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RE: Let's Make a Collage, Round 75 - Winner Announcement!

in Let's Make a Collage16 days ago

Without words, thanks to all who voted for my Collage.

Thank you very much, I started in Lmac in round 45 and it has been an incredible and rewarding learning journey for me.

This is my first time winning the contest.

Many thanks to @shaka and the #LMAC community.

And for those who start everything is possible with faith, passion and effort.

Congratulations to all the winners.


Congratulations, @eve66 your collage is beautiful!!

Felicidades Eve!! 🥳👏👏👏

¡Yei! ¡Felicitaciones!

Congratulations @eve66, your win is well deserved! And thank you for encouraging newcomers by sharing your positive experience with the LMAC. Happy to hear that it is the experience of learning and advancement. What more can the LMAC hope to achieve. Thank you!

Thank you for your support.

What good congratulations