What’s Your Hive Vibe?

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Isn’t it funny how we as a society go through seasons of popular words, sayings and phrases?

In 2016 came:

Squad Goals
Sorry not sorry
Bye Felicia

In 2017 we heard:

Don’t @ me
I can’t even
I’m shook
Not gonna lie
You actin’ salty

In 2018 was:

Throw Back Thursday

In 2019 arose:

Left on read
Collecting receipts
Keep it 100

Finally in 2020 emerged:

Big mad

Sources can argue which year these sayings actually emerged to popularity especially being since some of their first appearances date back as early as the 40’s. It’s just a matter of them resurfacing in another form and being used in different ways.

I’ve had my fair share of saying some of these slang terms but definitely not all of them. To be honest I’ve had to sneak away from discord conversations to go look up several acronyms. 😂

I’ll be in a conversation and one would come up like AFAIK and I’d secretly be like “what???” 👀

sneaks away to find out what what it stands for…

Comes back like

Oh yeah, okay cool.


If anything, being present on Hive helps keep me in the loop and caught up with what the recent slang means. I do have kids and will need to know these things.

It seems earlier this year I was hearing a word quite frequently. You can find it on clothing, all over social media, included in memes and it has become quite the catch phrase ‘Only Good Vibes’.

Although the word Vibe resurfaced early last year (AFAIK 😜) it seems it has grown to it’s popularity recently in 2021. Or it could be that I am just now paying attention to it and it’s been that way all along.

I began thinking about this word and what it meant:

Vibe - a person's emotional state or the atmosphere of a place as communicated to and felt by others.

I then contemplated over two things…

  1. What is my Vibe while on Hive?
  2. What type of Vibe does Hive give off?

These thoughts are what fostered me to write this post and share the answers to those questions with you.

My Hive Vibe = Giddy

I always wonder if anyone ever thinks I’m a little Extra when it comes to my comments and conversations.

Please don’t all raise your hands at once. 🙄😝😆

Sorry not sorry.

I can’t help myself when I get on Hive! You already know this is my getaway space and certain emotions come out of me while spending time here. If you’ve ever thought “can she really be this joyful IRL?” I can tell you with 100% positivity YAS!

When I’m here writing, conversing, supporting and learning I get so excited and have this huge smile on my face. I feel I can be myself and express myself here and people get me. I get this joyful feeling of overwhelming happiness when I’m Hivin’.

giddy - feeling silly, happy, and excited and showing this in your behavior
Oxford dictionary

Feeling silly is definitely something I feel often, especially depending on what I’m doing and whom I’m engaging with. I love getting silly in my posts and I love joking around to make people smile and laugh.

Life is too short to be too serious all the time.

Of course I’ve come across things that weren’t pleasant to the eye or heard some things I’d wish I hadn’t but I don’t let those little moments get the best of me. I’ve learned how to deal with things and then move on and get back to my giddiness! 💃🏽

HIVE’s VIBE = Empowerment

IMO and from my experience this is the vibe I feel and receive from Hive.

empowerment - the process of becoming stronger and more confident, especially in controlling one's life and claiming one's rights.
Oxford dictionary

I have become more empowered by learning my strengths and abilities from being on this platform. I am doing things I NEVER thought I could do or would even care to do.

I mean, I knew I liked to talk but never would have thought I would love writing as much as I do. I never imagined I would love photography so much and being creative with images and enjoy editing like I do.

I certainly never saw myself leading anything on social media. Before Hive I was never this much involved with things online. This platform has helped build my leadership skills and confidence enabling me to cheerfully manage and support the communities and projects I believe in.

Empowerment, definitely a suitable Hive vibe and I am grateful for it. Hive has empowered me to help support my family with extra curricular things allowing us to be involved with activities and events we desire.


I’m curious to know your Hive Vibe.

What is your emotional state or feelings when hanging out here?

What type of vibes bounce off of you and are felt by others?

I hope for the most part your vibes are positive and you have an amazing time. If you do ever have or encounter negative vibes I hope that doesn’t stray you and you continue coming back.

I know everything won’t always be sunshine and sparkles but I hope we can get through the tough parts and agree to disagree when necessary. Sometimes we have to discern when it’s time to let something (whatever the situation might be) go and continue on as we were. 😊

Also, what vibe or atmosphere does Hive give off to you?

How do you feel during and after your visits?

My hopes are that you feel empowered and encouraged! 😃

I really look forward to hearing from you ~ ❤️

All photos are my own and were taken with our Cannon EOS Rebel T6.

See Ya Soon!


Hey girl! It has been a while! My vibe used to be excitement, a sense of belonging, making a difference and purpose being with everyone on HIVE. But it has been a very long while and I am hoping to restart that again now. I restarted my journey with Actifit recently so that I could recover from my knee surgery but yes I am looking forward to doing more. Love reading your thoughts as always and you have always made great content! Never tire of reading your posts. Hugs!

 22 days ago  

Oh my gosh hey lady!! Yes it's been a good while. It's so good seeing you here.

Yes! I remember when it was all of those things for you. So much happened and so much changed on top of already being very busy. I really miss you. I’m glad to hear you’re trying to start back up again.

When was your knee surgery?

Oh wow thanks so much! That means a great deal coming from you. I really appreciate that and thanks for stopping by ~ ❤️

There is someone on here who uses so many acronyms I've given up sneaking off and just ask him to explain then now. I'm getting used to them, slowly and asking less and less. 😅

My eldest daughter likes the word vibin' so that's what I think of now when I read our hear vibe. Yeet is asks popular in the household now and fre shavocado! You've no idea how long it took me to figure out what that was all about...😳 The funniest part was I had no idea what my girls were saying to me and it was likely my love of avocados that prompted them to repeat it to me all the time.

