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RE: Let's Make a Collage, Round 75 - Winner Announcement!

I am very happy to see my fantasy scene accompanied by such diverse and remarkable works. Each one showed me something that made me admire, have fun, reflect.
To finally make something that moves is a wish fulfilled and it happened because other collagers showed me the way. In an artistic community, that collaboration is vital and is ultimately a showcase of the best that people have to offer.
Congratulations, @eve66, @mballesteros, @quantumg, @occhiblu, @brittandjosie, @spt-skillup, @gracielaacevedo, @muelli, @lunaturqueza. !
And thank you, thank you, @shaka for doing all the work to keep the community going and growing.


Thank you @adncabrera and congratulations for unlocking a new skill! I very much appreciate your commitment to engage with the community every week in such a kind and encouraging manner. This is what makes the LMAC experience so positive and ultimately creates the success of our community.

Thank you, @shaka. I've grown a lot here and have seen many grow. Making LMAC work the way it does is important, very positive and generous work.🌼