Hive Book Club : Join Our First Book Chats Audio Discord Session!

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Hello Bibliophile!

We are pleased to announce that we will be starting to host our first Book Chat session. In this opportunity, we welcome you to share the book you are currently reading and share your opinion on it.

Meet us in Hive Book Club Discord Server On Saturday UTC+1 15:00

PS : You can use an online available time zone converter to convert it into your local time.

This book chat will be organize via our voice chat. So, come and hang around with us !


In order to keep things organized, @stevenson7 will be in charge of making sure everyone has the opportunity to talk about their book and possibly spark a discussion.

Additionally,for those of you who are looking to improve your communication, social skills, and your English, this is a great chance for you to practice it with others. You can talk about the book you're currently reading and what you like about it. We aim to provide a safe space where everyone can freely express themselves.

Each person will get the chance to talk for about 5 minutes. This will be moderated by @stevenson7 and other hive book club moderators.

At the end of the session, we will have 10 hive raffles for the lucky 2 participants who came to our first book chat session.

PS : there might be extra surprises too! so don't miss out!

We will see you in our Discord book club!

If You Want To Join Our Server, Click the link below :


Hive Book Club is supported in the OCD Community Incubation Program.If you like what they do for the community,OCD Has a Hive Witness ... @OCD-Witness! You can vote for @ocd-witness, with HiveSigner or on Hive Witnesses.




My current read are four books, this one (I am reading it with my 12 y.o. babygirl) is coming to 98% completion: Howl's Moving Castle by Diana Wynne Jones. We read it in Russian translation, ofc.

Are you going to join our discord chat session?

my discord is open exactly at HBC 🤩

I loved that book. Read it years ago.

yesh, its a good one. but hardly can be recommended for junior kidz. We obtained it like 10 years ago -- and waited. waited, waited till our baby will grow up and match to the level of the book. after she became teen, we gave it a go. the famouse anime by Miyadzaki is far, far more simple and accessible.

thank you for stopping by and your comment, @carys. wish you well!

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Let's do this people

Coincidentally, I just discussed books in my post earlier today. Serendipity! I will try to make it on Saturday if I can.

Looking forward to see you there!

Missed it! I looked up what utc+1 is too late! However, I was having a sleepy Saturday, and it was 8am my time if my calculations are correct. I was in dreamland.

Well, I'll hope to see you in the next one! 😊

I read it and it was really thoughtful

Thank you.

I'll be there 😊

Can't wait for you to join!