Shadow Hunters Contest ENTRY

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This is my entry to round 145 of the Shadow hunters contest. The contest is hosted by @melinda010100

photo_20201117 23.10.23.jpeg
Enjoyed this long shadow with my son on the beach

Lee and I have been walking to the beach every day and taking a long walk to a beach called Power Beach where he does his exercises now that the gym is closed during the lockdown.

photo_20201117 23.10.30.jpeg
Lee, showing off his muscles

On the way back we also passed a signboard showing the way to different areas.

photo_20201117 22.57.11.jpeg

Hope you enjoy my shadows!!


Welcome to the Shadow Hunters Community! Wonderful shadow photos. The long shadows on the beach are great- what a great place to hunt for shadows ❤️

Thanks Melinda - we had fun seeing them and taking the photos

Hello dear friend @pandamama good day
There is nothing more beautiful than sharing a walk with our children, and much more, if it is about such beautiful places as the ones you show us. Beautiful Shadowhunt. Successes
have a wonderful day

Thank you friend - appreciate the support. Yes, nothing nicer than sharing these precious moments with our offspring

Wonderful shadow photos !
A beautiful place go walking and hunting for shadows.
Thank you for participating in the shadow photo contest ~round 145

Thank you @annephilbrick for the words of encouragement - great contest

Bang, I did it again... I just rehived your post!
Week 32 of my contest just can now check the winners of the previous week!

Fun shadows and a beautiful place to enjoy walks and take beautiful pictures.
Congratulations, @pandamama

Ahh... a walk on the beach... with a some shadows!

Nice shadows, dear @pandamama! I think I remember the places 😁