 27 days ago  


Oh my goodness that's hilarious. You've given up on the sneak away and just said "tell me what it means!" Lol, love it! 😄

You know I had to go look up what fre shavocado was LOL! 👀

This is the first I'm hearing that one. I laughed when I watched the original video, it's pretty funny. I can imagine how you felt before knowing what it was all about. 😅

I think one of my girls sent me the original vine, otherwise I wouldn't even have known where to start looking. All I knew was that something seemed to be given away for free...I think my eldest was sick of explaining everything to me, so I didn't even ask, just left her to it.

I like your vibe. Seriously. Which is my vibe BTW, seriously, as in never sarcastic or condescending or anything satirish at all, ever—NFW!

 27 days ago  

I think it's evident why we keep popping up in each other's comment sections...cause we GIDDY!!! 😂

Lol I love the funny lines you drop as well as all the words I have to look up when reading your comments 🤣.

intelligent people make you work

But really the humor and fun helps keep this place LIT!!

I think after writing this post I’m becoming an acronym expert hahaha!

Thanks for stopping by. I really appreciate the support and comment ~

And probably most of them are limited to what I would call Americanese. I don't have a clue what most - wait - all of those words are! No slinking off to find out. I'm happy to fess up. NOT A COOKING CLUE! I guess with teenagers you get exposed to the slangino more @crosheille

 24 days ago  


Love it… Americanese!

Yes! I mainly get exposed to it from my nieces and nephews who are teenagers and young adults. My kids aren’t teenagers yet (thankfully cause I’m not ready for all that 😂) but I’m sure they will be picking some of this slang up sooner than later lol.

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 27 days ago  

Thank you so much for your continued support :)

My Hive Vibe = prosperity, because on this platform there is an abundance of friends, topics, communities to interact with, entertainment, among other things. I relax and distract myself a lot.

 24 days ago  

Love this response! Thanks for sharing ~

hive for dummies

 25 days ago  

Are you suggesting someone create one? I'm sure the newbies would greatly appreciate it! 😄

Heck even I would as I still don’t know everything lol.

Im new but not really new, it's like I have other social media accounts before I knew hive but I really don't post and interact much especially when I know the people involved. I could sometimes say, oh, he's lying.. or hey, that's not what I saw without the camera.

The terms above are so alien to me that sometimes I have to ask '"what's BTW?

Im still exploring and Im still not sure what vibe doI have when in Hive. haha i guess I'm funny not to know what I really feel now, but I find it more enjoyable here

 25 days ago  

I get what you mean about knowing the people involved.

Hahaha I see I'm not the only one.

Well I'm happy to hear you at least enjoy yourself here :)

Thanks for commenting ~

Yeah sure. See you around

My HIVE vibe is music! :)

 24 days ago  

Sweeet! 😃

Thank you! :)

My Hive Vibe = unamused.

There are a handful of sociopathic downvote whales on HIVE that ruin the experiences of others, these folks, whether they know it or not, are part of what ensures HIVE will always be niche and never popular. These folks are just as much an enemy to their stake value as they are to yours. Until wiser heads prevail and can solve the dilemma of abusive downvoters, HIVE will always fail to launch.

It's a miracle that we survived the Justin Sun debacle, but our numbers, as they are now, I am not sure that they merit our existence in the market of cryptos, not as a social media anyhow. Let's face it: HIVE is riding the coattails of Splinterlands success. That's what we got. As far as social media is concerned, we have more antisocial media that drives people away in droves. And it's all because we cannot seem to muzzle the downvotes of a handful of sociopathic douchewhales.

As a social media platform, we deserve the lack of success that we get. And that's what we'll continue to get until the problem gets solved. Too many people want to act like this is not a problem because they don't want to blip on the douchewhales radar. All that is is evidence of cowardice.

Until we take a critical look at ourselves and solve the most obvious problem, we shall continue to live in obscurity until the day comes that someone does it right, and then we will be forced to copy their model. If we want to win, we should get the first movers' advantage. The adults in the room already know why this is imperative. However, many are all too willing to get cowed by powerful downvoters who get off quite literally on ruining the experiences of others.

HIVE needs an algorithm that isolates, identifies, and neutralizes abusive behavior. At the very least, it should put it to the vote of a handful of verifiably unique and active users. If abusive downvoters got a time out and their DV power terminated for a month or so because of abusive behavior, that'd go a long way towards a more healthy HIVE atmosphere.

Big up to @theycallmedan, for being one of the few whales that I've seen give a hoot about this ongoing issue.

 24 days ago  

This is part of that

I know everything won’t always be sunshine and sparkles

I was speaking of. I am aware of this matter and the debates and disagreements that have been rising over it.

I will say that more people have spoken out about how they feel and have had conversations in the background more than you are probably aware of. Some prefer to deal with their concerns and disagreements in private to not stir things up more. So it doesn't mean it's a cowardly matter it's just people handle things in the way they are more comfortable with.

I do hope there can be some type of agreement/solution reached in order to halt members from leaving the platform as well as refraining from inviting people here.

Thanks for your honest feedback and response.

There are so much acronyms which has been long said but due to the fact that most don't pay attention to it, they thought it is a new slang. Lol

 24 days ago  

Lol very true! Most have been around for so long but have been revived and reused in new ways.

Thanks for the response ~

My pleasure boss. Hope you have started using some of it