Launching a new book and forgetting to eat or sleep much

in OCDlast month (edited)


It's been an exciting couple of days, promoting my new book, on social media:


This includes creating mailing lists, as well as replying to kind notes from readers who were purchasing copies and I admire, such as Carla Power, helping me get the word out:


A highlight of all this whirlwind was an enthusiastic reader response from the vivacious @carolkean on our own Hive:

I even learned that a celebrated Jesuit priest, Father James Martin, has a new book out with the same as mine & let him know. He, graciously, responded, at once, and I'm hoping that he might review my book in his magazine, America :)


And, now that the day is winding down, time to eat and check out. So I threw drumsticks into the oven and am roasting peppers in the air fryer. Simple.




Hope your day was rewarding!


Tallying "impressions" and "engagements" - leave it to the bots and algorithms; that skill set is beyond me. Suffice to say, I am #impressed with "Learning to Pray: A Book of Longing".

Just saw you linked - via ecency - to my blog post about your new book. What magic is this? How did my post make its way over to ecency when I still haven't been able to use PeakD or #ecency?

I'll take a warm reader/writer/friend over a smart bot, any day!

These drumstricks are amazing 😊😊

Haha, if you were here, @WeOne, I’d cook for you, young man, and also show you an easy way to prepare them in the air fryer 😊

By the way, you never did tell me : how young are you & what country are you from?