Rakhi Purnima - symbolizes the love between brother and sister

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The brother-sister relation is a special one and this festival symbolizes that.


This is no ordinary string, its a commitment between the brother and sister. Today is Rakhi Purnima or Raksha Bandhan, a special festival in the Hindu culture, when the sister ties this string to the brother's wrist and gets something as a gift in return. The string and the festival symbolizes the love, affection and commitment of this great brother-sister relationship. They grow very close under the same roof since childhood and after their marriage, they sister goes to another home and the brother usually stays at the paternal home. But it's the responsibility of the brother to protect her sister and be the life long support. After all, who else knows her best, apart from parents !! They fight, but then they love each other so much. Me or my wife did not have this relation - she is the only child and we did not have sister. So experiencing this lovely relationship at home as they grow is exciting. A special stuffed pan cake was prepared at home - yes, they are part of this culture - any festival without good food is not enjoying.








And a day before, we had been to a local market to repair a smart watch, and this mega market caught our attention from where we got the Rakhis.

















Choosing something from so many options was definitely a tough task, but what I picked finally was liked by my son.


And then today morning, we had to get up early and prepare the pancake and make them ready to tie this sacred rakhi.








The other day, I accompanied both to the school and asked my son to go with my daughter. As they went, I was looking at them from behind and could feel the deep caring for each other.


This relationship is a special one - and this day marks that on the record - to remind every brother to take care of their sister as long as they are alive. My mother went today to my uncle's home to tie the rakhi even at the age of 72 - that's the love and commitment of this relationship. My uncle is having knee problems so that was the reason, she went there. For a moment, if you close your eyes and try to feel what a sister can feel for her brother or vice versa, then you can imagine the depth of this lovely relationship - we are truly enjoying this. And as they grow, they learn and carry these values for the generations to come - the true value of our tradition and culture.



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😊 how beautiful! such a nice thing between a brother and a sister. and of course, the food looks so good! 😋

here's my favorite pic of me and my sis..

2016-03-04_17-04_old pics.jpg

This tradition strengthens the bond between a brother and a sister. I have an elder sister and she took very good care of me when I was a child.

Good to see you posting again after a while, I hope everything is fine with you :) Rakhi Purnima, a tradition celebrating the very special bond between brother and sister, wow, that´s beautiful :) Me and my sister, we were fighting and squabbling a lot when we were kids but the older we grew, the more respect and care we had for each other :) Thanks for another valuable insight into your culture my friend! Greetings from Europe.

we were fighting and squabbling a lot when we were kids but the older we grew, the more respect and care we had for each other

And its fun to watch when they fight. I am sure, your sister knows more about you than anyone else, after your parents and is very possessive about knowing her brother better. It becomes a very strong emotional bonding over the time.

Well said :)

It's brother's and sister's symbol of love

I had a stereotypical impression that everyone in India has many brothers and sisters! Don't get me wrong brother, maybe its such a large population is enough. I'm guessing that maybe this is true in more rural areas, while in big cities families have fewer children?

We cannot afford it :) Either the riches go for many kids or the poor guys. For poor guys, they are bread earners :) But most of the middle class are happy with just 1 kid, some go for 2, but beyond that is not easy.

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Brother sister relationship that is genuine is always hard to come by and so if one is opportune to have them, one should be grateful

@tipu curate

This festival is really nice which I believe is a moment of love shared between brothers and sisters. Thanks for sharing with the amazing pictures taken as well.

The Festival symbolize the brother-sister relation. That's so warming to know the loveness !

what a beautiful culture they have and always protecting our brothers is a task that all of us older people, as is my case, should do, although as you say sometimes we have disagreements we will always be brothers

There are disagreements in every relation, but both the brother and sister are quite acquainted (because of growing together from their childhood) to adjust with each other and support each other no matter what comes their way.

I am curious about the recipe photo you shared, didn't mention anything about that. What is that ?

That's a pan cake with a very simple preparation - batter prepared from Black Grams and rice flour ( 2:1 ratio) , then the stuff is from coconut, jaggery, Chhena (curd cheese), fried using ghee and cardamom for flavor. And then make layers and steamed in a container for 45 mins. But its quite tasty and healthy , may be I will post a detailed one.

We can say a stuffed Idli with sweet fillings. But batter is not fermented in your case. I will try next time when I will have plan to make idli/dosa.

Yes kind of.

This is how relationships between siblings should be to take care of us and protect us no matter how old we are so let's always take care of our brothers

Ya, the emotions that gets built since childhood remains the entire life.

if it is a blood tie so strong that with the passage of time it becomes stronger

Beautiful custom, and family moment there mate. The designs of the bracelets are beautiful.

It is nice to have a sister you feel comfortable with her as a mother does to her children. It is a sense of responsibility as a father towards his daughter.

Wow, we are also celebrating it today.🥰
Happy Rakhi

As they say, a sister is like the second mother to her brother when he is child. When he grows up, he shares with her feelings of love and tenderness that he gained from her.

Wow! The Hindu culture is filled with festivals! Everytime you post it seems there is one festival or the other going on. That's very beautiful, though, a reason to eat good food and celebrate all the time. That's life, man 😃.

That's life, man

Exactly, celebrations are part of our life and we are part of that. Only then time flows happily.


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