Hive Book Club Highlight #196

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Welcome to Hive Book Club Highlight #196



Check out the winners from the last collaboration with Scholar and Scribe!


Welcome to the 196th Hive Book Club Highlight!

First up we have @naath with a review on "A Life Without Mental Health" by Alba Gonzalez. A book rediscovered via TikTok.

Relatively new Hive user @jhoxci shares their favourite books! Perhaps a few recommendations to be found here.

@valeriavalentina dives into some science fiction!

@ganya.grak shares some cozy Sunday reading: "Tiny Fox and Great Boar" by Berenika Kołomycka.

Frequent community member @annacarstairs shares the things she has read so far this year!

And lastly, @occupy-mars shares a book that explores the world of tyranny within our modern times.


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Hence, throughout the week, the moderators will check the community and manually handpick the posts. Some factors include the post subject, post quality, engagement, personal voice, and general effort. If we choose you, or you happen to stumble across these highlights, please do check out the other posts we feature, and contribute to their curation and engagement!


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@hivebookclub Thank you so much for the support you gave me everytime 🧡 I appreciate it! Have a great day.

Me encanta mucho esta comunidad, siempre es un placer compartir en ella. Mucha gracias por compartir mi post💜

Thanks for the mention! Have a great sunny spring day! ☀️

Thanks for the support and mention!
A hug!😘🤓