Crypto Industry: Going Parabolic

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The world of crypto is exploding. It is amazing how quickly things are starting to move. We are seeing an increase in the total market cap. However, that is something that we can view as a loosely correlated scorecard.

What is really the thing to watch is the network effect that is taking place. We are undergoing advancement at some many levels that the net impact is much greater than linear.

In this video I discuss how things are changing before our eyes and this entire industry is going parabolic. Exponential forces are already in motion which will carry the totality of this at a pace never seen by any single technology.

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New money + compounding earnings + airdrops seems like an easy way to increase the marketcap. But yea there are just way too many people and the money being generated, we will see a huge crypto expansion.

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All is true . Long time ago if we talk about crypto to 10 people , only 3 people might about it and 1 might say it is a scam. But now it is like food on the table , as long d internet can reach the human population , they might have heard the crypto .

It's been a while since you mentioned the network effect :P although we have yet to see it's effects on hive

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