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Human beings were created with a longing for something more. I've always loved this paraphrase of a Bible verse in Ecclesiastes that says God has set eternity in our hearts.src Isn't that such a delicious phrase?

I have seen some exceptions to the rule, but most of the people I've encountered can speak about this eternity-shaped hole in their hearts that can only be filled once this life has ended. And they look forward with longing and expectation to what's in store for them in the "great beyond".

You might think I'm taking this post in an unexpected direction but I would like to present this for your consideration:

In some parallel way, reading a book offers a similar experience to experiencing more than this life.

Now, wait. Before I lose you, think about that.

Where else can you glide from page to page:

  • blood rushing and cheeks blushing from the mad pursuit of a lover unwilling to relent until they claim you?
  • mind churning and thoughts burning to follow the trail and unravel the puzzle left by a killer on the loose?
  • ship soaring and team exploring galaxies beyond and civilizations undiscovered, on the outer edges of space?

Your life is here, and now. But books give you the keys to unlock new lives and new personas - each ready to fulfill some secret part of desire tucked beneath layers of earth and monotony and dish soap and power tools and discontent.

Books call to the adventurers and warriors, the lovers and explorers, the creators and the wanderers. When you crack that hardcover, flip the first page, and a waft of tangy textile and vanilla hits your nostrils - you know. You know that you're about to leave this world and enter another.

And that - is what makes me enjoy books.

This post was a VERY LATE entry into a challenge from the Hive Book Club Community. I love reading and writing! Though the busy-ness of life prevented me from entering on time, I wanted to enjoy this subject afterwards. Late for the challenge, but not too late to read my thoughts, I hope! Thanks for the invite, @kemmyb!

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You captured it
And the best part is, you said it in only so many words
Love it as much as I love books or stories I'd like to call it now
For stories have found so many different mediums to be shared through :D

Late but still very gooooood :D

hehehe yes - you know - I was like "hmmmm sometimes i ramble on and on, and really I don't need to add any more to this. Let me just leave it here and let it speak."

and i'm glad I did! I love long comments and i love when i get to just kinda post and let my thoughts wander. (i do. i admit it hahaha)

but who has time to read all that? LOL. not many hahaha so i TRY to say when its gonna be long hahahaha as a warning! LOLOLOL

anyway - thank you ! thank you for appreciating this very very late post LOL

i loved writing it. its the second post this week that i thoroughly enjoyed writing. I missed that!

Have I told you lately that I'm super proud of you? I'm a lady of few words but I can say, you never cease to amaze me with your diligence and brilliance! I'd forgotten about this contest until I got your notification.

This is beautifully written. You aptly captured what books are all about in this sentence -

... books give you the keys to unlock new lives and new personas

Reading books has made me live a thousand lives and witness numerous adventures! Thank you for doing this. You have inspired me. 😊💖

i'm so glad that you appreciated this my Emmy Kemmy Dreemiedrops! hehehehe

thank you for tagging me - i know sometimes it seems like i am all over the place (and i probably am hahahah) but I DO love when people think of me to tag me and invite me!!! I can't always do it - but this one had a special place in my heart and stayed open on my browser all this time. hehehe

I kept thinking - ooooh. I want to DO that one! hehehe so i did :)

thank you!!!!! and yes - books. mmmm books :)

what a gift they are to us. as readers and writers :)

I have another post churning inside me, asking to be written - let's see if i make the time for it this week hehehe

I was unaware of the Hive book club, have to check that out and I agree. Books, for me, have always been both an escape from Now and also a way to feel more grounded in the Now, for when I've spent a morning reading old gardening journals or the like, it fuels me to get to my own right now!

hehehehe i'm glad that it brought you to a memory of your own that fuels you!!!

reading old gardening journals? i never heard of this before! what kind of things are in them??? i'm so curious now hahah :)

Welcome to hive book club ! oh yeah, we also organize weekly book chat. So, if you have time to join the fun, don't forget to join our discord.

Hi @macchiata !!!! didn't I meet you at the HiveFest???? hehehehehehe so nice :)

I would love to do the weekly book chat! what time is it and what day :)

yes! we met during Hivefest!!! and the book chat is every Saturday UTC 15 or 16. Is it too early for you? we have different topic weekly.

i think that's a nice time for me this week :) I can't always come - but when I can - i will try my best! hehe

@kemmyb are you going to it this Saturday? shall I meet you there, my book club lovely?? hehehehe

what is the topic this week @macchiata?

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@iskafan !!! LOLOLOL

  1. its ok to comment about anything on my posts! I always love the chance to talk to people - doesn't ever have to be about my posts.
  2. you are always welcome to DM me too! hahahaha (since this comment of yours is a little more personal, that's for your protection! no one needs to know about your finances)
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so there is your answer!!! have a sweet day :)


This is just so wonderfully written @dreemsteem. It may not have been a long article but it didn't need to be! It was succinct and reverent and really spoke to my soul. I found it so relatable as this is what books mean to me too!!! I didn't know what that picture looked like exactly until you just described it so eloquently and with such warmth and passion. And I was like...nailed it!

And this describe your relationship with literature...

God has set eternity in our hearts

Seriously? This quote is just magical, n'est ce pas? My heart is singing now. !LUV !PIZZA !ALIVE

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Ohhhh I just got chills lady hehehe


Don't you love when that happens??? A post, a comment, a connection...then zzzzing! Hehehee

And I really felt the same way...sometimes I talk to much (ok all the time hahahahaha)

But this one just ended itself so nicely!

I need to learn to do that more hahahaha

Love you, and I hope you're already sound asleep ❤️


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