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Hello Hiver,

I'm IVy, 26 years old, I was born and raised in Binh Nam commune, Thang Binh district, Quang Nam province, a province in central Vietnam, about 20km from Hoi An city.




Where I live in a coastal area, with white sandy beaches, interspersed with rows of green seawater spinach, highlighting the unspoiled beauty of my hometown.

The people in my hometown are fishing and farming crops. From my house, I can hear the sound of the sea whispering. 500m from the sea, there is a small civet connecting two villages. And this place left me with good memories of my childhood, I am happy to grow up in such peaceful countryside.



With the hobby of traveling, discovering new lands in this dear country of Vietnam, during the years of wandering on the roads from North to South, I have discovered new things, learned new things. Lots of good things got to know some really great friends. I feel blessed and grateful to be able to see with my own eyes the majestic, beautiful landscapes of my country.

There are trips with only me and a backpack, or a few companions, I notice that: go alone to get experience, go with friends to get memories. Those are all priceless things that nothing can be bought back.



We are all young people with witness change over time. Technology is developing day by day, the quality of life is also developing, but we are also unknowingly dragged into a busy, busy life with making money.

And longing to have beautiful sunny days to go to the mountains to camp, or wander the beach to watch the sunset, immerse in nature together, or suddenly get excited to get on a coach to go to a strange place on that day.

On weekends, just to sleep for one night and go back to work the next day, wander together on motorbikes, cross paths with willows on both sides, or circle around in the hot summer afternoon, ran to find the way because… got lost.



Or the dark nights, groping in the middle of the deep forest, following the flickering lights of the group leader. When we got there, we were exhausted, lying on the cliff to rest. Although it is hard work, everyone has a smile on their lips, the smile of happiness, of freedom, the joy of returning to nature, where there is no wifi or phone signal.



Therefore, there is a saying that I really like "Travel while you're young and able. Don't worry about the money, just make it work. Experience is far more valuable than money will ever be." - David Avocado Wolfe. It proves what I'm still doing for my youth.



Nature is always the most effective medicine, it makes us feel at ease even though there are still many difficulties around. That's why I love so much the blue of the sky, the color of the leaves that turn yellow in the changing seasons...


But after every trip, there is always something sobbing inside of me. It reminds me of beautiful childhood memories at home, where a small fishing village next to the beach, with gentle and kind people, rustic peace... So, I decided to leave the magnificent city of Da Nang to return to the place where I was born and do something for my homeland.


And I started doing it by teaching Yoga and English to the kids, which is a luxury for the kids in a rural area in Vietnam.



That does not mean that my wanderings will end here. It will be a new beginning, with a passion to explore everything around me, traveling on roads to new lands, and doing my best to dedicate this life as long as I live.


And I want to share the beauty of my country and people with friends around the world so that you can understand more about this beautiful country.

Thanks to @trangbaby and @hyhy93 for bringing me to this amazing community- Hive. Where we can share and support each other, I would love to share more and hear more about your interesting life.

Thanks for reading,
From Vietnam with love.


Chào mừng cô gái đến vs Hive nè 💜

Hello bro nè 💜

Chào mừng em đến với Hive ❤️

Cảm ơn ch ^^

Hello em, welcome to Hive nhé :)
Bạn của @hyhy93 thì chắc cũng đi du lịch dữ lắm đây :)
Chúc em có thời gian vui vẻ trên Hive nhé và quen biết nhiều bạn bè :)

Cảm ơn ch Trang nhiều ạ, có duyên lắm mới gặp được team mình ạ 😍

Gần quê chị @trangbaby không 😆

Hi Ivy, I'm Nguyen.
Great to have more nature lovers on the team,
I also teach English as a job, hope to see more posts coming 😁

Thank you Nguyen ^^ nice to meet you nhaaa

Chào mừng em đến với Hive, dân phượt gen1 đời đầu ha

Em cảm ơn ạ 😄

2 đứa bằng tuổi nhau á

Đọc bài của e chị nghĩ ngay đến You only live once, nên cứ phải dành tuổi trẻ để khám phá để chinh phục. Những bức ảnh bọn e trên xe máy rồi ngủ lều sẽ là nhưgx kỷ niệm ko quên được.

Keep travelling on Hive and have fun making new friends, take up new challenges and learn new things

Em cảm ơn ch. Thật sự we only live once ch nhỉ 😍

Yay Much !LUV

Chào mừng c đến với Hive 🙂

Cảm ơn cậu nè 🌹

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Welcome. It's nice having you here.

Hi, nice to meet you

Happy to see more nature lovers. The pictures are so pretty and I love you seem to be very connected through meditations. I got a bit sad when I read the saying, travel when you are young, because I have had some difficulties and some long awaiting journeys are still waiting. Hope there is one day but it simply cannot be now. I hike though a lot. Welcome and cya around. Greetings back from Spain

Hi Yidneth,
Thank you for sharing, hope we will get to where we want to go one day, and enjoy every moment in life.
Nice to meet u.

Hello friend, ảnh đẹp xứt sét luôn 😍😍😍

Cảm ơn bro nè, bài của bro cũng perfect luôn á 😍

Hello, welcome to hive! With your post, I know that you will be sharing many interesting thing in this community. Hope you'll enjoy your stay here. Nice meeting you! :)

Thanks bro 💜

Welcome to Hive and am so glad you joined us. Good getting to know you

Thank you my friend <3

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Chào đồng môn yoga nè 😊😊

Hello ch nha^^

Hey! Welcome to hive. I love all your photographs they're really cool

Thank you so much Teknon

You're welcome 😊

Fantastic places, full of positive energy, took some really beautiful photos, congratulations.

Thank you 😊

Welcome to Hive.

You are cute

Thank you 😄

Would be lovely to read your next adventure. Let's connect

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See you around!

Nature is indeed the best therapy for us humans. I liked that photo with you sitting in front of the waterfall

I'm happy that you like it 😍

Natural things are pleasurable

So true 😄

Muy hermoso lugar, me encantaría tener la posibilidad de ir a conocerlo.


beautiful pictures!!

Welcome to Hive