Thank you Mr. D and Mr. ray for such a nice paper!!!
ooppss I got it wrong, congrats to the winner Nkem, Justfavour, Pravesh, Olujay and Sholex, its a great prize to share from generous Mr. Ray.
wowow Wallay looting so well and he is the looter of the week wowow congrats Man, treasure taught you well about the city hehehe
Thumbs up to curation team for curating awesome content!!!
Congrats to new jobbers!!!!

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Many many congratulations to the winners. And Also congratulations to Wallay for being the looter of the week. Kudos to all the lucky curated author, keep up the good work. Everyone doing their job very well.

congratulations to all the winners of the puzzle of the previous week, enjoy your prize and waiting for the next one to have the opportunity to continue participating

Wow @wallay got the badge for the week 😂 Looter, I'll not stop calling you that again.

Congrats to everyone who won something especially the puzzlers and dooters hehe.

Hive Song Project! 🥳 I can't wait to see the finished work. Thanks to all who inspired it and Mr D for giving a chance for it to come this far.

Well done to all who worked on the city paper, seem like it's becoming a lot more work with the many activities and I love it 😍

Thank you for having me, I stay focused

Lovely paper of Song City 😍 (as like always)
Congratulations to all of you Nkem, JustFavour, Sholex, Pravesh and Olujay you guys hit the jackpot (20 LGN 😍)
And also congratz to our newly vlogger Mr. Wallay for looting too much in this week, hehe you shocked us... (good luck!)

Thanks to Mr. Dragon and Mr. ray
Have a wonderful day!

Last week was amazing with the new city jobbers. Congratulations to the new hired Neoxian cityzens.
Congratulations to the puzzle solvers.....
@wallay you did great. Lucky you last week 🙂😉

Thanks everyone for making the city lively and fun, can't wait for what the new week turns out to be.

Good job to the curators, you guys are doing well.

Thank you, Mr D for your constant support and to Mr Ray for the city paper.

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I feel honoured to be mentioned here. Thank you @vickoly for the support.

@neoxiancity Thank you for your good opinion and positive evaluation of my publication, likewise I will be very aware of your invitation. I wish you many successes.

It's a great privilege to get such a huge support, thank you so much @burlarj for curating my content.

you welcome dear

Damn @wallay, that was a huge turnover. I really hope you did this 😝😝 to all the people who have been crushing you up until now 😆

Congratulations jorh 🎉🎉

Congratulations to those who won the puzzler.

Thank you to Mr. D and Mr Ray 🔥🔥

Wow!! Thanks a lot for this mention!! I love your selections! They are always very original and from different niches!! Thank you!!

Thank you so sir much Mr Dragon for granting me and my colleagues the job of city musicians, I really appreciate sir. Shooby do wop, I love hive. ❤️

20lgn in the bag, thanks Mr Ray for your generous puzzle prices.

Congratulations to all the LOOTERS and a job well done to all who worked on the paper.

A big congratulations to all the winners of the puzzle.

Also congratulations to Wallay for being the looter of the week.

Kudos to all the lucky curated author, keep up the good work.

Thanks Mr D for the support.

A big shout-out to Mr Dragon and Mr Ray for everything they are doing to make the city better.

Congratulations to all the new city workers and to all the winners.


I like to do a weekly tokenomics post about some Hive projects.
Currently, I am doing about ALIVE and DBOND/DAB.

I was thinking to start to do one related to NEOXIAN ecosystem.

Do you think that will be a good thing to the community?

 6 months ago  

Sure, it couldn't hurt.

ok thanks ;)
I will start to do it ;)

The tokens that exist in NEOXIAN ecosystem are NEOXAG, NEOXAGM and NEOX?

 6 months ago  

NEOXAGM isn't there anymore. It was the old miner token, now defunct.

Thanks a lot for the information

so interesting. it was indeed a fabulous week and this hive song is getting me insane i unwarrantably hear the voice and lyrics sounding in my head even when I'm not in the mood. 😅❤️

It's another fresh week and im so excited already to see what the week has for us.

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Thank you @neoxiancity and @bhattg I really appreciate and great support.

Wowww...I am excited 😊
Thank you so much Mr D and Mr Ray and all those that worked on this paper. Congratulations to the puzzle winners and the looter of the week @wallay including the selected authors by our curators.

Congratulations to everyone who got selected and mentioned in this city's weekly paper. My knowledge about the city is increasing day by day and i am excited for things happening in the city.

Awesome work by you guys and thanks for sharing.

Excited seeing the developments on the Hive Song, one of the coolest ideas I have seen.

Wow! I actually won the puzzler, thanks so much Mr Ray for organising it and congrats to others as well.

Thanks everyone who works on these detailed weekly papers! Nice selection of curated content as always!


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Wohoooo. Thank you Mr D, Mr Ray and everyone that worked on this paper.
Something is fishy about Mr Wallay. Hehe. Congratulations Wallay for being the looter of the week.

Thank you @neoxiancity and @rehan12 I really appreciate it.

Congratulations guys! So many things happening in the city. It's getting exciting day by day. yoo

congratulations to the winners and enjoy your prizes at #LGN thanks for the constant support we receive

🎉Weeee! City paper always pack full of goodnews, Congrats Mr Dragon🐉

Congratulations City
Looters, 😂be it doot or puzzlers, you all must show up, LGN prizes is awesome Mr Ray, you're kind.

Lovely selection of post, City curators always doing a fine job.

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You have selection some good content. Those are wonderful content.

Gracias por ser mi post uno de los seleccionados, también por su apoyo. Estoy muy agradecida... Saludos, bendiciones que tenga muchos éxitos.


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