Tandoori mushroom stuffed roti


It's been a while since I've had an Indian tandoori dish. It was chicken at the time which was when I still ate meat. I loved the taste of the spices. I suppose a proper tandoori dish would be cooked in a tandoori oven. I'm sure the restaurants that I've gone to used a regular kitchen grill.

Indian food is very easy to veganize, although I've never seen a tandoori dish veganized in a restaurant. Not that it doesn't exist. I don't know.

It was time to take a trip to an exotic place where, if cooking were done in someone's home, folks on the street would get hungry with the aromas of warm spices wafting through the air. I've never been to India but this is what I imagine. Besides it's winter weather again today,(8C today and 23C yesterday), so I have to travel in my mind to a hot place.

As all traditional dishes, this spice blend would vary from house to house, region to region. Some have fewer or more spice items then others.

For this spice blend I've used what is used in some blends. I may be missing some that are often used, and I may have additional spices that are not always used.

I have used portobello mushrooms as the meat substitute. Portobellos are quite meaty and larger that regular button mushrooms.

Tandoori mushrooms
1 cup tandoori spice paste
340 grams portobello mushrooms
Oil for frying


This blend made enough to keep in a jar for more uses. I used ground and whole spices. I used what I had.


Tandoori spice blend
Ground spices
1 teaspoon ground ginger
1 teaspoon garam masala
1 teaspoon paprika
1 teaspoon chili powder
1 teaspoon cayenne pepper
1 teaspoon black pepper
1/2 teaspoon onion powder
1/2 teaspoon cinnamon
1/4 teaspoon nutmeg
1/4 teaspoon cloves

Whole spices
1 teaspoon cumin
1 teaspoon coriander
1 black cardomom


Toast whole spices until the seeds pop and the aroma appears, making sure it's not burnt. Grind in a blender until fine.


Do the same for the ground spices. Blend ground whole spices and ground spices together.


I made my own version of a paste which was quite basic. I would be adding some powdered spice to it.


Spice paste
40 grams shallot
15 grams chili
10 grams ginger
20 grams garlic
Juice of a lime
1 1/2 tablespoon tandoori spice blend
2 tablespoons vegan yogourt (forgot to add to the photo)
1 teaspoon agave or sweetener to balance out the tartness of lime(optional)
Salt to taste

Grind everything in a blender and coat mushrooms with the paste.


After browning onions in oil, add mushrooms. Cook the mushrooms on low until as much of the moisture as possible is gone.


While the mushrooms are cooking, make rotis.
2 cups sifted wheat flour
3/4 cups water or more if needed
2 teaspoons oil
1 teaspoon salt


I have tried rotis several times and not until now did I get results that I was super satisfied with. I used a flour that is organic sifted wheat and it was great to work with. I usually use all purpose for this.


Mix the water and flour together and knead for five minutes or so. Cover and rest for half an hour.


Cut into desired equal pieces and roll. I wanted a fairly large round so I could wrap the mushrooms.


I got out my cast iron tawa for this, but sometimes I just use a regular pan. I put it on almost high at first then adjust the heat according to the cooking of the rotis. It was turned down a little to avoid burning but high enough to cook until puffing. I like to turn them over after they get brown spots.

There is nothing more satisfying then a roti that puffs up. This was not the most perfect puff but for me, it was a thrill. I know that would be normal in households around the world.

Most people here just purchase ready made wraps and rotis. They are available everywhere. I am determined never to do that again. I find that the ready made ones have preservatives that make me feel, not so great, after consuming. These homemade ones don't have that affect. But that's just me.


The time had come to assemble the rotis.


I started with a generous line of mushrooms.


Earlier I had chopped cucumbers, onion and tomatoes to add, but I only used the cucumber. I thought the tomato would make the wraps too wet. I didn't use the onion because there was onion cooked with the mushrooms and that was strong enough.


I used the cucumber and some leftover chayote slaw from the other day.


After wrapping them, I warmed them seam side down first then turning them. It was just for a few minutes. The items were already warm.


To serve, I had a dish of basic marinara sauce from another time, and I made a dipping sauce from vegan yogourt.


Yogourt dipping sauce
1 cup vegan yogourt
1/8 cup shredded cucumber
5 or six mint leaves chopped
1 stalk green onion chopped
Salt and pepper to taste


This is an easy thing to make, although it may not seem this way. The people I know would think it is too time consuming. They're used to buying these things ready made.


