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Yesterday, Sunday my mother and I went to buy some takeaway coffee from Zorpas (the best coffee on the island) and a bite to eat. We then drove to a car park and had our lunch (what is this world coming to)

Anyway, after lunch, we took a stroll on a path we hadn't been before and came across some interesting shadows.

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Stunning little bridge

A perfect venue for a photoshoot. When my sister comes from South Africa, I will take her there to get some photographs done of her.

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Further along, this railing also made a lovely shadow picture.

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It was a very pleasant morning and we really enjoyed our walk.

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Thanks to the organiser @melinda010100 and @annephilbrick for taking the time to judge and for the curators.


Excellent shadows, Lee! Good luck in the contest - it's a very good start!

Lovely photos, your Mom is a lucky lady having you live so close by!

Yes, and I'm lucky to have her. Where is your son now?

He finally got back to SA on a repatriation flight, so is here at home, not sure of the way forward, but we're taking it day by day, thanks for asking @leelektrik.
Our oldest son fortunately is very happy up in Joburg jobwise and on a personal level, but our youngest sadly suffered a tragic loss.

Glad to hear re the repatriation flight and about your son in Jhb. Sorry about the loss suffered by your youngest.

Lovely shadows from your walk! Be sure and let us know which of these is your contest entry, otherwise we assume it is your first photo.

Hey Melinda - it's the one I shared on your contest blog.

Thanks! I saw it after I wrote the comment here. You did it perfectly.