the comments!

just me trying to get some shamless self promotion while giving out upvotes so no one minds hopefully lol

 4 months ago  

Hahaha... not many people mind getting rewarded. Even if some shameless self promotion is involved! hahaha

As a newbie that got here just a couple of months ago, THANK YOU!
It's sooo overwhealming to see everything at first!! So many great communities, things to post about and creative people that you might get lost in the fuzz. It's a great post for newcomers, I seriously appreciate it! Will be on the lookout for next part (if there is another, lol)!

 5 months ago  

You are most welcome! If you haven't already, go check out the other post too. It's link is here in the comments... or alllll the way back up to the top.. or just go over to my blog. There are some more tips and etiquette things i didn't go into detail here. Based on this response and some of the comments here, there probably will be at least one or two more follow-up posts.

You are very right that it's easy to get lost in the sauce here trying to figure it all out.

You can also see that even some people that have been here for a while are figuring some things out as well. There are definitely a lot of moving parts for us all to figure out when it comes to this new stuff.

It looks like you have a great start from all that i could see. You don't have to vote for this post or comment... but don't forget to use your voting power! Don't leave curation on the table! =) Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to comment! I'm really glad you found some of this stuff useful. Keep up the great work and cheers!

A simple and powerful guide to success, doing right. Thanks a lot!

 5 months ago  

You are most welcome. Glad you thought it was simple and powerful... hopefully helpful. I wish you all the success! Cheers

Thank you for your post! I'm fairly new to Hive and I found it very informative :)

 5 months ago  

I see that Angry Chicken so my guess is you came from Splinterlands. Welcome to Hive and thanks for stopping by to check out the post. I'm glad to hear it was informative. If you want some more tips, check out my previous post How To Get A Great Start on the Hive Blockchain.

Thanks also for taking the time to comment! Cheers

Thank you. Great refresher after taking a year-long break.

 5 months ago  

Glad you found your way back. I took about a year off and Steem had been compromised and Hive had hardforked and all the stuff i thought i knew was in question. Overall, things are about the same but better. Onwards and Upwards i say. If you get a chance... you might want to check out the last post i made that i linked at the top here. Thanks for stopping by and best wishes to you moving forward. =)

Thank you for sharing this information, I know I needed to see this.

 5 months ago (edited) 

Thanks for taking the time to stop by and comment. I hope this info helps you out. You can also check out my last post for some more tips. Also thank you for the reblog! Cheers


Posted using Dapplr

 5 months ago  

Thanks for taking the time to stop by and comment. I hope this info helps you out. You can also check out my last post for some more tips. Also thank you for the reblog! Cheers

Always happy to help!

Its really helpful to enjoy your stay here on hive. Thanks for updating stuffs like this

Thanks, @Emeka4. I sure say you don make am! I appreciate your welcome bro.

Haha we are just pushing it gradually

 5 months ago (edited) 

I am glad this post was helpful to you. Actually, i forgot that you were in the comments on the last post so i just edited this message... hahaha

Thanks for stopping by!

Thanks I really enjoy the first one and it was helpful.

Zero Tolerance

😍 😍 😍 LOVE THIS!! 😍 😍 😍

...Especially with those who recycle old posts...

 5 months ago  

Some find out that policy the hard way...

ahahaha Sad but True ;)

Very well written!

 5 months ago  

Thanks for that kind word! Glad you found it interesting enough to read and hopefully some of it was helpful. Cheers =)

You're welcome and I read it of course ;).

 5 months ago  

I could never trust you if you said well written... but then didn't read it!🤣

Lol. But you would never know even if I did, which I haven't. I too prefer people to comment on my stuff when they read it 😄

 5 months ago  

But now you know, that i don't know, that you know, what i don't know. But if you did then you definitely did... but if you didn't, you definitely didn't... so then that means i still wouldn't know even if you didn't... but i bet you did.

A masterpiece 👏 😄

 5 months ago  

I'm glad you appreciate my sense of humor. It often goes overlooked and missed. I have a funny easter egg of humor in the tags! Cheers

Excelente material muy completo, gracia por compartir esa gran información, "Poner esfuerzo en mi contenido", tomo esa palabra. gracias...

 5 months ago  

Gracias por los cumplidos. No olvides usar tus votos como mencioné anteriormente. Salud

Gracias por la recomendación lo tendré en cuenta.

Gosh this is so thorough and such a good guide, well done @castleberry It's like a good leaflet all new members could use to guide them on their Hive way :)

 4 months ago  

That was the goal! Thank you very much for taking the time to read and comment here. If you haven't checked out the first part of these posts... it's a quicker read and also informative.

Thanks again and Cheers!

