PoS vs DPoS - Let's Talk About it

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PoS vs DPoS debate once again, I give my unfiltered thoughts.

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Thank you Dan for making this video, the community can use this and the helpful unfiltered thoughts you explained to battle the same arguments that people are raising. Cheers

Great video.

I'd only add the fact that Hive is a different beast, mostly because it went through what most projects are yet to experience.

Generally speaking, Dpos that doesn't have sufficient token distribution will lead to centralization for sure.

agreed, most dpos sucks and is dead in the water. I would almost call what has happened on Hive "good luck, serendipity" because I sure as hell could not has forseen the nuances that make our chain very censorship resistant compare to everything else in practice. we have learned a lot long the way.

Yeah, that's why I think Hive will go a long way.

I wouldn't call it luck though, I'd call it a test and the community proved to be bullet proof.

Gg I'd say

Good gname

It's more that it's a product of evolution by selection (natural and artificial) as well as engineering rather than luck.

Reputation matters. Whodathunkit...

Imagine ethereum having to catch up to dpos woth some soul bond token "soul contract" right outta the new age movement lol who is vitalik talking to? David wilcock?

What's a David Wilcock?

hes the reincarnation of edgar cayce lol

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I really appreciate your thoughts on the proofofstake and delegate proofofstake which is really awesome to learn from and during the right thing to utilize the opportunity of both.

It's a really cool system we have on hive... now I need a strategy to get those votes

so choose wisely...

sounds weirdly ominous considering my original comment.

haha, yes! Beware! ;)

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it is a pleasure to listen and learn from you! successfully reblogged!

Dude you've been on an absolute tear the last few days!!

"They dont have the right parameters, and they always lead to centralization at the end" ... The reason I'm on this blockchain, and this is the first and only blockchain that I've participated in (and continue to believe in) Is because of my gripes with the U.S. government. and that first quote made me think about the constitution and our government.. And the thought that came to mind is that our government was designed with multiple central points of failure.. so obviously we are going to be living the crappy lives we are now..

Now it is up to the basic human instincs within all of us to realize that the situation is out of hand, the contract has been broken, and we need to fix it.. and not every 2-4 years at the ballot box..

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