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RE: So What’s The Criteria For A Quality Post? - How Curators Make Their Selections...

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Thanks for pulling this together @crosheille, I think there's a general theme here amongst us curator as to what we're looking for, which to be honest, is pretty much what all quality curators should be looking for, whether we run a community, curate for a curation guild or is just a normal individual user curating from our own account.

Hopefully this overview will give content creators some idea on how to improve their post to maximise their chances of being curated, instead of just hitting the post button and hope for the upvotes to come throuhg.

 9 days ago 

For sure ;)

Thank you for helping me and taking time out of your busy schedule to add in your valuable input. That means a great deal. It wouldn't have had the impact it did without the help from all the leaders.

I agree. I think curators from all angles could relate to the theme here and spot things they also look for when curating.

I am really really hoping these things just don’t get read but they are put into practice and we can soon see the results of it!

Thanks again for your input and feedback ~ 💛