Hey man, now I will read the article very carefully. I wanted to tell you that the gif of Jean Claude Van Damme caught my attention. 😂

 4 months ago  

I'm glad the JCVD gif caught your attention! hahaha It definitely caught mine as well. I think you will enjoy this post and part one is also a faster and informative read as well. It's not just for new folks but helpful to those that have been around for a while also.

Cheers bro! Keep up the great art my friend!

I finished reading the article right now, I was pleased to read the final part, where you talk about the people who have to translate everything, I am among these people, take the time to translate, it is important, reading this type of articles is great . The article is great, it's full of advice, thank you so much for all the advice you give. I think it is important to listen to people with more experience and that I am generous in sharing their knowledge. I dedicate a lot to my blog, I try to create quality content consistently, this amuses me and creates satisfaction, creating new connections with people is fantastic. Obviously it can happen to make mistakes and fail, but the important thing is to understand the mistake and improve, this also happens thanks to articles like this and to the community. Thank you @castleberry

 4 months ago  

Sì, tutti commettiamo errori ma hai ragione, imparare e crescere da loro è ciò che conta di più. Sono felice che tu abbia dedicato del tempo a leggere e comprendere il post. Anche la parte sul non confrontarti con gli altri è importante. Penso che sia facile scoraggiarsi quando confrontiamo il nostro successo con quello degli altri. Inoltre, non dimenticare di dare un'occhiata alla Parte 1 quando hai un po' di tempo. Ci sono alcuni ottimi consigli ed è un po' più breve da leggere.

Dirò che apprezzo tutti voi che dovete tradurre e usare l'inglese come metodo principale per il successo qui su Hive. So che non è facile e faccio del mio meglio per incontrarvi tutti nel mezzo dove e quando posso. Ti amo fratello. Continuate così.

That is useful for some of us who are around for years as well!
Thank you for preparing this.

@tipu curate 5

 5 months ago  

Thank you so much Andy! I appreciate you brother!

Haha nice ip2 name "crazy andy"
Man why doesnt @aggroed sponsor a free tip bot that lets every hive engine be tipped via posting keys/ comment commands. Or at least make that a 1000 bee fee and make one hive engine tip bot ... seems like itd make a lil money

thank you for this post, very useful!

 4 months ago  

Glad you got something out of it bro! The first post before this one is also helpful and a bit shorter to read. Check it out when you get some time if you haven't already.

thanks for the tip castleberry! I'm catching up with Hive after a couple of health issues, it's great to be back again!

 4 months ago  

Hope your health has gotten better. I had wondered why i wasn't seeing you around more often. Hang in there and keep on keepin' on browski!

I must admit your heading had me worried for a minute!! I was thinking Hive 2? Is there going to be a hard fork for Hive v2 or what 🤣🤣

On a more serious note that was a really informative and engaging read, well done. I'm glad to see it getting well rewarded. One thing to note for new users though, is the slider for changing an upvote down below 100% only becomes available when you surpass 1000HP

 4 months ago  

Ahhh... that is a good distinction to make. I know if you vote isn't worth much breaking it down can oftentimes only confuse things anyhow. Thanks for that clarification. I will make sure and mention that on the third part. If you haven't checked out the first one... it's a bit shorter and worth the read.

Glad we aren't doing the fork to a new version thing again! hahaha
Sorry to worry you.

Thanks for stopping by and commenting!

Very helpful indeed. In Hive the word Community has a big capital C

Yes a big C

C sec hacker artist group . Hive has the potential to create the most realistic matrix hackers movie sterotypical 90s cyberpunk 5th element future

 5 months ago  

I picture us all like a colony of communities!

That's right! And without queen bees and drones.

 5 months ago  

All bees are equal here!

This is a good write-up and an excellent guide for anyone starting on Hive, congrats!

 4 months ago  

Thank you Miss Mary for stopping by and taking the time to read and comment on my post. I appreciate your kind words. I still would like to make an artwork using your curly hair as an inspiration.

Keep up the great work and Cheers!

Please do, I am very curious how it would turn out🤩

 4 months ago  

Thank you for your blessing!

I think i might call it Romanian Red! hahaha

What a great title!! This is it!

 4 months ago  

I had a feeling you would appreciate that! =) I might get started on it later. I had hoped you would take some photos of you hanging your head upside down and your curly hair dangling... but i will see what i have to work with and go with that! Thanks again. Cheers Miss Mary!

Bhahaha. Your choice of GIFs @castleberry. Hilarious !LOL

I used to be addicted to soap
but now I'm clean.

Credit: lofone
@castleberry, I sent you an $LOLZ on behalf of @consciouscat
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 4 months ago  

Quite some text and information to chew on. Even for me who has been here for a while it was pretty informative and some important head ups. Cheers and thanks, and have a great Sunday!

 5 months ago  

Thanks. I tried my best to make it digestible but also add as much information as possible. A tou