If you're not doing a post, it could take as little as 40 minutes, (not including dough resting time), to whip up, providing you have all the ingredients on hand.


With these mushrooms the wraps were satisfying but felt like it was light enough to eat, so a nap was not required.


Thanks for dropping by and have a great day.

carolynbanner.jpgdesign by: @KidSisters

Photos taken with a Nikon D7500 by me, except for the ones of me, taken by my other half.


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Thank you very much!

OMG that looks so awesome. You’re so wonderfully inventive with your recipes. I absolutely just have to try this out. YUM!

It's really simple once you have the spice blend, which can be bought already made, but I have all of them already.

I thank you for your lovely comment!😊

It's really delicious honey bread stuffed with mushrooms very complete also complete mother indeed my cook and role model

Thank you very much for the recipe my mother likes😍

You are very kind to say such nice things. Thank you very much for your nice words.😊

Thank you very much, mother, I hope you are always healthy and we are waiting for the next recipe

Looks super yummy - great post @carolynstahl

I appreciate that thanks so much!

Yummy! Such good looking photos! Now I want some ice cream!

Haha! My spicy rotis make you want ice cream. Now I too want ice cream!

Yeah! There are two to three places for ice cream in New Road. One place has traditional coconut ice cream; the other inside the mall has creamy Japanese ice cream. An Italian shop has very expensive gelato; I never tried this one. Perhaps next week I should treat myself after a good day of packing!

Lovely dish dear friend my best global chef. very nicely done with impressive photos and tutorial. I am back in business.a hug❤️👩‍🍳

You're too kind my friend. You are also a super global chef literally too since you live in different places. You teach me a lot.❤️

This looks absolutely fantastic. I have never thought of this, but I will put this on my "to-cook" list. Your recipes always inspire me to make my own crazy new ideas! I am already thinking about the possibilities to work into this dish. Sweet potato or normal potato and onion with your spice blend is something I want to make now! Thank you so much for sharing.

I have to admit, it was quite tasty and make me want more. I love spicy food though. I am force to invent things to replace things I used to eat that I liked when I ate meat. Potato and onion is a good idea for sure!😊

To be honest, there are so many options these days! I still eat meat on occasion, but my diet consists of so many homegrown plants that grow wild in my garden! Vegetables and curry spices make life so much more colorful.

Yummy and delicious, am craving for it pls

Thank you so much. It's pretty easy to whip up.😊

ahh teasing again, you make me hungry!

Your dishes are always never fail and amazing.

Aww you're too kind my friend. Thank you so much. I feel the same about you.😊

how are you dear friend @carolynstahl good morning
I had never read about this food, I would love to try it at some point, I have read a lot about Indian food and its exquisite seasonings
I loved this recipe and its way of preparation, I appreciate that you have shared with us
have a beautiful evening

Hello my friend. I love spicy food, but not all the time. This is something I visit when it's miserable outside, which is often here haha.

Thank you for your visit and support. Have a lovely day.

the more i see your recipe posts the more i realize that vegan people can eat even tastier than most people!! or maybe is just your talent that make everything look so delicious

When I stopped eating meat and dairy, I became a researcher in food. This lead to me experiencing foods that I never would have eaten. Thanks for the compliment!

It is so beautiful the presentation of your dish my friend @carolynstahl , I want it for my dinner. 😋

Thank you so much my friend. I wish I could share with you.😊

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Thank you very much.

When I saw these wraps, I immediately knew they were yours, hahaha. I love how they look! The rotis look fantastic. You know, when we make wraps at home, we always end up putting a lot of vegetables inside and then we make a mess; I think it's good to put some on the plate, just like you have done. You have invited me, without knowing it, to make peace with chayote; this is one of the few things I avoid buying--and eating--, but it looks so provocative next to so, so many mushrooms 😄

I was thinking about that nap. Good to remember the magic of mushrooms. Big hug, my talented and amazing friend 🖤

The chayote is still something that I pass by on most occasions. Here it was never popular and most people don't know what it is, or what to do with it. I love it raw. The texture is crispy and the taste is mild so why not right?

Mushrooms are something I can't live without haha. Thanks so much for your kind words my friend. Wishing you a fantastic day.❤️

Delicious recipe 😊
Thank you! 🙏🌈


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Much appreciated!

I appreciate your kind comment. Thank you so much!