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Great post but most of the people who curate on here only support there friends and people who have powered up alot it's always the same people who get supported

There are some fair curators but most are not fair I don't think this post deserves $228 payout do you ? The only reason you have got a payment like this is because you are part of the magic circle ⭕ I mean team I see countless good post's that do not get supported also I see a lot of curators liking a lot of females posts it seems it pays to be female on here


I can really understand how you might feel that way and I am so sorry you feel under rewarded. It's always hard if your post doesn't get what you believe it deserves and then another post seems to get a lot when it doesn't look like much effort goes into it. I really feel what you are saying.

I would like to add something which might deepen your understanding of why this gets such great votes, if that's okay? I dont mean to be antagonist, or to argue on her behalf or anything - I just thought you might be interested in this side of things?

The only reason you have got a payment like this is because you are part of the magic circle ⭕

@crosheille has been working hard on engagement and content curation on HIVE since 2016, and she has both run her own community and worked to help other communities. IN these roles, she's upvoted, supported, engaged with and generally been a bloody nice supportive person for loads and loads of people. She's a real team player. She also works her butt off in OCD, doing hours of work (like a lot of OCD curators) helping find and reward good content, as per this post. The post itself took a lot of research and talking to people behind the scenes, and is designed to help people do better, so that their work might be better supported. So the upvote is not just for 'this post' but everything that goes along with 'this post'.

I see countless good post's that do not get supported

Yeah, that sucks! And we are all trying our best to GET support for them. @acidyo will vote for what us curators say is a good post, and he's huge on supporting communities to support their members, user retention and so on. There's shitloads of good content here we're always trying to find and reward. In an ideal world, he'd upvote the good content from a good content curator EVERY DAY - but the rewards have to get spread around, so whilst one might get a great vote one day, maybe they wont for a little while coz other posts need rewarding too. We all do our best to try to get the good ones and in fact most curators are GUTTED when we can't find support for one or we miss them for whatever reason that might be.

I see a lot of curators liking a lot of females posts it seems it pays to be female on here

Hahah maybe we just talk alot and are better socially? Idk this one cracked me up. I've never noticed. I think us girls are just good at talking and supporting each other. I'll always upvote and chat on @crosheille's posts if I can, because she's ace, and I've got to know her over the last four years. I've always thought it pays to be a man on here ahah - most of the big whales are men, and there's a lot of man on man support. So yeah, I'm kinda giggling over this one.

Anyway, really not being antagonistic, just providing a flipside view.

It's ok all I'm going to say is I speak to a lot of people who are active on here but I speak to them on other platforms and most of them say the same thing they are just scared to say it publicly also I speak to a lot of people who left due to seeing all the doge stuff that happens in the background that normal people can't see 👀

In your honest opinion does this post deserve over $200 I've not got a problem with @crosheille i just don't agree it should be rewarded this much along with loads of other posts that are being supported by fair curators lol 😂👍🏾

Most people are just to scared to say how they feel

Yeah to be honest, that's true - and I don't normally say what I feel here as it can invite downvotes! So I appreciate you being nice as you respond to my counter - phew! I think people are scared to say what they feel because people don't always play nice. And I guess saying what you feel sometimes gets confused with just being vicious and mean and horrible, which we can also see here!

I guess if we don't agree with votes we generally scroll by - some I shake my head at, some I want to cry over, some I swear over eg what the ACTUAL! I guess with this post I have to ask myself - are people voting on it for curation rewards themselves, or are they voting because they agree with the content and the intention behind it - in this case, to encourage good behaviour on hive in terms of engagement and posting behaviour? In which case, awesome.

I do think HIVE is a lot better than it was when it was 'the other' platform. I suppose I can be very naive and just see the good - I try not to focus on the bad, but encourage the good behaviour and just hang out where I see stuff I feel good about. And that's why I'm still here - because there really is so much good !!

I'm really happy that you understand and I fully agree with you about people being scared to say anything because they are scared of being downvoted
I'm a very nice person I always treat people with respect as long they treat me the same you seem like a very nice person I have dealt with some very horrible and vicious here

I think most people are probably voting for curation rewards to be honest I'm not saying that it's not a good post it's a great post but it's way over rewarded

I agree it has got a bit better since the old platform but it's not really changed much to be honest

I understand that you don't really see bad because you are in a team lol 😂👍🏾
I do like it here and I also try to get people to join but most people just say it's a scam but I do believe that Blockchain social network platforms are the future
Thanks for being so nice it was good to chat stop by anytime 🤝

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That's one thing I appreciated about your comment @kgakakillerg. It was respectful and you were just genuinely asking questions. When people attack in a negative way or say things to try to upset or insult me I ignore and have every right to. If people would be more respectful in their approaches I think they would get more responses and feedback. I have never disrespected anyone on here and it would be nice if people were more sincere about how they come to people.

Thanks I'm a nice person I'm very respectful I would never be disrespectful to anyone unless they piss me off and I agree people definitely need to be more respectful with the way that they approach things it would make this place a whole lot better for everyone

Thanks again for taking the time to comment feel free to contact me anytime on Instagram @kgakakillerg 🤝